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London is a city with an edge. With history. With diversity. It’s cutting edge and old fashioned. It’s elegant and refined on one end, and undeniable gritty and lived-in at the other. It’s jam-packed and crowded but filled with serene places. It’s avant-garde and sweetly traditional in its own way. This is a city of beautifully controlled chaos. Where cultures clash and then meld to form a sweet potpourri. It’s where the simple sparks of thought are elevated into great literature. It’s the magnificent and dynamic Thames rippling across the length of the city and the stately Buckingham Palace quietly lording over the inhabitants. It’s restrained and bursting at its seams. 

Today, come explore this city of contradictory charm with us. You’ll be amazed, excited, intrigued and eager to visit once we’re done.

London Tourism – A Quick Overview





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Highlights Of London:


Honestly, where do we start? The land of London is iconic in itself. Crack this treasure chest of a city open and a flood of world-famous locations will spring out. If it’s royalty you want, then its royalty you’ll find here. Start, of course, at the magnificent Buckingham Palace – one of the few working royal palaces in the world today. Not only is it the London home of the Queen, but also the administrative headquarters. The ceremony of the Changing the Guard must not be missed. The buck doesn’t stop there though! You’ve also got Hampton Court, where you can sample delicious food at the Tudor kitchens, the gorgeous Kensington Palace where the lives of iconic royal women like Queen Victoria and Princess Diana can be explored. If you’re looking for something more intimate then the Kew Palace is lush, green and serene. For a sense of London’s darker past, the Tower of London is befitting. For over 900 years, this structure has acted as a fortress, prison, palace and jewel house. For all things art and culture, Somerset House is the place to be. In the winter, you can ice skate at the rink and in the summer, you can witness the show of 55 dancing fountains. This building is also the home of the London Fashion week. You can also complete your royal tour with visits to St. James Palace, Eltham Palace, Lambeth Palace, Palace of Placentia, Savoy Palace, Carlton House and more.


Art, Music and Culture of London:

If you’re in the land of Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and the Beatles, then you owe it to yourself to check out the music scene in London. Tour the places where David Bowie, Oasis, Pink Floyd and the Clash shot their videos. If you like classical music, sink into Handel’s greatest compositions at Handel House Museum. Listen to the best of blues at Ain’t Nothing But Blues Bar, catch a production of Stomp at the Ambassador’s theatre. Explore the range of exquisite instruments at Horniman Museum or indulge in the history of music at the Musical Museum. Walk the legendary crossing at Abbey Road, soak in all the jazz notes floating out of London’s top jazz clubs, catch a concert at the Royal Albert Hall. If art is your attraction, then you must visit Tate Modern, the contemporary art at Saatchi Gallery, the works of Degas, Monet and other masters at National Gallery. Dive into the history of art at the stately Victoria and Albert Museum, indulge in the energy of Covent Garden Market. If you’re looking to catch a couple of plays, the Arcola Theatre, Southwark Playhouse, Harold Pinter Theatre, The Old Vic, National Theatre and more will fulfil your needs.



Your stomach will be singing in London. Although you will find cuisine of every kind in this cosmopolitan city, you should make some room in your tummy for some British delights. Start with the classic flaky fish and thick but crispy chips. Next on the list should be saved for a Sunday - dig into an indulgent meal of Yorkshire pudding, with potatoes, vegetables and lashings of thick gravy. Start your morning with the incredible English breakfast, with sausages, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, blood pudding, toast and potatoes. Indulge in the classic comfort of pie and mash, drowned in thick gravy. Dig into a plate of classic Bangers and Mash (Potatoes and Sausages) or get adventurous with a dish of cockles (a type of clam). For your sweet tooth, an Eton mess will make your day with its mix of crushed meringue, cream and strawberries. Alternatively, you can try a sticky toffee pudding or the delicate pastries that come with afternoon tea. 


Tourist Activities in London:

Apart from the sightseeing, eating and culture you’re imbibing from London, there are some activities to include on your list. Make sure you go paddle-boating at the grand Hyde Park, experience the alternative culture of the charming locality of Camden, take a ride on the giant Ferris wheel known as the London Eye. Indulge in the nightlife at the recently renovated area of Shoreditch, take in the view of London from Hampstead Heath. You must also clear a few hours to take a cruise down the Thames and visit the Sherlock Holmes museum on Baker’s street. If you’re looking for some curry and charm, Brick Lane is perfect. The street signs are in Bengali and English and boasts of fantastic South Asian dishes and sweets. Visit the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum at Piccadilly Circus and shop at Oxford Street. You’re honestly going to need to clear some time in your schedule to fit everything in. Lucky you!

Interesting facts about London

  • London is the only city to host the Olympics thrice – 1908, 1948 and 2012. The 1908 edition lasted for 187 days, making it the longest Olympics.
  • London’s buses travel an estimated 12x the circumference of the earth – almost 300 million miles
  • In the past, the stench from the Thames was so strong, the Palace of Westminster had to be soaked in a chloride of lime to battle the stink
  • Each year, Norway sends a tree for Christmas to be placed at Trafalgar Square
  • The real name of the Big Ben is the Elizabeth Tower
  • Past names of London include Londinium and Ludenberg
  • The London Underground is the oldest Underground system in the world
  • London Zoo was the first zoo in the world
  • This is the largest city in Europe
  • London’s residents speak over 300 languages
  • If the Queen is at Buckingham Palace, the Royal Standard Flag is flown from the flagpole. Otherwise, the Union Jack flag is flown the rest of the time


Location Of London:

The largest city in England lies astride the River Thames and is located in the South East of the country. The physical borders separate the metropolitan county of Greater London, from home counties like Surrey, Kent and Berkshire to the south of the Thames and Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire to the north of the river. 


Best time to visit in London:

London accumulates more than its share of fog, mist and cold, drizzly showers all year long. An umbrella would be handy when you visit this city. However, March to May sees mild, warmer weather when the city’s green cover blooms and blossoms. Late spring is also the time when accommodation and flight prices soar. December in London is yet another popular season, when the city is iced and covered in Christmas cheer. The entire year sees a massive influx of tourists, so there’s little chance of escaping the crowds.


How to reach London:

By Air: One of the globe’s greatest cities, London is well-connected to many countries and boasts of daily flights, flying to and from many destinations. There are five airports, of which Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick are the most important. Airlines that fly directly to London include Air India, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. Or, you can catch a flight with a layover in Europe, the Middle East, Colombo or Istanbul. The flight duration from Mumbai to London is typically around 8-9 hours.

Once you are in England, you can take advantage of the road and rail routes.

By Road: Thanks to a smooth and extensive road network, London is easily accessible from other parts of the country. You can catch a bus both to and from the Victoria Coach Station, which will work if you’re strictly controlling your budget. Alternatively, you can drive to London, enjoying the beautiful English countryside that flashes by.  

By Rail: London is the hub of the British Rail Network, and so receives well-scheduled train services from other parts of the country. You can also travel between London and other European cities like Berlin, Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam. The Eurostar rail service operates from the St. Pancras International Station and carries passengers to various European cities. 


History Of London:

London sprang to life in 50 AD, when it was founded by the Romans. The name is derived from a Celtic word – Londinious, meaning the place of the bold one. In 61 AD, Queen Boudicca spearheaded a rebellion against the ruling Romans and marched on London. She burned the city down, but the city persisted and was rebuilt. Roman London flourished and grew, becoming an important port. The Romans left in 407 AD and Saxon London (Germanic people) was born, following which London was conquered by the Danes. King after king followed William the Conqueror who took over London and heralded the beginning of the Middle Ages. Over the next few centuries, London grew, as different areas like Camden, Bromley, Somers Town and others developed. 

The Second World War saw London decline once again and only pick up in the 1950s. As the years continued, the population decline in the early half of the century began to revive. Today, London is one of the most visited and prosperous cities in Europe.

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Best London Tourism Guide

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People choose London holiday packages to go discovering in a city which is populated mainly by students.Traveling to the city to enjoy can be done by taking flights to the international airport or by getting a seat on any of the trains from Montreal. You could take a London tour on a bus. Taxis are available too, but many of those who travel here prefer to see it on a bicycle, as the city is blessed with several bike paths. 
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