Lamayuru is a name you have probably heard of when planning your Ladakh trip. It is a small village and a well-known tourist attraction in the region. It is considered to be an off-beat getaway, perfect for curious and adventurous minds to explore during their vacations. For ages, Lamayuru has been a major centre of religion and culture in Ladakh. It is home to one of the oldest monasteries in the Union Territory. Besides its cultural significance, thousands of tourists add this quaint village to their Ladakh trip plan due to its unique and breathtaking natural beauty.

Lamayuru is tucked away from the high-rush metro life and rests amidst nature’s elegance and serenity. Individuals visiting the village will have a lot of things to witness and explore. For example, going for spiritual tours at the Lamayuru monastery is a must when visiting this village. Tourists can learn a lot about Tibetan Buddhism while doing so. The events and festivals that take place in Lamayuru also offer great insight into the culture, traditions and daily life of the individuals residing in the region. The fact that it is easily accessible also adds to its popularity as a well-known tourist attraction. The alluring geological formations in Lamayuru are also crucial factors that make it special and stand out among the rest of the tourist destinations in the Union Territory. Even though there are not a lot of activities to do in the village except for a few, it still works out to be a great destination for a short getaway within Ladakh. 


Lamayuru, also known as Lamayouru, is in the Leh District of the Union Territory of Ladakh, India. This small village falls within the Kalsi tehsil division and has around 117 households, according to the 2011 census of India. As the village is located approximately in the midway of the highway that connects Leh to Kargil, individuals love to drop by for a few days to explore everything it has to offer. The Leh to Lamayuru distance is about 117 kilometres by road. As for other nearby locations, the Lamayuru village is 140 km from Kargil, 171 km from Hemis Monastery and 207 km from Khardung. Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar is about 340 kilometres from Ladakh’s Lamayuru village via NH1.

Language spoken in Lamayuru 

According to the census report, Lamayuru has a very small population, with a literacy rate of 71.93%, excluding children aged six and below. It falls within the Leh district, so the language that is predominantly spoken in the region is Ladakhi. Also, due to its close proximity to the Kargil district, tourists may also come across people speaking Purkhi, which is a dialect of Balti. Besides these, other languages that work in the region include English, Hindi and Urdu. However, due to the range of dialects, it is advised to get a local tour guide to have a better experience conversing with the locals and understanding their culture. 

Known for

Lamayuru village in Ladakh is a well-known tourist destination. Here are some of the reasons behind its popularity:

  • Lamayuru Monastery: It is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery and the main attraction of Lamayuru. It belongs to the Drikung Kagyu sect and is located on the Leh-Srinagar highway, about a few kilometres from the village centre. The fascinating beauty and spiritual charm of the monastery attract devotees as well as casual tourists throughout the year. It is one of the largest and oldest monasteries in Ladakh, with its historical roots dating back to the 11th century.
  • Lunar landscape: Another major factor behind the popularity of Lamayuru as a tourist attraction is its lunar landscape. Due to its spectacular and unique geological formations, the place is promoted as the “Moonscape” or “Moonland”, which is quite appealing to tourists. 
  • Unique culture and traditions: The local culture and traditions of Lamayuru are like no other. Individuals visiting Ladakh with the interest of exploring all its aspects often add this destination to their travel plans. It is a great way to get an extensive cultural picture of the region.
  • Regional fairs and festivals: Among the regional events, the two most popular annual festivals are Yuru KabGyat and Hemis Tse Chu. These events are marked by massive celebrations, traditional dances, sacred rituals, and so on. Attending these festivals is a bucket list item for many tourists visiting Ladakh for their holidays. 

Type of place

Lamayuru in Ladakh is a quaint village mainly known for its monastery, unique landscapes and regional events. In terms of Ladakh tourism, it is promoted as the “Moonland Lamayuru”, where individuals can witness the spectacular natural beauty of the region and spend time amidst the serene atmosphere. Other than that, Lamayuru is also a cultural getaway for tourists who like to learn more about the local traditions and the Drikung Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Tons of individuals visit the place to have religious conversations with the resident monks and have some spiritual enlightenment. 

How to get to Lamayuru?

If you are planning on visiting Lamayuru in Ladakh, here are some viable transport options that you can consider:

By air

Air connectivity is quite limited in the region, hence travelling by flight is not the first choice of transport for many tourists. Lamayuru doesn’t have its own airport, and the closest one is based in Leh City, called Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport. It features decent air connectivity, linking the region with major cities in India, such as Srinagar, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. There are options for direct and connecting flights from reputed airlines, including IndiGo, Air India, SpiceJet, Vistara, etc. As the major point of air transit in a tourist-specific region, the frequency of flights to and from this airport has increased in recent years. After landing at the Leh airport, individuals can hire a cab to cover the remaining 112 kilometres to reach Lamayuru. 

By rail

Individuals planning on travelling to Lamayuru directly via train should know that it is a bit complicated and the least favoured choice of route. The nearest major railway stations to Lamayuru are Chandigarh, Pathankot and Jammu Tawi. They have options for daily long-distance trains, connecting to important cities in India. However, the remaining distance from these stations to Lamayuru is quite long and can be covered via a bus or cab.

By road

Travelling by road to reach Lamayuru is the most comfortable and preferred way of transport. As it falls on the Leh-Srinagar Highway, individuals can easily drive to the village in their private/rental cars while en route to these cities. The driving distance from Kargil to Lamayuru is also quite short, about 140 kilometres, which makes for a memorable road trip. There are also buses available from Kargil and Leh that you can opt for. As Lamayuru to Leh distance is shorter, individuals often prefer visiting the village from there.

Interesting facts about Lamayuru

As it is important to learn about the tourist destination you are planning on visiting, here are some interesting facts about Lamayuru that you can refer to:

  • Lamayuru village has a lot of popular nicknames, including “Moonscape of Ladakh” and “Lamayuru Moonland”.
  • According to the recorded statistics of the 2011 census, the village had 117 households and a literacy rate of 71.93% (excluding children aged six and under).
  • The Lamayuru Monastery is affiliated with the Drikung Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism. It was the first Bon monastery in Ladakh, according to popular tradition. 
  • In the past, the gompa in Lamayuru had around 400 resident monks, though now the population has been reduced to 150.
  • The monastery in Lamayuru is one of the largest and oldest existing gompas in the Union Territory of Ladakh.
  • The foundation of the monastery dates back to the 11th century when an Indian scholar by the name of Naropa laid its foundation stone. According to legends, it is said that he caused a massive lake to dry up through prayers, which caused moonlike craters to form. 
  • Originally, the Lamayuru Gompa had five buildings, but only the central one survived the wrath of time. The remnants of the other four buildings in the corner still exist to this date. 
  • The Hemis Tse Chu and Yuru KabGyat festivals, according to the Tibetan lunar calendar, are some of the biggest tourist attractions of the region. It features sacred rituals, religious hymns and masked dances performed by monks.
  • The moon-like craters in Lamayuru are quite unique to the region and offer great opportunities for photography to tourists.

Why is Lamayuru recommended?

There are a lot of reasons why Lamayuru is a must-visit tourist destination in Ladakh. To start with, it is a highly recommended tourist destination for individuals looking for spiritual tours. It is home to the renowned Lamayuru Monastery, which is one of the most important gompas in Ladakh. It is an 11th-century Tibetan Buddhist monastery built on a steep hilltop overlooking the village. During a visit, tourists can not only have conversations with the monks on divine topics but also witness the antique portraits, frescoes, masks, glassed meditation caves, etc. In addition, tourists are also recommended to visit Lamayuru during the time of the major regional festivals to witness and experience the local culture and traditions firsthand. 

Besides its monasteries and cultural side, the geographical landscape of the region is another vital reason why tourists should visit Lamayuru. The moon-like craters are one of nature’s finest works, and going on small treks to explore those sites is a must for all curious minds. In addition, the Lamayuru to Leh distance is quite short and falls on the route to Kargil, which is another reason why tourists should schedule a stop at this beautiful, quaint village in Ladakh.

Operating hours

The village of Lamayuru stays open to tourists around the year as long as the area remains accessible. Individuals interested in visiting the village are advised to get all the details prior to scheduling the trip. The attractions in Lamayuru, however, may have their own specific operating hours, so make sure to take note of that during the planning phase.

Chart for Lamayuru 


Operating hours

Ticket Price

Lamayuru Monastery

8 AM to 5 PM

INR 50/- per person


24 hours


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