Madhya Pradesh Tourism

The Heart of Incredible India, Madhya Pradesh is perhaps the only destination that can live up to this title that’s awarded to it. With the perfusion of everything that India is known for, rich heritage, deep cultural roots, intriguing history, astounding landscape and vast array of wildlife, the state is truly the ideal travel destination for any passionate traveller. From the erotic carvings of Khajuraho temples and the grand architecture of Mandu to the sublime jungles of Kanha or Bandhavgarh with their majestic beasts and beautiful sunsets of Pachmarhi, you are in for a delightful treat with Madhya Pradesh tourism. 

This centrally located state is named based on its geographical location within the country; with ‘Madhya’ meaning ‘Centre’. But what was only a starkly literal manifestation, came out to be known as a gratifying truth about the state. With MP being at nothing less than the centre of India’s exalting art, culture, religion and history, tourism in Madhya Pradesh resonates strongly with those looking to explore the nation pedantically. While the state is filled with innumerable ancient monuments, it is also progressive with modern amenities and developments.

The food, cultural practices and native people of the state are also something that can only be described as impressive. Because of such dynamism and vibrancy of MP is why its fame and demand as a tourist destination has transcended geographical boundaries at such an amazing rate.

Language Spoken

Eastern Hindi

Currency used:

INR (Indian National Rupees)


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Best Madhya Pradesh Tourism Guide

Quick Overview:

Currency: Indian Rupees

Population: 73.34 million

Time Zone: GMT +05:30

Area: 3,08,245 km2

Capital: Port Louis

Official Language: Hindi

Capital's Calling Code: +91 755


It hasn’t been long since Madhya Pradesh found its rightful place as a tourist destination. Often underrated as one, the state is in fact a treasure trove of resplendent sites to visit, for both their striking natural beauty and admirable monuments. The region is filled with places like Orccha, Jabalpur, Burhanpur, Amarkantak, Pachmarhi and Bhimbetka which are infinitely blessed with unsullied natural surroundings and which do not refrain from leaving you spellbound with their powerful charm. 

While at the same time, Madhya Pradesh tourism also offers you many wonderful places that are well known for their unparalleled mysticism that emanates from their purely imperial monuments like temples, palaces and forts that demand innate respect. Boasting of such exemplars, the region has Mandu which has a number of skilfully shaped palaces and forts, Gwalior with its gargantuan fort that houses several ornate temples and palaces, and Khajuraho with its unique and simply ravishing temples that portray masterly carved erotic sagas. 

Ancient temples and pilgrimage sites in the state are another reason why tourism in Madhya Pradesh has gained such boosting response from travellers both national and global. You will find some noteworthy examples of these at Ujjain with the widely famous Mahakaleshwar temple, Amarkantak with its pious ghats and many heritage temples, Sanchi with its well-known Buddhist Stupa which inadvertently ignites spirituality within and Orccha, Omkareshwar, and Maheshwar with some more intricately carved old temples that radiate peace and harmony. 

There are still many other wonderful places to visit in MP with the likes of Bhopal, Indore, Shivpuri, Bhimbetka etc. that are a blend of old world charm and new age developments that wins hearts. 

Nevertheless, tourism in MP is not just about sightseeing. The state being profusely opulent in terms of wildlife and intimidating verdant jungles, offers several exciting nature parks, animal sanctuaries and tiger reserves that any nature lover simply cannot fathom to miss. Pench, Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh, Satpura and Panna are such places which have abundance of flora and fauna in their natural habitat. You can enjoy watching them and many beautiful birds as well through jeep safaris organized in these parks. 

However, even safaris doesn’t cover the long list of tourism offerings in this beautiful Indian state. You can very well enjoy a range of exciting and adrenaline rushing activities from the likes of river rafting, water zorbing, zip lining, hot air ballooning, museums hopping, cave explorations, rock climbing and what not, right here in Madhya Pradesh. In short, MP is a place for every kind of traveller, those with a knack to witness the bygones days, those with a penchant to be in close proximity with undisturbed nature and those too who do not believe in simply watching but in putting their energy to use with myriad fun activities. The list of things to do here is never going to be covered in a single trip to the region, you are always welcome to keep coming back for more.



Madhya Pradesh is a state of India which is located at its centre hence it received its name as ‘Madhya Pradesh’ meaning ‘Central State’. It is often referred to as the ‘Heart of India’ for the same reason as well. It is a landlocked state and shares its boundaries with five different neighbouring states including Rajasthan, Gujrat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. MP covers a significant area of the plateau region of India. Betwa, Narmad, Chambal, Sone, Indravati and Mahanadi are some important river which flow through the heart of India. The land is also adorned by two mountain ranges, namely Vindhya and Satpura. These are mostly inhabited by the native tribes of MP, the Gonds, Bhils and Korkus. The capital of the Madhya Pradesh is Bhopal. 



The history of this beautiful land is as much vivid as its landscape. Owing to its strategic location in the centre, Madhya Pradesh has been ruled by several empires throughout the history of India. The ages speak of rulers from dynasties such as Sunga, Nagas, Andhras, Ksaptrapas, Guptas and Satayahanas. After the foreign invasions in the country, it also saw rulers belonging to the Mughal Empire and the British Colonisers. The early period in the state shows influence from religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Jainism, which can be evidently seen today as well, in the many historical places scattered all over the state. 

After the reign fell into Britishers’ hands, the state of Madhya Pradesh was declared a central province.   Once the country achieved independence, the reorganization act of 1956 was provisioned MP to attain the status of a separate Indian state on 1st of November 1956. At the time Chattisgarh was also a part of the state, and was only carved out to make it a distinct state in November 2000, which was to fulfil a long due demand.



The population of Madhya Pradesh is 73.34 million as per the census of 2012. 

The people of this land enjoy a slow paced life with lesser demands and lower pressure on life. This centrally situated state of India is majorly inhabited by varied tribal communities whose main occupation is agriculture. The most prominent of these tribal groups are Baigas, Gonds, Kols, Murias, Sahariya, Bhils, Halba, Bhilals, Korkens, Kamaras and Oraons. They lead a simple life and are usually far from modern progression, although the population residing bigger towns and main cities of MP enjoy all modern amenities and ideologies. 

Many of the originally tribal population of the state have now moved to cities to work as labourers in different factories, street hawkers, office employees and shop owners as well. The warm, hospitable and accepting nature of its people sets MP apart from other states and also encourages its visitors to explore their culture more. 



Hinduism is the prime religion of the population in Madhya Pradesh. Other major religions found in the state include Islam and Jainism, with the notable presence of Buddhists, Sikhs, Parsis and Christians as well. 



Hindi is the official language spoken in Madhya Pradesh with many dialects profoundly observed in different regions of the state.



Indian Rupee (INR) is the only currency accepted in Madhya Pradesh.


Cost and Money

Budget: You need an amount of less than Rs. 3,000 for staying in a dorm room or budget hotel, having meals from small eateries serving thalis with unlimited food, and travelling around by bus or train.

Mid-Range: A daily budget of Rs. 3,000- 8,000 is needed for a stay in a mid-range hotel, meals at reasonably priced restaurants, purchasing tickets to museums and other historic sites, and travelling around by auto-rickshaws or cabs.

Luxury: A daily budget of more than Rs. 8,000 is required for a stay at a luxury hotel, meals at top-end restaurants and travelling via rented cars and first class in trains.

ATMs are widely available in all major towns and cities of Madhya Pradesh but may be scantily located in smaller towns. Cash may be needed for purchases at most places except for big stores, hotels and restaurants which may accept credit cards.

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