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Places to Visit in Africa

When you travel to Africa, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Africa, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Africa to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Africa things to do can include exploring Africa attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in africa


Egypt has to offer some of the oldest monuments built by humans. Until a century or two back, The Pyramids of Giza were the largest manmade structures. Their fascinating grandeur along with their sheer massiveness of their presence is the key reasons behind the large number of footfalls at this tourist destination. According to estimates, they attract some 5000 tourists every day on an average!

Another major monument site is the ruins of the Abu Simbel. Located towards the southern border of the country, they depict the rich heritage of the Egyptian Civilization through the massive structures carved from the mountain under the great leadership of the Pharaoh Ramses II.


The jungle safaris offered by many of the wildlife parks of Central as well as Southern African countries are highly educational for young minds. In these popular jungle safaris, it is quite common to spot wild elephants, lions and more. If you are truly lucky, then you may also catch that rare glimpse of the elusive leopard, which are quite rare to spot these days.


Since, this is a country of multi ethnic people, there are various religious beliefs in practice here. Travellers can visit The Great Mosque of Kairouan in Tunisia which the oldest mosque in North Africa. The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Adis Ababa is one of the most popular churches of Africa.


There are several museums across Africa. To name a few, there’s Museum of Antiquities in Cairo, Luxor Museum, South African National Gallery in Cape Town, National Museum of Tanzania, etc.


Parts of the rainforest region of Central Africa have been turned into national parks where extensive measures are being taken to preserve the natural integrity of the area. This includes taking care of the ecological diversity so that the animals can survive as well as flourish in their natural habitat with minimum human interference.


The Valley of the Kings, which is down the River Nile is yet another popular tourist destination where the Egyptian Pharaohs were laid to rest.

Apart from this, the countries of Egypt and Morocco offer a culturally diversified experience to its visitors. Having been active trading partners with European as well as Asian countries, it offers travellers a unique blend of Western & Eastern cultural influence.  The key cities, home to major bazaars, offer a colourful view to the tourists, which can be very unlike to what a traveller would have been exposed to back home.

For those who would love to study the rich cultural heritage of people in these countries, there are enough opportunities available in the form of different recreational options.

The wildlife lovers can visit the lush rainforests of the Republic of Congo, a Central African country to experience a splendid time. The Odzala National Park offers some of the best opportunities for animal sightseeing.


Wildlife Tourism is one of the biggest revenue grossers for several countries in Africa. Needless to say, travellers can choose from a range of national parks to find themselves in the lap of nature. When visiting the best of this continent’s national parks, you can expect to spot a menagerie of animals which cannot be found elsewhere.

The Loango Park at the coast of Gabon is one such popular destination for wildlife lovers. The shore here attracts whales, which come to mate, in huge numbers. This makes it one of the most preferred regions for best whale sighting.


The cultural diversity of this continent is so unique that at almost every footstep one gets to experience a new cultural delight. Every tribe has its own set of rules and a unique lifestyle which they take great pride in. In fact, tradition is almost sacred on this continent.


The Great Pyramid of Giza and tombs are now open to visitors. This ensures that travellers get to know about one of the integral aspects of Ancient Egyptian Culture, which involves their deep belief in afterlife. Also, these massive structures are architectural marvels, reflecting the high levels of craftsmanship possessed by the ancient locals.

Victoria Falls, also locally known as Mosi-oa-Tunya, which means the Smoke That Thunders, gets its name from the thundering sound this 350 feet high waterfall produces. It is the world’s largest waterfall. This waterfall, situated along the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe, is a world famous tourist destination. It also attracts various adventure sports lovers who are interested in canoeing or kayaking on the Zambezi River.

The Namib Desert along the coast of Namibia is one of the oldest deserts of the African world. It offers some of the most spectacular views one can experience in a desert. In fact, according to the Namibian Ministry of Environment & Tourism, the Soussusvlei Dunes feature some of the world’s highest dunes.

Activities in africa

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Africa offers variety of options for adventure travellers. From bungee jumping to white water rafting and from scuba diving to quad biking, you can pretty much expect every adventure sport here. South Africa is a must-visit destination for those who truly seek an adrenalin rush.

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Off the African coast, in the Indian Ocean, the island nations of Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar, to name a few are some of the best tropical paradises. These tourist spots not only offer some of the best beaches of the world but also have crystal clear waters that allow for numerous water sports. It is recommended that those looking for relaxing activities visit these tropical heavens.

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The Table Mountain National Park features a range of mountains that be explored by those looking for activities in the lap of nature. A visit to the Cape Floral Kingdom would mean visiting a site that is home to 3% of the world’s plant species. A range of activities through the dry grasslands as well as tropical rain forests also await those visiting Africa.

Food in africa


Every city offers its unique cuisine which can be easily found at the local restaurants. Most of them have access to fresh and local produce, which ensures travellers are in for a treat.


Most African cuisine dishes include staples like rice, maze, beans, yam, millet, coconut, lentils, potatoes and various other vegetables. Most African people believe that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day so it may comprise of millet porridge or rice and a stew which will give them sufficient amount of energy to start their day. The lunch and dinner will have variety of choices of foods based on the local produce.

Some of the must-try dishes include Ful Medames, an Egyptian dish consisting of vegetables and dish. Barbequed food is another specialty you want to explore across regions, especially if you happen to be in Zanzibar.

Night Life in africa


The famous Maputo Club of Mozambique is a hotspot which attracts many clubbers. The Night Shift Coliseum of Lagos is another place that plays some of best music till 6 a.m.


Africans love their music and it forms an important of their life. The clubs play an array of music which basically comprise of the popular Afro Pop apart from R&B. Club 31 of Cape Town is a famous name.


Cities like Cairo, Alexandria, Cape Town, Kampala, etc. offer great bars and pubs. Henri’s Restaurant & Pub in South Africa, Pub 28 in Egypt and Kambakocho Bar & Beach Restaurant in Tanzania provide the perfect setting to let your hair down and enjoy the evenings.

Shopping in africa


The markets of Africa are laden with local produce and handicrafts which reflect the rich cultural heritage of the nations.  Cities like Fes and Marrakech of Morocco offer some of the best carpets and spices available in the region. Not only this, but you may also but little trinkets from the local bazaars for your friends and your family as a souvenir of your trip.


Africa’s cosmopolitan cities like Cape Town offer stores in large departmental format where you can find everything for all your modern needs. Not only this but you will find almost all the world’s renowned retail brands operating and selling their products in urban locations.


The bazaars of Cairo are world renowned as you can find everything here - starting from miniature replicas of tombs and pyramids to objects related to modern Egyptian culture. However, bargaining is one of the important aspects of shopping in African bazaars. So, with a dash of politeness and humour, shopping can be a wonderful experience in Africa.

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