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Places to Visit in Africa

When you travel to Africa, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Africa, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Africa to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Africa things to do can include exploring Africa attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is the hottest and driest desert on the planet. And it is unlikely that you would have ever visited a place as massive as the desert. The endless sand dunes and golden landscapes will mesmerise you and can easily be one of the most memorable experiences. The largest hot desert has a lot going on for itself, apart from being spectacularly beautiful. 

As a Sahara tourist, there are a lot of fun and interesting activities that you can carry out. Here are the top experiences.

Quad bike ride

The desert is both scenic and calming at the same time. However, you can take things a notch up by renting out quad bikes. You can rent the bikes for an hour or two and take the help of guides to explore the dunes. 


One of the major Sahara Desert tourist attractions is stargazing. It is as magical as it can get. The place has no light pollution, making stargazing an extremely authentic experience. As the night falls, you will be left with the vastness of the blue sky, stars, and your thoughts. 

Sunrise or sunset

Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful, even more so in the desert. The way the sun warms the golden sand of the desert is an experience. You can plan either for a sunrise or sunset in the desert.

Sahara Desert Location

The Sahara Desert has the distinction of being the largest desert in the world. Well, it is the largest hot desert. It is only behind Antarctica and the Arctic since they are considered cold deserts. The Sahara Desert is located in the continent of Africa. It is present in the northern part of the continent and covers a considerable section of the continent. Precisely 9,200,000 square kilometres. For reference, it is equivalent to the size of China or the USA. Thus, making it one of the most fascinating places on the planet.

Language spoken In The Sahara Desert

The largest hot desert expands over a huge land mass. Thus, it should not come as a surprise that you will come across different languages and dialects when in the Sahara Desert. Here is a list of the most common languages.


It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the Sahara. The English translation of the Arabic word for Sahara means desert. It simply shows the importance of the language in the region.


Berber is another widely used language in Northern and Western Africa. The Nilo-Saharan people speak the language and there are more than 20 million native users of Berber.

French and English

French is the second major language in the Sahara after Arabic and for that measure, you will also find English speakers.

Currency Used In The Sahara Desert

As a traveller, you would want to know the currency that is accepted in the largest hot desert in the world. The Moroccan dirham is the most widely used currency in the Sahara. It is the official tender of Western Sahara. For all goods and services, you can use dirham. Apart from the dirham, the US dollar is the next most widely used currency. 

Apart from the currencies, most shops and restaurants accept credit cards and debit cards. Your cards must be either VISA or MasterCard. Due to increasing popularity, mobile payments such as Google Pay and Apple Pay are also being widely recognised. 

The Sahara Desert Is Known For 

There are quite a few interesting experiences that are exclusive to the largest desert in the world. Apart from the visual spectacle of endless sand dunes and golden sand, there are a few other once-in-a-lifetime experiences as well.

Sahara Desert sand is ideal for a sand bath. This sand spa is a unique experience, where Berber men usually dig holes in the dunes. You can lie in these for up to 30 minutes. These spas are known to be good for aching limbs, and some skin diseases and good for your muscles as well. 

The Type Of Place Sahara Is

The Sahara Desert is located in the continent of Africa and as the name suggests, is a desert. You will be able to see golden strands of sand and sand dunes for miles together. Apart from being one of the hottest places on the planet, it is also home to some unique experiences and wildlife. People who enjoy being close to nature will find this pristine desert to be relaxing. If you were wondering in which country the Sahara desert is located, now you know it is one of the best places to visit in Africa. It spreads across a few countries.

How To Get To The Sahara?

The world’s largest hot desert is one of the most sought-after destinations. If you are wondering which continent the Sahara Desert is located in, it is in Africa. However, there are a few things that you must be cognizant of, before planning a trip to the majestic desert.

You can visit the desert from Marrakech, from Fes, and from Casablanca. 


You will need approximately 9 hours to cover 662 kilometres or 411 miles to Merzouga. On the way, you can stop at local villages to have Berber-styled food. Alternatively, you can fly to Errachidia, which will take only an hour. And then you can drive to Merzouga, which will take you two hours. If you want to travel by bus, you will need approximately 13 hours.


The city of Marrakech offers a lot of options to travel to the desert. You can either take a bus, car, or even a helicopter. By road, you can cover a distance of 561 kilometres or 349 miles in 9 hours. You can opt for a helicopter as well, which will take approximately 5 hours. 


You can drive from Fes to the desert. The 464 kilometres or 287 miles journey will take you 7 hours and is picturesque, to say the least. Alternatively, you can opt for an overnight bus journey, which takes about 12 hours. 

The largest desert in the world is a bit difficult to reach. Thus, planning for a one-day trip might not be the most sensible decision.

Interesting Facts About The Sahara Desert

Here are a few fascinating facts about the Sahara Desert that will make your next trip to the Sahara travel even more fascinating.

  • There are estimates by scientists that the Sahara Desert has grown about 10% more than it was a century ago. Changes in climate both natural and man-made are primarily responsible for the expansion of the desert.
  • Despite being one of the severest environments on the planet, the Sahara desert is home to some incredible species of animals that have adapted to the conditions. Some of these animals include camels, ostriches, cheetahs, goats, monitor lizards, gazelles, etc. And the even more dangerous ones such as the sand viper and deathstalker scorpion.
  • The Sahara Desert area played a crucial role in trade for ancient Africa. A lot of goods such as gold, copper and salt were transported with the help of camel caravans. There are some early records that suggest that more than 12,000 camels were used between Egypt and Sudan for trade purposes. 
  • The Sahara Desert covers more than a third of the African continent. More than 11 countries are linked to the desert. Countries such as Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Sudan, Tunisia, and Western Sahara. 
  • Sheets and sand dunes cover only 25% of the desert. It also has a lot of other features such as plateaus, mountains, salt flats and even gravel plains. 

Why The Sahara Desert Is Recommended?

The largest hot desert in the world isn’t the only reason for visiting the Sahara. The desert offers a lot more than being the biggest desert in the world. Here are a few unavoidable reasons to visit the Sahara.

  • Sahara Desert at night is breathtakingly beautiful. People who enjoy stargazing will love it in Sahara since the stars feel a lot closer. If you lie down and gaze at the sky, and then turn your eyes towards the horizon, you will feel like the entire horizon is covered in a mist. 
  • One of the things to do in Sahara Desert is to trek. You can make your trip adventurous by opting for the Sahara Desert camp. But going out for a trek can be physical and requires you to be at your best. Even within a short distance, you can find it difficult to identify your camp, as it can hide behind sand hills and bushes. 
  • A crucial part of Sahara travel is its food. Since it is completely organic and cooked out in the open fire, it just tastes better. Not to forget that Bedouin men are known for their culinary skills. You can expect salads, fresh fruits, vegetables, pasta, meat, cous, cous among others. The bread is baked freshly every day on fire.

How To Reach The Sahara Desert?

Travel enthusiasts who want to know the Sahara Desert in which country, well, it spans across different countries. However, Morocco is the most preferred country to visit the desert. You can visit the desert from different cities in Morocco, such as Marrakech, Fes, and Casablanca. 

Depending on your preference, all three destinations are ideal for visiting the largest desert in the world Sahara. From these three cities, you can either drive with the help of a local guide, take buses or even a helicopter from Marrakech. You must keep in mind that bus journeys are a bit tedious and will take you longer to reach the magical destination. 

Depending on the mode of transport that you choose, you can take anywhere between 4.5 hours to 12.5 hours from Marrakech to reach Sahara. From the city of Fes, it will take you between 3 hours and 12 hours. Making it one of the quickest ways to reach the desert. Similarly, from Casablanca, you will need between 3 and 13 hours to reach Sahara.

Based on your itinerary and plans, you can choose any of these cities. And even make some plans around them as well. 

Cost of Travel To Sahara Desert

The cost of travelling to the Sahara Desert located in Africa would depend on quite a few factors such as the season that you're travelling in, whether you want to book a luxurious stay or a budget stay and the kind of activities that you want to do. For a three-day stay in the desert that includes activities, you can expect to pay around $450. 

You can opt for budget stays as well, which might cost you around $200 for a three-day trip. For an even more authentic experience, you can choose to travel from Marrakech to Merzouga via camel rides. And these will set you back by approximately $150-$200.

Best Time to Visit The Sahara Desert

The answer to the question of the Sahara is what type of desert is hot. Thus, making it even more important to choose the right time to visit. The best time to visit Sahara Desert is either in spring or autumn. There is a reason for visiting during this time frame. You will avoid the extreme months of summer, which can get intolerable at times. 

On the other hand, you will avoid the very chilly nights out in the open during the months of December and January. Travellers who are interested in trekking will find the months of October through December to be ideal. In the list of places to visit in the Sahara Desert is Chad in Sahel, Merzouga, and even via Algeria in October, where it is more pleasant at mid 30° c. 

It is highly recommended that you opt for at least a 2-night stay in the Desert during the spring and autumn. This will allow you to stargaze and explore the desert at night, which can be quite exhilarating.

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