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Nigeria tours are becoming widely sought after for tourism due to the country’s natural beauty and soothing environ embraced by green lands, mountains, waterfalls, lakes, cultural activities, and traditional music and wildlife. Nigeria tourism packages include visits to national parks and rain forests and witnessing the cultural festivals. You can research online and be ready with your itinerary before you travel.

This can help you make the most of your vacation. Nigeria tourism guide will help you with the dos and don’ts of the country. Nigeria may be the most underestimated countries in the world; however, one must experience this emerging country for its rich culture, diverse geography and unique wildlife.

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Best Nigeria Tourism Guide

Nigeria is officially known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It consists of 36 states including the federal capital city of Abuja and 774 local Governments. It is situated in West Africa and is bordered on the north by Chad Republics and Niger, west by Republic of Benin and Republic of Cameroon and south by Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean). The country got its independence in the year 1960. Considering the large population and economy, this country is referred to as the ‘Giant of Africa’. Apart from being the No.1 populated country in Africa, it is also the 7th largest populated country in the world.

This country has much to its credit. It is a bubbling cauldron of music, art and culture, with its impact far reaching beyond the boundaries of the continent. Nigeria Holidays can be one of the best holiday options in the world. Nigeria Tours exemplify diverse culture, people and natural scenic beauty. You won’t regret your Trip to Nigeria.

For those already looking at Nigeria Travel Packages, here are some guidelines. The city of Lagos is a bustling hive of activities where you will come across a wide mix of people and cultures. On your Nigeria Tour, visit the port city of Calabar for a stopover if you want to enjoy a pleasant rest-stop while heading to Cameroon.

Travel to this destination on Nigeria Holiday Packages to explore the old kingdoms on the fringes of southern Nigeria, which will fill you with awe with their age-old prevailing customs and creation of elaborate brass sculptures of ancient gods.

Nigeria Vacation packages will take you across deserts, old cities like Kano, and the Yankari National Park.

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