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Karnataka Tour Packages

If you are looking for a perfect holiday destination which includes both the mountains and beaches; then Karnataka is the place for you. The Karnataka tour is a plethora of myriad attractions ranging from hi-tech urban cities to the quaint towns that colour your life with their blues and greens. Filled with rumbling waterfalls, ancient temples, and wildlife sanctuaries; the Karnataka holidays will give you an experience like no other. There are a wide number of Karnataka Tour Packages from Thomascook that will give you deep insight and a better way to explore this beautiful land filled with surprises at every corner. Our Karnataka Holiday Packages cover everything that you must not miss on your trip to this wonderful state and all the experiences that you are yet to experience on this land. These Karnataka Packages are considered to be the best and the most budget-friendly ways of visiting the state, as you can cover most of it for a relatively 

Karnataka is blessed with different temperatures in different parts of the state making every season beautiful. The months of November to April are considered to be the best time to explore Karnataka. All these Karnataka Tour Packages provided by Thomascook, have different durations and different months in which you can explore the state. Depending on the weather, we will suggest you which Karnataka Package is the best deal to grab. Karnataka is the ultimate destination for all the backpackers. Be it the enormous mountains, gorgeous waterfalls, or the quaint towns – you name it, and Karnataka has it.

 The Karnataka Holiday Packages by Thomascook are sure to cover most of these tourist places that you want to visit in and around Karnataka. Karnataka is such a place that will calm your inner self, and bring out a new side of you with each place you visit.

Table of Content

Karnataka Tour Packages No. of Nigts / Days Price*
Karnataka - Coorg Mysore Bangalore 5 Nights/ 6 Days  Rs. 27 900
Karnataka - Bangalore Mysore Coorg Ooty Tour 6 Nights/ 7 Days  Rs. 28 375
Karnataka - Coorg Mysore And Ooty 6 Nights/ 7 Days  Rs. 34 200
Highlights Of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu 7 Nights/ 8 Days  Rs. 47 875
South India Extravaganza 12 Nights/ 13 Days  Rs. 84 990

Every Karnataka tour with Thomas Cook India is intended to make sure that you have the time of your life during your trip. We allow the freedom and flexibility to ensure that you tour this versatile state with its hills, beaches, coffee plantations and ruins, to only return home energized and ready to conquer the world. From world-class accommodation and conversant guides to food that will leave you wanting for more, we guarantee you the best holiday to Karnataka. 

If you are wondering what to expect when visiting Karnataka, you can browse through the Karnataka tourism section to get all the necessary details about a vacation to Karnataka, from Things To Do In Karnataka, Best Time to Visit Karnataka to Places to Visit in Karnataka and What To Eat in Karnataka. You can book your Karnataka holiday from any of the major Indian cities, such as Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Cochin and Ahmedabad. Thanks to our team who have exquisitely curated Karnataka tour packages, a perfect trip to this paradise is only a click away. This destination has something to offer everyone. On one hand there is a progressive city filled with techies–Bangalore and on the other hand, there are hippies dancing away to glory around a bonfire on the Om beach in Hampi. With raw beauty and unbiased spirit, Karnataka is truly a gateway to South India. The contagious spirit of this place will make you not want to go back home. 

Thomas Cook Karnataka Packages are customized based on your requirements and are sure to leave you with tales that you will narrate for a lifetime. Bandipur National Park, Nandi Hills, Mysore Palace, Jog Falls, and Hampi are some of the must-visit places in Karnataka. Book your tour today and dive into the mesmerizing beauty of this place with Thomas Cook.

Karnataka COVID 19 Tourist Guide

All the tourists visiting Karnataka are required to adhere to social distancing protocols and wear masks at all times during their Karnataka Tour. There are certain guidelines that need to be followed by the residents and tourists who plan on spending their holidays in Karnataka. No quarantine is required if passengers on arrival are asymptomatic. However, they shall self-monitor their health for 14 days from the date of their arrival for any symptoms of COVID-19 like fever, cough, cold, throat pain, difficulty in breathing etc. For more information, please visit the COVID Travel Advisory for Karnataka

Highlights of Karnataka Packages

The ideal mix of modernity and tradition, Karnataka needs no introduction. This South Indian state balances its glamour and speed with its ruins of the past, both literal and metaphorical, with such panache that it amazes every explorer who comes visiting. While Bengaluru offers the thrill and buzz of nightclubs and its restaurants that present ecstasy on a plate, Mysuru appeals to the connoisseur of finer things. People who are seeking a laid-back Karnataka tour with strolls around charming lakes of the boulder-town of Hampi or want to hit the pedal and witness the rolling hills of Coorg , there are several Karnataka holiday packages to choose from. You can be an enchanted spectator to different kinds of sunsets, such as a tranquil sun setting behind rolling perennial hills, or a lemony sun hiding into the sea. Our favourite is the intoxicating sunset that you can observe among the ruins of Hampi. For adventure lovers, treks, adventure sports, safari into wildlife sanctuaries, parasailing and more is available. 

From ancient caves to the perfect blend of Islamic, Rajput and Hindu architecture, you will find ever kind of delight in Karnataka. The cuisines of this exceptional state needs a special mention. Whether you enjoy tangy savouries, spicy curries or are someone who thinks a meal without a dessert is incomplete, Karnataka satisfies all your food preferences and pleasures. Get a taste of Karnataka with various Karnataka tour packages curated especially for travel enthusiasts like you. 

To dig a little deeper about this striking South Indian state in order to plan your Karnataka trip better, keep reading. 

Honeymoon in Karnataka

For the newly-weds looking for a place that screams romance, Karnataka may be the hideaway you still haven’t considered. From retreats of thatched rooftops and wooden tiles where you will be pampered in every way possible, to getting lost together in the rambling rainforests, in Karnataka every kind of honeymooning experience is presented to you and your significant other. If a beach romance has always been a dream, then that too is made possible in this magical state. There are a plethora of experiences that you can splurge on and indulge in while sipping on some of the best varieties of coffee that you can find in the world. We will curate a personalized Karnataka honeymoon package just for the two of you.

How to reach Karnataka

Depending on where you are setting sail to get to Karnataka, there are three chief ways to travel. If you are travelling from outside of India, then there are two international airports where you may land – the Kempegowda International Airport and the Mangalore International Airport. Decide which one to go for after consulting your itinerary and where you plan to head next. Both Bengaluru and Mangalore are very well connected with the rest of the country, and both these airports see travellers from the major cities of India flying in for work as well as leisure

To travel slow and take in the stunning views that lead up to Karnataka, a journey by rail may sound like a more enticing option. With a railway network of approximately 3089 kilometres, major cities across India are linked to Karnataka. And even within Karnataka, the railways offer fantastic connectivity. In Bengaluru itself, there are 4 prime railways stations, which include the Bangalore City, Bangalore Cantonment, Yesvantpur Junction and Krishnarajapuram Railway stations.

If there is no time constraint and you would love to explore the smooth roads that will bring you to Karnataka, then travelling by car or taking the bus can be exciting. You can either head to Bengaluru or Mysore. Once you reach these cities, you can then easily take local buses or hire a car and visit different attractions. Please don’t forget to take several photographs on your memorable road trip to Karnataka

Travelling within Karnataka

Commuting within Karnataka is absolutely uncomplicated. Every place within Karnataka offers you some form of easy transportation depending on the infrastructure available. Travelling within cities, such as Bengaluru and Mysore is most convenient via bus. If that sounds like an uncomfortable option because of the fear that the buses may get crowded, then hiring a car is always on the table. This option allows you to stopover at quaint nooks and either breathe in the beauty or capture it for later. Road trips to Chikmagalur and Coorg particularly will lead you to stupefying sceneries making you wonder if you are within a painting. Also, autos, cabs and metros run in plenty giving you several commute options to choose from. Wherever you live in India, Karnataka beckons as it enjoys direct connectivity with all the major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Kolkata. Read on to find out more about your Karnataka tour packages.

Best time to visit Karnataka

The best thing about planning a Karnataka tour is that it is a year-round destination. With its geographical diversity that makes Karnataka a bouquet of various terrains and landscapes, a Karnataka vacation can be planned without breaking a sweat. The peak season that sees most explorers are the time between November and February. These months are pleasant and therefore ideal for visiting attractions around the state, whether it is the pristine beaches of Gokarna or the marvellous bolder town of Hampi.

During the winter season in Karnataka, the temperature is somewhere between 21 to 32 degrees Celsius approximately. This makes for a perfect sauntering, loitering and laid-back vacation. From biking through the trails of Coorg to picking one of the various trekking experiences that the state has to offer, the winters in Karnataka will leave you charmed.  

If you are planning your Karnataka trip around your children’s summer vacation, then too we have good news for you. This is the time for festivals, such as Ugadi and Vairamudi, which means there will be an added layer of joy in the atmosphere. When visiting attractions during summers, the months between April and June, be sure to carry a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated and a sun bloc to avoid burns.   

To see the natural beauties of Karnataka in all their glory and grandeur, monsoon season may be the one to go for. The lush green plantations that are stashed on both sides of most the trails you will follow through the state, come alive during the rainy season that is the time between June and September. Monsoons are unpredictable times, and so magic is the only thing that you can expect when you visit Karnataka in this quirky season. Do plan your Karnataka tour packages accordingly. Explore the Karnataka tour packages offered by Thomas Cook India .

Best Places to Visit in Karnataka

  • Bengaluru – A must on your Karnataka tour package
  • Hampi – An ancient village in Karnataka
  • Mysuru – A city to be included on your trip to Karnataka
  • Gokarna – A must visit town on your Karnataka packages

Bengaluru – A must on your Karnataka tour package

Bengaluru in the last ten years has been the hub of development in the country. The mad growth has had a ripple effect on the way people here like to party and entertain themselves, resulting in some world-class pubs and restaurants with the best amenities. Every traveller after tough days of exploration and adventure, needs a place to rejuvenate and get ready for the next exploit. Bengaluru is that perfect pit stop for you, always welcoming its explorers with a pitcher of craft beer. If rejuvenation for you means spending more time in nature, then the gardens of the Garden City of India will take good care of you. Be it the Cubbon Park, the Lalbagh Botanical Garden or the Bugle Rock Park, Bengaluru’s gardens will enthral you.  

Hampi – An ancient village in Karnataka;

Even the ruins of Karnataka are stunning! Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that gives you a sneak peek into the history of the Vijayanagara Empire of which Hampi was the capital city. The dramatic landscape of Hampi is strewn with boulders and covers a massive area of 29 square kilometres. This desolated city of Hampi is believed to be the largest open-air museum in the world. If you are a history buff who also enjoys marvels of architecture, then Hampi has to make it to your list of stopovers when in Karnataka. In Hampi, a visit to the Virupaksha Temple, Achyutaraya Temple and Vittala Temple is a must. 

Mysuru – A city to be included on your trip to Karnataka

If finer pursuits of life attract you more than the glitz and glamour of city life, then Mysuru is the place to be in. The former capital of Karnataka, Mysuru stepped out of the spotlight when Bengaluru assumed the mantle. Mysuru started rediscovering who it was when it longer had to be the capital, and today it presents to its visitors a laid-back avatar of itself that explorers have come to love. Long walks around the Kukkarahalli Lake gives you an opportunity to photograph some exquisite birds such pelicans, Oriental white ibises, cormorants and the likes. A trip to the Mysore palace to witness a slice of India’s rich past and revel in its architectural delights is something you must not miss.

Gokarna – A must visit town on your Karnataka packages 

If you were to make a list of the most frequented beaches in India, then Gokarna would definitely find a spot in it, if not top it. For those looking for a lazy trip that allows you to sunbathe and lounge around the shore, then a Gokarna holiday is what you need to be planning. Imagine a weekend sipping on your favourite brew, sprawling in your favourite beachwear inside a thatched hut, doesn’t that sound like a blissful vacation? While the beaches are the reason why most people visit Gokarna, the town is also a sacred town that pilgrims come to every year. It is one of the seven pilgrimage centres in the country and is extremely revered especially by devotees of Lord Shiva. 

Foods to Eat in Karnataka

When in delightful Karnataka, allow yourself to be pampered royally. The cuisine of Karnataka is an amalgamation of flavours. It is inspired by the states that surround it, such as Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, and yet it maintains a unique flavour of its own. It has taken the best from everyone and then scattered its own pixie dust on the dishes! For those in favour of piquant meals, North Karnataka is your go-to destination. For those who would want to try out different kinds of rice or bath, South Karnataka is your zone to explore. Here are some of the most popular dishes that you must taste when in Karnataka:

  • The curries of Karnataka
  • The scrumptious dosa
  • The mouth-watering afters

The curries of Karnataka

Karnataka pays attention to its curries like no other state. The Koli curry, for instance, has portions of tender chicken smoothly laced with spices like seeds of mustard, cumin and poppy. The cinnamon in the curry will linger on your tongue even after you have heartily devoured the meal. The Pandi curry from Coorg is a spiced-up pork curry that gets its flavour and fire from all the pepper that is added to it. For the vegetarians, Karnataka makes up with an unbelievably luscious Sutta badanekayi gojju or Karnataka’s favourite aubergine curry. With trimmings of jaggery and tamarind, the curry gets an unusual tangy flavour that arrests your senses like nothing you have eaten before. If you are planning your Karnataka tour package, do make it a point to try these curries.

The scrumptious dosa

From the moist yet crispy Mysore masala dosa shaped in the form of a hat to neer dosa which is relished with red coconut chutney and sambar, Karnataka is nirvana for any dosa lover. When trying out any of these dosas, be sure to give Udupi sambar a try. With seeds of coriander, fenugreek and cumin apart from the regular ingredients that go into preparing sambar, this particular recipe is a hit among tourists. We recommend you to not miss out on these dosas on your Karnataka package.

The mouth-watering afters

When it comes to sweets and savouries, cuisine of Karnataka shines bright. Whether it is the perfect concoction of rava, shredded coconut and strips of jaggery in rave halbai or mushty kadabu which can be prepared to be spicy or sweet according to your taste preferences, Karnataka knows how to end its meals in style. Definitely try these on your Karnataka trip.

Things to Do in Karnataka

  • Step into the past
  • Go astray along the valleys of Coorg
  • Spend time in the ruins of Hampi
  • Saunter along the coffee plantations of Chikmagalur
  • Marvel at the finest example of Hoysala architecture

Step into the past

A visit to Karnataka is incomplete if you do not drop by the Mysuru Palace. Trust us when we say that you will not want to leave once you make it here. After the Taj Mahal in Agra, the Mysuru Palace is the most visited monument in India. Once the abode of Wadeyar kings, this Palace was designed by the famous English architect Henry Irwin. With its dramatic interiors of coloured marbles, stained window glasses and broad, boastful arches, the Palace architecture is a delightful combination of different styles, such as Gothic, Hindu, Mughal and Rajput charms. A day spent at this palace is like stepping into a time machine and paying a visit to its royal past

Go astray along the valleys of Coorg

Imagine gearing up on your bike and traversing the greens of Coorg. Now picture this with a bunch of friends. This visualization can be your reality if you include biking in Coorg into your Karnataka holiday itinerary.  The biking trails in and around Madikeri are breath-taking. If Madikeri isn’t in your route, then you can also give Chelavara a try. The stunning views of coffee plantations as you pedal along these paths, will make you want to linger a little longer than you initially planned. 

Spend time in the ruins of Hampi

From the Vijaynagar ruins to the Talarighatta Gateway and Bhima’s Gate, Hampi is gorgeous in what meets the eye. But did you know that it hides several secret spots which are still largely unexplored? For instance, the Islamic architectural enchantments that you will find in this boulder-strewn town of Hampi if you take the uncharted path through it. Explore these treasures only with Thomas Cook’s Karnataka Holiday Packages. 

Saunter along the coffee plantations of Chikmagalur

For all the coffee fans out there, this is an experience you cannot let slip through your fingers. Meandering through the wild underbrush of where your favourite brew is cultivated, can strengthen the relationship you share with it. You will be able to closely see the people who toil day in and day out to ensure your beverage makes it to your cup every morning and gives you the fresh start you need. When in Chikmagalur and exploring coffee plantations, keep your eyes ready to catch glimpses of some exotic birds too. 

Marvel at the finest example of Hoysala architecture;

The Chennakeshava Temple in Somnathpur, a 53-minute drive along a picturesque route is a must when planning a Karnataka trip with your folks. This 12th-century shrine is testimony to the grandeur of Hoysala architecture. The intricate carvings along the temple walls will give you a glimpse of how much attention was afforded to details in the past. The quiet and tranquil ambiance in and around the temple despite the crowds of people will amaze you. They say that something deep within you seems to be touched when you pay this temple a visit. A profound tranquillity gathers in your heart and rests there for days to come.

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