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  • As per RBI norms, the GST is applicable as per travellers.
  • This amount is calculated considering one traveller. You can further add/edit travellers in preconfirmation page which can impact the total amount.
  • You may block foreign currency by paying 2% of total transaction value. This blocked rate will be valid for 2 working days.
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    Tax Collection at Source (TCS) at the rate of 5% will be levied under section 206C(1G)(b) of the Income Tax Act on outbound tour services. Further TCS under section 206C(1G)(a) of the Income-tax Act, 1961 at the rate of 5% will be collected if the aggregate amount exceeds Rs. 7,00,000 in a financial year for remittance out of India under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme of the Reserve Bank of India. The TCS collected will be reflected in the 26AS of the payer for claiming Income Tax credit.
  • Disclaimer Note for non-refund of TCS
    In the event of cancellation of services and refund of amount, Tax collected at source under section 206C(1G) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 shall not be refunded. The non-refunded TCS will be reflected in the 26AS of the payer for claiming Income Tax credit.
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Best way to Transfer Money from Dhanbad to Europe in 4 easy steps

Choose your desired currency & amount

Select currency and denomination you need to carry along

Enter transction details

Enter remittance purpose with remitter and beneficiary details

Make payment online

Make payment via multiple payment options like debit card, credit card & Netbanking

KYC & fulfillment of Remittance

Transaction complete with receipt of forex order completion at blocked rate

Transfer Money from Dhanbad to Europe

Remittance Countries Currency Remittance Rate
Remit Money to USA US Dollar (USD) 78.57
Remit Money to Europe Euro (EUR) 87.07
Remit Money to UK Sterling Pound (GBP) 97.09
Remit Money to Canada Canadian Dollar (CAD) 57.17
Remit Money to Australia Australian Doller (AUD) 54.21
Remit Money to Singapore Singapore Doller (SGD) 56.68
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Thomas Cook, Why Thomas Cook to send money

Send Money Abroad – Thomas Cook India is the RBI authorized and one of the most reliable and reputed FOREX service providers in India, you can rest assured about your FOREX transactions as we keep everything transparent at every step of the purchase.

We offer an efficient remittance service that allows you to carry out online money transfer from the comfort of your home and it is safe and fast option to send money from Dhanbad to the Europe.

You can also save money on your transfer by selecting us as the best provider with easy to understand and well-customized landing page. When it comes to sending money abroad, paying for your transfer, understanding exchange rates and more, it’s important to understand in detail. And here, we have our experts to help and guide you throughout the transaction, an end to end seamless service.

Benefits of making a money transfer to the Europe via Thomas Cook India.

There are several benefits of making the money transfer / sending money abroad from India has this is governed by RBI under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme. According to this scheme, an individual can transfer up to EUR 250,000 for funding education, medical expenses, travel, business, leisure, or any other activities abroad. With Thomas Cook the benefits:

  • Lock the exchange rate for up to 2 working days.
  • We keep a track of the money you transfer.
  • A simple and secure way to transfer money
  • The transfers are affordable.

The speed of the transaction is one of the most significant benefits to money transfers from Dhanbad to the Europe. As sending a cheque in the mail can be risky, there is always the possibility that the cheque will be lost or stolen. Hence money transfers instead of cheque prevent these problems and give you an instant confirmation that your payment is completed successfully. You would pay a small, flat fee of the transfer amount (This is displayed at the time of payment) you will always get the real, mid-market exchange rate.

How to send money from Dhanbad to the Europe at the best rate?

For the best deal, you would also want the best option to send money from Dhanbad to the Europe through Thomas Cook and with the services of MoneyGram and XpressMoney, as these are currently offering the better deal you can get. The maximum amount you can send to the Europe with Thomas Cook is up to 250 000 US dollars per year to the relatives abroad for certain expenses.

4 easy steps
    • Choose your desired currency & amount
    • Select currency and denomination you need to carry along
    • Enter traveler details & delivery option
    • Option to choose the doorstep delivery or branch pick up
    • Make payment online
    • Have multiple payment options i.e. debit card, credit card & Net banking
    • Get order confirmation
    • Receipt of Forex order completion at blocked rate

Online money transfers are on the rise today. In today’s ever-evolving world, boundaries are beginning to blur. Owing to globalization and digitization, people are getting global exposure along with various opportunities to study and work abroad. What’s constant is the requirement of foreign exchange. The simpler than ever before, you can send money abroad or remit money to India

We at Thomas Cook firmly believe in empowering you, our customers to seize every opportunity that comes your way. Thomas Cook offers an efficient remittance service that allows you to carry out international money transfer from Dhanbad at the comfort of your home. That’s not all. It is one of the most secure and seamless ways of sending money abroad from Dhanbad. Since we understand the value of time and the urgency of circumstances, the current situation we ensure that the remittance process is safe, quick, and secure and the remitted money reaches the right hands. Remittance can be done via various payment methods and it is up to you to choose the best option that suits you. To carry out a money transfer online, all you are required to do is log on to the Thomas Cook website, follow the simple steps, and your money will be transferred almost instantly. Through the intelligent technology and trustworthy network of instant money transfer services of MoneyGram and XpressMoney, we ensure to eliminate the risk of frauds from cybercrime and your money reaches the correct person anywhere in the world. Now, you do not worry about your loved ones falling short of money, all you need to do is immediately log onto our Thomas Cook website or visit our nearest Thomas Cook branch, and transfer money to your loved ones without any hassles. Read about things to know before transferring money abroad & the tips for saving money on international money transfers on Thomas Cook Blogs. You want to send money abroad, make Thomas Cook your most reliable partner.

Modes for Outward Remittance from Dhanbad to the Europe

There are two modes of remitting money outside of India to the Europe.

  • Wire Transfer
  • Demand draft
Wire Transfer

When money is needed fast like in a medical treatment case wire transfer can be an effective means to send money from Dhanbad to the Europe. After complying with the RBI regulations for sending remittances outside of India, Thomas Cook will transfer money to the beneficiary’s bank account. Electronic mode of transfers through swift technology is the most convenient and is fast. It delivers the intended cash with the least security threats and with no risks like demand draft mode.

Demand draft

In case of demand draft, it has to be paid under the name of - Thomas Cook India (Ltd.)

What is the Documentation Required to Send Money from Dhanbad to the Europe?

You will need the following documents to send money from Dhanbad to the Europe

  • Self-declaration regarding relation with beneficiary
  • Government-issued valid photo ID proof
  • Valid PAN Card copy
  • Signed A2 Form

Along with the documents the remitter needs to share the following information of the beneficiary:

  • Beneficiary name & Address
  • Beneficiary bank name
  • Swift code and correspondent account
  • Remitter name & Remitter account number
  • Purposes of the transaction with KYC form

What are the Main Purposes of International Money Transfer from Dhanbad to the Europe?

The main reasons for sending money from Dhanbad to the Europe allowed by Thomas Cook India are as below:

  • Education
  • Maintenance of Close Relatives
  • Medical

What could be the reasons for the delay in my fund transfer from Dhanbad to the Europe?

The possible reasons for the delay in remittance from Dhanbad to the Europe could be a delay in the international banking system due to incorrect account details preventing funds from being applied to the beneficiary account. Other Common factors influencing delay are:

  • Transfer time
  • Payment method.
  • Currency used.
  • Weekends and holidays.
  • Cut off times.
  • Time zone.

Remittance charges/ how you get charged when you transfer money to the Europe?

There will be nominal charges for a person to send money to the Europe from Dhanbad will incur charges.

  • Foreign bank charges will around EUR
  • Goods & Services Tax
  • Processing fees for Remittance Rs. 500

While making the payment there would some changes:

  • Net Banking would be around Rs. 50
  • Debit / Credit card would around 1% of the transaction

Please note there will be no processing fees on advance payment for the remittance, though you would need to check with the Forex expert.

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Outward Remittance from Dhanbad to Other Countries

Outward Renittance from Cities in Dhanbad to Europe

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FAQs for Money Transfer from Dhanbad to Europe:

How much money can be transferred from Dhanbad to the Europe?

Indian residents can send up to $250,000 per year to their relatives abroad for certain expenses. (Under RBI's Liberalised Remittance Scheme) while transferring money from Dhanbad to the Europe.

How can I transfer money from Dhanbad to Europe?

The first is to start your transfer. Pay in INR with your debit card or credit card, or send the money from your online banking. You will look and get the best rate. We always give you the real and fair exchange rate. And finally, the money is transferred locally.

What is the best way to transfer money from Dhanbad to Europe?

The best and cheapest way to transfer money from Dhanbad to the Europe is using the remittance service offered in India with a same-day delivery option which is the best and must needed option when we send money.

Is money transferred from Dhanbad to Europe taxable?

At the moment, no, the money transferred to the Europe from Dhanbad(India) is not taxable. However, need to check and confirm at the time of transaction and the present RBI guidelines.

How much money I can send as a gift from Dhanbad to Europe?

This would be up to EUR 100,000 and if it exceeds EUR 100,000 for any current year, the remitter must report it to the IRS by filing Form. Though you would like to check and confirm at the time of the transaction.

How can I use Thomas Cook to find the best option to send money from Dhanbad to abroad?

Before each international money transfer, you should come and compare the costs of the different options. The cheapest option is at the top, of our results but you may want to consider other criteria such as the speed of transaction or the pay-in or pay-out methods.

Can I trust a company for safe and secure money transfer?

Yes. We are the trusted brand and in the top list of the business in money transfer that is fully authorized and monitored by the regulation authorities.

Is it possible to send money through Thomas Cook?

Thomas Cook is the most trusted and secured to send money. We’re here to help you with everything you need to know when sending money abroad and the best way to send money abroad from Dhanbad.

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