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Places to visit in Egypt

The Arab Republic of Egypt or as commonly referred to as Egypt is located in North Africa and is a transcontinental nation. The Capital of Egypt in Cairo, and it's also the largest in Egypt. Although the country is located on the African continent, it extends into Asia as the Sinai Peninsula, located in Asia is a part of the greater region of Egypt. Egypt shares its north-eastern border with the Gaza Strip and Israel, its southern borders with Sudan and its western borders with Libya. The country is surrounded by two seas. The Red Sea in the east and the Mediterranean Sea on the north. Egypt is also home to the world's longest and one of the oldest river, i.e., the Nile and is blessed with an extremely fertile valley thanks to this water source. Also, Egypt's geography is dominated by the Western and Eastern Deserts.

The most notable aspect of Egypt is that it was once home to one the oldest and grandest civilizations, i.e., the Egyptian Civilization. 

There are numerous Rembrandts of the great Egyptian Civilization still intact such as the famous Pyramids, mummies, hieroglyphs, and temples. In addition to this great Rembrandts of Egypt's Ancient History, there are many churches, monasteries, and mosques that are a testimony to Egypt's medieval history that you can visit when traveling to this historically significant and mysterious country. Travelling to Egypt is a visually stimulating experience hard to find anywhere else in the world. That is why despite the civil unrest in the country and its neighboring countries Egypt is one of the most famous tourist destination in world and hundreds and thousands of tourist's flocks to it each year.

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Pyramids of Giza

There are numerous attractions in Egypt, but the best among them have to be the Pyramid of Giza, which are among the Seven Wonders of the World. In fact, there are the only survivors from the original seven wonders list drafted by the ancient Greeks. So far only 138 pyramids have been located, and much more are believed to be in existence. The pyramids served as tombs for the Pharos of Egypt and were mostly built under the Ola and Middle Kingdom Reign. The pyramid

Karnak and Luxor Temples

These temples are the second most popular tourist attraction in all of Egypt and are an excellent example of the architectural genius of the ancient Egyptians. There are four main sections in the temple complex. However only one is on display to the public. Tourists can view the Amun-Re precinct; all others are off limits. There are many temples, obelisk, and columns in the Amun-Re part of the complex.

The Luxor temples date bac

Aswan and Philae Temple

Aswan is located in southern Egypt and is a small city with a population of just 275,000 people. The city has a very relaxed atmosphere, especially in comparison to Cairo and Luxor. People travel here to have a chilled-out vacation, and there are many beautiful sights here to go on amazing sightseeing tours. The temple of Philae is among its most famous tourist attractions. 

Location: Island of Agilika

Abu Simbel Temples

These are perhaps the most inspiring and admirable temples built during ancient Egyptian times. Among the many temples here, the most beautiful and grand is the Sun Temple built to honor the great Egyptian pharaoh King Ramses II. There are four giant statues of King Ramses II built on the entrance of the temple, to guard its gateways. Many call it precious, but others think it was just plain old ego that the great King has the structure of the temple designed in s


Thanks to a significant growth if Tourism in Egypt in the 1980’s, Hurghada has become a popular tourist destination today. In the olden days, the city was s small fishing village, located next to the Red Sea. However, in modern days it's one of the most visited cities in Egypt and no price for guessing why. Since the city is located next to the Red Sea, it attracts numerous tourists each year. Tourists come here to relax on the beaches, swim, snorkel, and sc

Alexandria in Egypt

8 Hour Private Tour of the Pyramids Sphinx Egyptian Museum and Bazaar including Camel Ride and Lunch from Cairo

This is a full day all-inclusive tour of the city of Cairo and all its wonders. You visit the magnificent pyramids, the Cairo Museum, Souks (traditional markets). Your guide gives you a detailed history of Egypt history, and you get to learn about its culture. The tours also include lunch and a camel ride.


Location: Cairo, Egypt

Nile River Dinner Cruise in Cairo

This is a two-hour cruise in the magnificent Nile. The cruise includes a delicious Egyptian dinner with a vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu. There is live entertainment on the boat that includes music and dance performances. 


Location: Cairo, Egypt

For: Family with Kids, Couples only, Friend’s Group, Senio

Grand Safari including Snorkelling at the Blue Hole and a Camel Ride along the Gulf of Aqaba

The tour includes a desert safari in the Egyptian deserts. Camel ride in the Gulf of Aqaba and snorkelling at the Blu Hole sinkhole. The sinkhole is 13 meters deep and has an abundance of reef fish and beautiful corals. It’s a fun day trip for the whole family. All gear is included, and there is a buffet lunch as well.

Location: Gulf of Aqaba, Egypt

Luxor Private Full Day Tour Discover the East and West Bank of the Nile

This is a full day all-inclusive tour of the city of Luxor and all its wonders. It includes a visit to all the major tourist attractions in Luxor. The cost includes all entry fees, transportation. The tour is guided by a trained Egyptologist. The tour is six hours long, and you visit temples of Luxor, and Karnak, the Colossi of Memnon, Queen Hatshepsut's Temple and Valley of the Kings



2 Day Ancient Egypt and Old Cairo Highlights Tour

This is an extensive two-day tour of Cairo. It includes a visit to Sakkara and Memphis, Great Sphinx and Valley Temple at Giza, Tutankhamun’s mummies and treasures, Egyptian Museum, Khan El Khalili bazaar in Old Cairo, Alabaster Mosque and Citadel of Saladin. The tour is led by a trained Egyptologist. Daily lunch and air-conditioned transfers are included in the cost. All entry fees and taxes are also included. 


Luxor Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple

The show is narrated in English and includes tonnes of information on the history of the temples, Luxor and Egypt. The show includes a delightful light show, and it's amongst the best shows of its kind in Egypt.


Location: Luxor, Egypt

For: Family with Kids, Couples only, Friend’s Group, Senior Citizen 

Ras Mohamed Red Sea Cruise and Snorkelling

This is a full day tour that includes a boat trip, scuba diving training and of course scuba diving in the red sea at Hurghada. The dive sites are beautiful, and the underwater views are breath-taking. All scuba diving gear is provided. The tour also includes drinks and lunch on board.


Location: Red Sea, Hurghada


Fasahet Soumeya

This place is manned by FasahetSoumeya, who opened it in 2012. She is the head chef and the only chef here. She server traditional Egyptian comfort food such as chickpeas served in chicken broth with vinegar and tomato sauce, dried bread, a casserole of rice, Fattah and roast duck.

Must eat: Egyptian comfort food such as chickpeas served in chicken broth with vinegar and tomato sauce, dried bread, casserole of r

Abou Tarek

This is a double storeyed 63-year-old restaurant and is famous for just one thing, and that is Koshary. The dish is a hot pasta salad served with chickpeas, lentils and topped who fried onion and rice. Another local favorite here is the rice pudding with rose water.

Must eat: Koshary and rice pudding

Approximate Cost for two: approx. INR 600/- for two 

Greek Club

Riverside in Egypt

Every Monday the club hosts a Jazz night by Ahmed Harfoush. Other days of the week there are different singers and DJ's performing here. You can even interact with them on the lower floors. The club overlooks the beautiful Nile, so you can enjoy stunning views while dancing the night away. The club is located in the famous Zamalek District. The club also hosts events such as ladies' nights, tango nights, etc.

Must try:

Pub 28

This is a very old, charming and extremely popular pun in Cairo. You will meet a lot of locals here and its mixed crowd of youngsters and middle/old aged adults. Since it's been around forever, don't expect fancy food or drinks, they play regular music none of that hip-hop kind nor do they host events or fancy performances by singers and DJ's. Go there for a quiet drink, tasty food made with old family recopies and perhaps meet some locals. 

Amici Bar

If you want to have the best cocktails in Cairo, then you must visit Amici Bar. The bar has two location first in Heliopolis, the other in Zamalek. Every Sunday they have a Karaoke night in Zamalek and the same on Mondays in Heliopolis.

Must try: Any of their signature cocktails 

Opening hours: NA


Johnnys Pub

This pub is located on the Le Pacha boat and hosts a Karaoke night every Sunday. The pub is located in the famous Zamalek district but has another branch in the Arkan Mall in town. You can have danced the night away while the boats quietly sail the stunning Nile.

Must try: International Menu

Opening hours: 7 pm to 2 am 

Souks Market

Unlike the busy souks of Cairo, the traditional Egyptian markets of Luxor offer a more peaceful and stress shopping experience. You can have spent an entire day walking the intricate alleys and exploring the hundreds of shops in the souks. You can get your hand on some amazing Traditional Handicrafts, Flea items, carpets, tents, etc. Make sure you bargain as everything is marked up.


Aswan Market

Although the market as famous amongst tourists, local too can buy a lot of their everyday stuff here. You can get your hands on some amazing spices, traditional clothing, footwear, handicrafts, accessories, etc. There are many cafes here where you can enjoy delicious coffees and Egyptian snacks.


Location: Aswan, Egypt


Khan Al Khalili

This is an amazing souk (traditional market) in Cairo. You can get your hand on some amazing Traditional Handicrafts, Flea items, carpets, tents, etc. Make sure you bargain as everything is marked up. Shopping here can be a hassle as the vendors tend to crowd you, but it will be the most chaotic and stressful fun you have.


Location: Al-Azhar Street, Cairo 11511, Eg

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