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Places to Visit in Europe

European countries and their vibrant cities are known for sightseeing attractions, museums, nightlife, restaurants and more. From France to England, Italy to Germany, there is so much to do. If you are an adventure lover, you can go for scuba diving, trekking, camping and much more. You can catch an opera at Vienna, or go shopping. If you are traveling to Europe for the first time, visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris would be the first to cross your mind.

Attractions in europe


This is the first location which comes to mind of most of the people when it comes to planning a trip in this part of the world. The place dates back to the history of the era of legends like Julius Caesar, Hadrian and more. You will come across various monuments and architectures which reflects such rich history and culture. But this is not all the place is about. It is a fast-paced city having gleaming designer forefronts, modern restaurants, sleek hotels and more.

Rome as they say, one of the most beautiful, romantic and grand of all cities in the world, “wasn’t built in a day” and rightfully so. Its heritage ruins, priceless treasures, awe-inspiring art and vibrant life makes it a not to miss destination 

Pantheon, Colosseum, Vatican City, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, San Giovanni in Laterano, Sistine Chapel ,Piazza Navona, The Catacombs, The Spanish Steps, Vittoriano, Palatine Hill ,Castel Sant’Angelo, Capitoline Hill, Trajan’s market


Artistic and truly striking, Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria with its intellectual foundations that have shaped the present city. Birth place of Mozart, Beethoven, and Sigmund Freud. It is also known for its imperial palaces

Tiergarten Schonbrunn, the world’s oldest zoo, Hofburg palace with its stunning Baroque architecture and museums, Museumsquartier a complex housing various contemporary museums, Schönbrunn Palace with its imperial beauty and manicured gardens, and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Prater, public park with a giant wheel of 1897, ,Natural History Museum ,Vienna State Opera ,Leopold Museum


The romance center of the world, Paris is one city that does not require any introduction. People come from far off to simply revel in its beauty, weather and culture.

Eiffel tower the 324 m high structure built in the 19th century, The Louvre museum with its vast collection of art and artifacts, Notre-Dame de Paris the ancient gothic church and Disneyland Paris the world renowned amusement park that attracts children and adults alike, Arc de Triomphe

There are the hell lot of things in the metropolis which gives the tourists a reason to visit this destination. The City of Light is known for its unforgettable ambiance which it offers. Some other reasons which lure the visitors are its divine cuisine and the enormous art collections the place caters. Eiffel Tower is the first thing which comes to mind of a person whenever any discussion on Paris is made. But this is not the only thing. There are so many other things to be explored in this wonderful city.


The beautiful city of Lucerne in Switzerland is known for its preserved architecture dating back to the medieval times, and the beautiful snow-capped mountains that surround it.

The old town of Altstadt, Kapellbrucke or Chapel Bridge which was built in 1333, the serene Lake Lucerne, Spreuerbrücke which is a lovely enclosed wooden bridge, the Baroque styled Jesuits church etc.


The Bavaria capital, Munich is the home to many ancient buildings and museums that are striking to say the least. It is most known for Oktoberfest and beautiful architecture and planning of the city.

Marienplatz is the beautifully constructed city square, the Catholic Cathedral of Frauenkirchewith Gothic architecture built in the 15th century, Residence palace of the Bavarian Monarchs, Dachau Concentration Camp.


Spain’s central capital is known for its expansive and well maintained parks and attractive boulevards along with rich European art.

The 19th century Beuno Retiro Park with its winsome fountains, Museo Nacional Del Prado known for its world class collection of European art, the Royal Palace of Madrid that houses 2000 regal rooms and wide weaponry, the City Square of Madrid- Plaza Mayor, Puerta de Alcalá.

This is the largest city of the Spain, whereas a traveler if you are here, they you have come here for exploring some awesome painting and stunning architecture. But this just not the thing present here, there’s a lot to explore for a visitor in this wonderful conurbation. The sounds of gentle music coming out of the Spanish Guitar, happy laughter in a midday meal are some of such things which you will experience during your trip. Isn’t all this wonderful.


This is the place in Europe which every person look forward to visiting. This can be justified by some phrases in the city which means no intelligent man will ever be willing to leave London, or if a person is tired of London, he is tired of life. There is so much to explore in this wonderful metropolis that one trip is perhaps insufficient for a traveler to be here. London's way of life compass is constantly receptive to what's next, thus you can now imagine how marvelous this trip will be.


The only one word which describes this city the best is enchanting. The atmosphere of this canal clad city is truly magical. The place is having a lot of artistic attractions which really allure everyone and this is one of the major reasons which attract tourists here from all across the globe. There are so many things to explore and enjoy in this part of the world that you will wish to come here time and time again.


There are so many things regarding this conurbation of Netherland which you will hear. But those are not the only things which you should look at. It has a lot more to offer than that stuff. Here you can go for several other activities like biking along the maze of canals to the Holocaust. From shopping to excellent dining and wonderful sightseeing, you will come across so many things in Amsterdam to look at.


This wonderful city of Greece is the one which moves at its own pace. The city has a lot to offer to its visitors. The city is bounded by Mt Parnitha, Mt Ymettos, and Mt Pendeli. There are nearly twelve hills in the city and each of them competes the other. The city even hosted the Olympic Games in 2004 and this fact itself says everything how good the place is for a traveler. There shall be no traveler who had returned from this conurbation with disappointment.


If you are in search of a destination where you will experience romance, aromatic cooking, olives,chianti wine, and sunshine, then this awesome city of Italy is the place where should come to during your tour to Europe. All these ingredients make the place a perfect place for a honeymoon. A newly married couple will get all the ingredients which are needed for a perfect honeymoon and to spend some quality time in midst of natural beauty. There seems to be no reason on why a person shall not opt to visit the place.


Rankings: US News and world report ranks Tuscany on top for Best Honeymooning Destinations and Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe


If you are searching for a destination where you can find heaven on Earth, then certainly this is the place where you should be. This UNESCO World Heritage site has a lot to offer to its tourist. The scenic beauty, the cliffs, the vegetation, there are so many things which can be explored during your trip to this part of the world. There is a hell of things available for you which will simply mesmerize you and you may not we willing to depart from here.


Originated sometime in the year 1162 AD, this is one of the biggest festivals on the continent. It is held every year between January and February. It ends 40 days before Easter. Theatrical performances, musical performance and much more are ingredients of the festival.


When: Between January to February


Held on last Wednesday of August every year, this festival has attracted lots of attention of tourists in recent past years. This festival has its own popular story narrating its origin. However, as a traveler, if you are traveling during this part of the year, then you must not miss this wonderful festival.


When: Every year on thelast Wednesday of August


This is one of the most popular events celebrated every year by the film fraternity. Movie Premier, Celebrity Spotting, Boat parties, Beach parties are the part of this film festival. Actors from all across the globe take part in this festival attracting huge number of fans 


When: Varies


The event which is considered as one of the most aristocratic sporting events of the world starts in the first weekend of July and lasts for five days. The event is conducted on the Thames River and Olympic rowers come to participate in this event. You will also enjoy classical drinks during the festival.  


When: First weekend of July


This is the largest arts festival which is conducted in the world. It takes place throughout August. More than 40,000 performances and 3000 shows along with artists from more than 50 countries witness this enchanting festival. The event pulls around 2 million people every year.


When: August

Activities in europe

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Europe has the most beautiful paragliding sites. Whether you want to discover the sport or enjoy the landscapes Europe gives you a vast choice.


Best Places for Paragliding: Austrian Tyrol is definitely the best place for the sport. Other places to enjoy paragliding are like Istanbul, Interlaken and the Swiss Alps

Approximate Price: Prices vary from Rs. 5400 to Rs. 426,000 depending upon the location in the continent and the facilities offered

Difficulty level: Moderate

Apt for: Couples

international-tourism/europe-tourism/places-to-visit-in-europe/bungee-jumping-in-europe/3848" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

This is another adventure which needs no description to an adventure seeker. Jumping from hundreds of meters above the sky is no joke. This thrilling experience can be enjoyed in several places in Europe. All of them offer best facilities keeping your safety a priority.


Best Places for Bungee Jumping: Engel berg is definitely the best place on the continent for this thrilling activity. Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and Romania too offers best facility for this adventurous sport.

Approximate Price: Prices vary from Rs. 5100 to Rs. 18,000 depending upon the location in the continent and the facilities offered

Difficulty level: Low

Apt for: Individuals and group of friends.

international-tourism/europe-tourism/places-to-visit-in-europe/mountain-biking-in-europe/3849" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Bring you closer to the beauty of nature. You will be biking in midst of hills and mountains with lush greens all around. As this sport needs lots of self-endurance, balance, core strength and other skills, the terrains of Europe is certainly the best place to test your strength.


Best Places for Mountain Biking: Austria is the place you should consider France, Italy, Switzerland and more are some of the other places you can look for.

Difficulty level: High

Key Checklist: Ensure that your bike is of the proper strength which can endure the roughness and challenges you may face over the terrains. Also, ensure you are having the proper checklist of the things to carry for safety and survival purpose.

Apt for: Individuals and group of friends

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Without any doubt, this sporting activity will definitely come to your mind when it comes to exploring the options of adventurous fun to be enjoyed in Europe. The underwater attractions which you will observe in the clean water of the place will definitely be the experience of the lifetime. Only Maldives can match the experience which you will get here.


Best Places for Snorkelling: Greece is undoubtedly the place you should look for in order to have the best experience of the sport. Spain, Croatia, Portugal and more are the other locations where you can enjoy the sport to the maximum

Approximate Price: The prices vary from Rs. 2100 to Rs. 56,400 depending upon the location in the continent and the facilities offered

Difficulty level: Low

Apt for: Family

international-tourism/europe-tourism/places-to-visit-in-europe/scuba-diving-in-europe/3851" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Along with Snorkeling this is another water sport which most the traveler loves to go ahead with. There is no reason why one should not try this activity in this part of the world. When it comes to the security and safety concerns, rest assured you are in the company of professionals who are there you make your diving experience an unforgettable one.


Best Places for Scuba Diving: There are numerous places where you can enjoy this water sport, but Spain is certainly the spot which people usually prefer. Not taking any credit from the other locations, Scotland, Norway, Greece, Italy and more are no less than any other scuba experience in the Europe

Approximate Price: The prices vary from Rs. 1800 to Rs. 29,000 depending upon the location in the continent and the facilities offered.

Difficulty level: Low

Apt for: Family

Food in europe


This item needs to be mentioned on top. Italy is known for such dishes and the dish needs no description to anyone. Surely you will get the best of the taste in this continent. 


Where: Di Matteo in Naples, Ai Marmi in Rome, Santarpia in Florence


The dish is basically a dumpling which is made of dough and filled with potatoes, sauerkraut, cheese, ground meet or fruit. Additionally, you will also find toppings of butter, fried onion or sour cream.


Where: GosciniecPolskie Pierogi in Warsaw and Zapiecek in Krakow


Served with crusty bread, fondue is an item which will put water in the mouth of a cheese lover. A glug of white wine and kirsch will give an additional kick to your taste buds.

Where: Chasalp in Zurich


The dish again needs no description. Waffles of Belgium are world famous and is a must try item when you pay a visit here. 


Where: Waffle Factory Bruxelles or MaisonDandoy in Brussels


These are grilled skinless ground beef sausages which are served with onions, flatbread, ajvar and creamy kajmak cheese. This item is something which you should not even think of missing it at any cost.


Where: Ferhatovic in Sarajevo and Limenka in Tuzla


The dish is common in many Eastern and Central European countries. It is nothing but a fluffier and thicker version of crepes. It is truly a delicious dish which one should not miss to try.


Where: Palatschinkenkuchl in Vienna


This German food consists of fried pork sausage which is cut into slices and seasoned with curry ketchup. It is usually accompanied by French fries.


Where: KonnopkeImbiss in Berlin

Night Life in europe


The metropolis is famous by the tag of ‘City for Night Owls'. You can eat, dinner, spend time in pubs, clubs and more. Even if the time in the clock ticks nearby 2 a.m. nothing can stop you to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the city.


Where: Marula Café Razzclub, Moog andLa Terrrazza


The nightclub scene of the city is one of the best in the world. There you will find world famous DJs on whose beats you will surely enjoy the night. Beer is cheap and the atmosphere is very energetic.


Where: Berghain & Panorama Bar, Brandenburg Gate etc.


When it comes to party and nightlife in Europe how can this wonderful conurbation be missed out. The nightlife scene here both young and dynamic with so many options for you to look at during night-time.  


Where: Sugar Factory, Bitterzoet, Jimmy Woo etc.


Considered as one of the best nightlife destination of Europe, the conurbation has a lot to offer to the nightlife lovers. There are numerous clubs and bars with cheap alcohols making your night an amazing one. 


Where: Le Lion Bar de Paris, Moondoo etc.

Shopping in europe


Located at Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement of the city, the place itself has recorded earning of more than one billion euro. 9th arrondissement one is a flagship store and the store chain operates in numerous locations of the country as well as the continent.


It is a place for busy managers and the curious tourists. It is one of the sites for luxury shopping and hosts many brand shops, prestigious labels, famous restaurants, and cafes.


It is situated at Brompton Road in Knightsbridge. This upmarket departmental store occupies near 5-acre site and is having over a million sqft of selling space with more than 330 departments. This makes the store biggest department store in Europe. The simple motto The Harrods is to have all things for all people.


This is one of the ideal shopping locations in Europe which gives you an experience of a cosmopolitan world of shopping. You will find here several international designer fashions, leading avant-garde designers, couture, accessories, books, art, flower and much more. The store not only offers its customers just fashion but also a complete lifestyle. Sounds Exciting! Isn't it?


Built-in 1846-47 this is one of the popular galleries in Europe which attracts shoppers in huge numbers. The place is also known for its amazing architecture.


This was the main post office building of the city and is now a popular shopping center. With amazing architecture and the ambiance, the shopping experience here is simply marvelous.


This renovated complex is one of such place where you get some sheer shopping experience. Purchasing stuff for your near and dear ones amidst a wonderful ambiance is a different sort of experience and pleasure.

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