As one of the most popular holiday destinations of the world, Greece has built up its reputation with its stunning beauty and fascinating culture. A culture that has spanned centuries and is a captivating blend of history and mythology.

Ancient wonders of architecture like the Parthenon and Delphi have withstood the ravages of time to tell their stories to the world. The dignity of these magnificent structures presents a remarkable contrast to Greece’s modern holiday culture that is alive with food, music and adventure.

The white-washed houses of Santorini set against the deep blue waters of the Aegean is a soul-stirring sight. Navigating the maze of tiny streets and whitewashed step lanes of Mykonos is an adventure in itself. The spectacular medieval ruins of Mystras offer you a peek into the Byzantine way of life back in the 14th and 15th centuries.

The Samaria Gorge will take you back hundreds of years as you trek the 16-lm-long canyon. The path, lined with ancient Cypresses and Pines, passes between vertical cliffs through the mountains. You must not miss the soaring rock pillars of Meteora and its collection of six monasteries built atop the pillars.

The other things you cannot miss in Greece are its beaches. The very soul of a quintessential Greek holiday, these beaches come alive with parties and water sports during the peak season. Let’s take a headlong dive and explore the hidden depths of Greece Tourism.

Greece Tourism : Quick Overview
Continent Europe
Capital Athens
Official Language Greek
Dial Code 30-area code-contact number
Population 1,04,73,455 (2019)
Currency Euro
Time zone GMT+2; GMT+3 during Daylight Savings
Area 1,31,957 sq. km.

Highlights of Greek Tourism:

The foremost highlight of a Greek holiday is the beaches. No holiday in Greece is complete without a visit to a beach. The Paradise Beach on Mykonos is known for its parties and after sports. If you’re looking for some quiet time and do not want to get off the beaten path, the Ambelas Beach in Paros and Plaka Beach in Naxos will offer you the promised tranquility without isolating from the comforts of good hotels and restaurants.

After its beaches, Greece’s ancient ruins and monuments are its biggest draw. Athens has two of the most famous monuments, the Parthenon and the Acropolis. Rhodes has the Grandmaster’s Palace and the Monolithos Castle still standing strong. The Temple of Apollo and the Theatre are must-visit sites in Delphi. Visit the birthplace of the Olympic Games at Olympia and explore the Ancient Stadia that still stands today, albeit in ruins.

If you’re looking for adventure, Thessaloniki has some of the best scuba diving sites. You can also enjoy snorkeling and waterskiing. There are many hiking trails around Thessaloniki that will take you through some of the most beautiful sights in Greece. If just trekking is not enough, hike to the Santorini Caldera which is a site of one of the biggest volcanic eruptions on earth. So choose the best places to visit in Greece wisely.


Adventure Activities in Greece:

A Greek holiday is the definition of a laid-back beach vacation interspersed with good food and drinks, with an occasional visit to the ancient monuments. But Greece can set your pulse racing with a range of outdoor activities. The calm waters of the Ionian and Aegean Seas are perfect for sailing. Spend a day on a sailboat and discover hidden coves and inlets.

Greece mostly sits in the sheltered Mediterranean, there are a few surfing spots around Ikaria and Karpathos where you can catch the perfect wave. Explore the mysterious underwater world as you go scuba diving and snorkeling in the pristine waters. Try kayaking in Santorini and discover places that are inaccessible by the bigger boats. Explore the waterways of Greece on a raft for a different perspective on Greece’s natural beauty.

If you’d rather fly like a bird over Greece, you can go skydiving in Athens or paragliding in Lefkada. The mountainous terrain of Greece makes it a perfect destination for rock climbing. But perhaps the most surprising adventure activity in Greece is skiing. Greece has a few ski resorts where you can ski and snowboard in winter.


Shopping in Greece:

Greece has a rich tradition of handicrafts which include carpets, pottery, musical instruments, shoes and an assortment of souvenir knickknacks. Surprisingly, Greece is a good place to buy clothes. The quality is acceptable, and the prices are low. Also consider buying handmade gold ornaments for their exquisite artistry and unique designs.

Greece has a great tradition of flea markets. The Piraeus Flea Market is a good place where you can find good souvenirs to take back home. On the other end is Ermou Street in Korinthos which is home to all international high-fashion brands. Head to the Athinas Street Local Market in Athens to stock up on cheeses, fresh olives and fragrant Greek spices.

There’s no better place than the Plaka for some gold retail therapy. Located near the Athens Acropolis, it is one of the oldest localities in the city. The area is also known for its restaurants and traditional cafes.


With a culinary tradition going back 4000 years, Greek cuisine is an evolved gastronomy. From the well-known Moussaka to the obscure Taramasalata, food is revered in Greece. With fresh ingredients and simple flavours, Greek food weaves its magic with unexpected elements. The Dolmadakia uses grape leaves to create tiny dolmades (parcels) stuffed with vegetables, meat and rice.

Be sure to try the Ellinikos-style Greek Coffee brewed over heated sand. It is available in three different levels of sweetness; Vari Glyko (strong and very sweet), Metrios (medium sweet) and Sketos (no sugar). A cup will refresh you in the midst of your shopping or sightseeing excursions.

Gyros is the Greek cousin of the Shawarma and is as delicious. If you have a sweet tooth, you are in for a treat. Flaky Baklava drizzled with thyme honey is a sinful delicacy. Galaktoboureko is a traditional dessert made from phyllo and butter, served with a custard or syrup. Wherever you go in Greece, you cannot go wrong with the food. So, go ahead and indulge.


Interesting Facts About Greece:

  • Greece is considered as the world’s first democracy.
  • With 300 days of sunshine in a year, Greece is one of the sunniest countries in the world.
  • Around 80% of Greece is made up of mountains.
  • Greece has more than 2000 islands, of which only 170 are inhabited.
  • More than 40% of Greece’s population stays in the capital, Athens.
  • Ikaria is one of the world’s few ‘Blue Zones’ where people enjoy a longer average lifespan.
  • Breaking plates is a tradition at Greek weddings.
  • During summer, there are more tourists in Greece than local residents.
  • Greece’s real name is actually Hellenic Republic or Hellas.
  • Greece has the maximum number of archeological museums as compared to other countries.

Location Of Greece:

Greece sits on the south-eastern end of Europe and is the southernmost country of the Balkan Peninsula. Blessed with a long coastline, Greece has a mountainous terrain with over 80% of the country covered with mountains. In addition to its mainland area, Greece is also spread over a group of islands. Greece shares its borders with Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. In the south it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.


Best Time to Visit In Greece:

Summer (July-August) is the busiest season of Greece tourism when it has the perfect Mediterranean weather. The hot days are cooled by the sea breezes and the water is at the right temperature for swimming and water sports. The weather in spring (April-June) and autumn (September-October) is still a treat, but Greece is surprisingly empty of tourists. Though winter (November-March) is not particularly severe, temperatures fall below zero in some northern areas.


How to Reach Greece:

It is simple to reach Greece from India by flight. There are plenty of direct and connecting flights operating from India. Ships are one more way of travelling to Greece. Book your passage on one of the luxury Mediterranean cruises and you can arrive in Greece in style. Other than these two, there are no other practical ways to reach Greece. You can see many more ways on how to reach Greece here so do have a look! 

Greece is a versatile holiday destination that will pamper you with good food, beautiful sights and abundant culture. Let Thomas Cook help you design your perfect Greek holiday. Visit us at your nearest Thomas Cook branch or book your holidays online. Either way, you will be sampling the delights of a much-desired Mediterranean holiday.

Language Spoken


Currency used:

Euro (EUR)

APR-JUN 11 to 31oC
JUL-AUG 21 to 33oC
NOV-MAR 7 to 20oC
SEP-OCT 15 to 29oC

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Best Greece Tourism Guide

Greece is as beautiful as its mythological tales of gods, goddess and strange creature slaying demi-gods. It is a country that truly imbibes the Mediterranean flavors, embracing and sharing to the world as its very own. Go on this Holidays to sample it for yourself. You could either travel  on your own or opt for the various Greece travel packages available abound. Either way, your tour will emerge to be a truly memorable one on your Greece vacation packages.

When you Travel to Greece, you will come across the longest miles of aquamarine coastline and some of the most enchanting ancient ruins that call for detailed explorations. Make a trip to  not just for its famed Feta and Ouzo, but to experience the true mysticism that surround the nation in the ruins. You will feel the legends and myths come to life, in the country’s mystical aura on Greece Tours.    

The beautiful landscape will be another high point of your  tour. Greece boasts of some of the most scenic places on the world tourism map, with sun-kissed beaches, azure water bodies, Mediterranean breeze and golden hued warm sunshine lending the whole scenery an out-of-the-world feel. Sample great Greek cuisine, counted among the best and the healthiest, as part of your Greece holiday packages.

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