Sun, Sand, and Seafood – Maltese Vacations in a nutshell

Charming cities, colourful architecture, tranquil beaches and friendly people – Malta is a treasure trove of experiences for travellers in search for some rest and relaxation! The archipelago is filled with fossil studded cliffs, ancient temples, beautiful coves, and stunning landscapes, and this alone makes the country worth a visit.

One of the most interesting things about Malta is that it’s a super tiny country, which means that you can arguably see the entire country in one trip. How many other places can offer you that experience? Now, before you start packing your bags, let’s take a look at everything this amazing country has to offer!

Malta Tourism : A Quick Overview
Continent Europe
Capital Valletta 
Official Language Maltese, English
Dial Code +356
Population 436,947
Currency Euro
Time Zone UTC+1, UTC + 2
Area 316 km-square


Highlights of Malta:

Cities Of Malta:

You cannot go to Malta and not see the capital city, Valletta. Though miniscule (the city measures 1 km by 600 meters), it is filled with bustling restaurants, cafes, townhouses, museums, galleries, public art spaces and a vibrant nightlife. No wonder the entire city has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a great place to get acquainted with Maltese culture before exploring the rest of the country.

While travelling in Malta, you should also visit Mdina, which looks like something out of Game of Thrones. Also known as the Silent City, Mdina is a completely enclosed city that’s built within a fortress. It houses only 250 people and is filled with Norman and Baroque architecture. 

If you’re envisioning a beachy vacation for yourself, then you need to head down to Sliema, which is a coastal city and a major commercial spot filled with restaurants, bars, hotels and cafes. You can take a walk down the promenade in Sliema and marvel at the stunning views of the open seas.

Finally, if your idea of the perfect vacation is one where you get party and live it up in rocking clubs and pubs, then you definitely need to visit St Julian’s or San Gijlan. You can also go on a lovely cruise that circles the Balta Bay from this city and add another dimension of fun to your holiday.

Tourist spots In Malta:

If you think that Malta doesn’t have its fair share of amazing tourist spots just because it’s a tiny country, then think again! There’s a lot for you to do in this lovely country. Hagar Qim & Mnajdra Temples sit right on top of picturesque cliffs and this makes the drive to them (as well as the experience of standing there and admiring the view) absolutely stunning. If you go during the springtime, you’ll get to see how lovely the entire area looks when its carpeted by tiny wildflowers.

St John’s Co Cathedral is another site for you to enjoy. The magnificent baroque architecture with gold accents will stay in your memory forever, however, that’s not the only thing that makes this architectural marvel stand out. The floor, which is made of multiple tombs, is a sight to behold, with its lovely smattering of artwork that’s carved into the stone. 

The Blue Lagoon, located in the island of Comino, will offer you a sight that you’ll never see again. Most people describe the water in this little pool as so blue that one may think one’s looking at an oversaturated image. Take a dip in its pristine water and ponder over just how magnificent nature truly is. 

If you love existential pursuits, then you should visit the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, which is a chamber of underground burial site. This space is more than 5,000 years old and you’ll be able to see paintings that date back to ancient eras all over. It’s a great spot to think about how mankind has evolved and where we are all headed next!

Adventure sports In Malta:

Diving is a huge activity in Malta, and you can enjoy an unmatched experience of being underwater, surrounded by vibrant sea creatures, with nothing but the sound of your own breath in your ears. What makes this experience especially unique is the fact that you’ll be able to swim around old World War 2 relics and shipwrecks in the water, and if you’ve ever daydreamed about finding a ship with treasure, then Malta is the best place to live out at least a part of that fantasy!

Cuisine in Malta:

If you love fusion cuisine and dishes, then Malta is a great country to have your fill of the same. This is because the cuisine in this country is heavily influenced French, British, Spanish, Italian, Maghrebin and Provencal cooking techniques. Maltese food is quite Mediterranean and rustic in nature. There are a few things that you should sink your teeth into, including Lampuki Pie, which is a fish pie, and Brogioli, which is a dish filled with beef and olives. Aljotta, which is a delicious fish stew with different types of sea food in it, is another dish that you simply must try. 

Travellers with more adventurous tastes can try dishes with rabbit, quail, snails, and horse meat, if they are so inclined. While you’re at it, try some spaghetti with sea urchins and Maltese sausage while you’re at it!

Cisk is a very popular locally brewed beer that you must try while you’re in Malta. It has a mild flavour and is ideal to cool down on hot days. Similarly, try Kinnie, which is a soft drink that you’ll only get in Malta. Enjoy sipping on both these delicacies while you lie on a beautiful sandy beach and soak up the Maltese sun!


Interesting facts about Malta:

  • It is believed that the Calypso Cave in Malta is where Homer sat and wrote the Odyssey.
  • Malta is perfect for people who love to walk. There are numerous tours along the coastline that require people to walk, while taking in the views.
  • When in Malta, you must try local honey. There is an indigenous species of bees in Malta that makes the honey produced here incredibly unique. 
  • The country has absolutely no forests or rivers.


Location Of Malta:

Malta is a beautiful archipelago that is located in the Mediterranean Sea, which means that it is completely surrounded by water and does not share its borders with any other country. 


Best time to visit Malta:

Malta is a stunning coastal country which means that temperatures very rarely swing towards any extremes. If you want to enjoy everything Malta has to offer without running into tourists at every turn you take, then you should visit the country in the spring and the early leg of summer – April, May or June. 

The summer season is the peak season of travel and it certainly is a great time to visit the country too, if you don’t mind crowds. The summer is never too hot, though it does get fairly warm. 

September to November is considered the shoulder season, making this a good time for people looking for a peaceful holiday. The beaches and local attractions are free from tourists and you’ll be able to take in the natural beauty of the country without any interruptions. 

The winter season is the low season, however that doesn’t stop travellers from visiting this country. As this is an island nation with predominantly tropical weather, the winter does not get too old. The only thing to watch out for during this season is rainfall. Visiting Malta during this time only works if you do not want to spend a lot of time outdoors. 


How to reach Malta:

By Air: You can reach Malta by air by either flying directly from India or flying to Europe and then taking a connecting flight from there. This, of course, depends on the kind of holiday you’re envisioning for yourself. Malta’s International airport receives a myriad of flights and is located between Luqa and Gudja. 

By boat: If you fly to Italy, you can take a boat from the Sicilian port of Pozzallo and then get to Malta via the same. Travelling by boat is certainly a great way to introduce yourself to the picturesque beauty of this country because you’ll get to take in its beauty from the moment you spot it in the middle of the sea. 

Other means of travel: You cannot get to Malta via road or train because this country is located in the middle of the sea. 


History Of Malta:

Malta has a rich history due to the fact that many different countries have colonised it at some point or the other. The first settlers in this country came from Sicily, which is why the food takes some of its cues from Italian cuisine. Eventually, Malta was overtaken by Arabs, which is why Maltese actually sounds a little bit like Arabic. Once Arabic rule in Malta ended, the country was overtaken by the French before becoming a British colony in 1814. You can see influences of all these cultures in Maltese architecture, food and culture.

If you’re feeling inspired to visit Malta, then you should definitely explore Thomas Cook’s travel packages to know what we have on offer. Start planning your trip today!

Language Spoken


Currency used:


MAR-APR 9 to 16oC
OCT-NOV 13 to 23oC
DEC-FEB 9 to 16oC
JUN-SEP 15 to 31oC

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Best Malta Tourism Guide

A small island in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta holidays are famous for their natural beauty. Malta tours are ideal for those who are passionate about beaches and seas. The island’s beaches consist of some very beautiful coves. Malta holiday packages provide tourists with the unique opportunity of exploring underwater sites such as sunken World War II bombers and undersea caves. What is unique about Malta Tour is that almost everything food item is seafood.

Primarily a Roman Catholic country, Malta boasts of a number of churches towering over the villages. There is also a mix of cultures that inhabit the place for generations. A mixture of all these also help to create an ambience of familiarity for tourists going for a trip to Malta. Even the local fishing boats, which you can book while you travel to Malta, have their own story to tell.

You can also visit Malta’s capital city Gozo as part of your Malta Travel Packages. With the country’s economy depending to some extent on tourism, the Malta travel and tourism department has a huge role to play in positioning the industry to meet the needs of the country and the travelers. So, without any further delays plan your Malta vacation packages now.

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