Explore the Blue Danube, Ruin Bars, and Pinball Museums in Hungary 

When you think of Hungary, you think of castles, the majestic Danube, Budapest, thermal spas and folk art, and this itself tells you that if you begin to craft a list of all the experiences you must have in this country, you’ll never be able to stop. 

With the perfect mix of expansive scenery that transports you to an era that’s long gone, and urban cities with the best this century has to offer, Hungary is a great travel destination for people looking for a myriad of experiences. 

So, buckle up because we’re going to take you through all the reasons to visit Hungary and everything to keep in mind when you get there!

Hungary Tourism : A Quick Overview
Continent Europe
Capital Budapest
Official Language Hungarian
Dial Code +36
Population 10,049,000
Currency Forint
Time Zone UTC+1
Area 93,030km²

Highlights Of Hungary:

Cities Of Hungary:

Now, whether you’re intrigued by Budapest because you’ve heard it’s the ‘Paris of the East’ or because the city has been ranked as the top one in Europe for its nightlife, Budapest is definitely a destination you’ve got to add to your itinerary when visiting Hungary. 

Debrecen, a historic city filled with stunning views, is a great place for those who love to dwell on mankind’s past. The Deri Museum has an eclectic collection of fine art, local craft, centuries-old weapons, archeological finds, and even a chamber of wonders! The Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park is another wonderful tourist attraction for people look for some lighthearted fun.

Nature lovers simply cannot miss out on visiting Miskolc because of the stunning natural wonders all around this city. The Miskolctapolca Cave bath will make you rethink everything you ever knew about saunas and help you immerse yourself in Hungarian culture beautifully. While you’re here, don’t miss out on the Bukki National Park and Diosgyor Castle at any costs!

Tourist spots in Hungary:

Start your holiday on a relaxing note by visiting any of the thermal spas dotted all over Budapest.  Lake Hévíz is the largest thermal lake in the continent, with temperatures that average around 25 degrees Celsius. Enjoy a languid afternoon with your significant other as you relax in these hot springs, talking about all your adventures and everything that’s yet to come!

Explore the Lillafüred Caves and marvel at the relics from the Ice Age. You’ll get to enjoy a lovely hiking trail and can look at ancient arrows and spears. While you’re in the Bükk Mountains, make sure that you also head down to Eger Castle, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you walk through the Baroque architecture of the fort, you’ll also be privy to the many restaurants and cafes that have sprung up amongst the ruins. 

If you love marveling at nature and its sheer diversity, then you must visit the Baradia Cave, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sprawling over 25 kilometers, this cave is filled with gorgeous stalactites and stalagmites that are over 7,000 years old. You’ll experience a sense of wonder that no other place on Earth can inspire in travelers while hiking your way through these caves.

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, then take a hike in the Hortobágy National Park. The sprawling steppe is home to cows, water buffalos, horses, and stunning plant life, making it a great place to spend a relaxing morning amidst nature. 

Finally, you must take a walk down the Ráday utca, which is littered with exciting bars and pubs for you to spend your evenings in. Make sure you head down to ruin bars, which are ruins that have been transformed into pubs and bars, for an experience like no other. Racskert, Szimpla Kert, and Instant are a few ruin bars that have been instrumental in establishing these places as the go-to spots for wild nights!

Shopping in Hungary:

No vacation is complete without a few souvenirs to bring home, and what better place to shop than in the Great Market Hall, the largest and oldest marketplace in Budapest? You’ll find a range of kitschy stores that offer knick-knacks that would make for ideal presents for your friends and family. Check out local products and spices, beautifully designed clothes, quaint eateries and more, as you wander through this bustling market. 

A few souvenirs that are quintessentially Hungarian are painted eggs, Ajka crystal, Tojaki wine, porcelain, and leather shoes, so make sure you get your hands on the same. 

Hungarian Cuisine

Hungarian cuisine is known for being quite filling and heavy on the meat. As one of the biggest exports of the country is paprika, be prepared for spicy food (and dishes that generally appear redder than most!). Of course, as is the case with most countries, there are a few iconic dishes that you’ve got to try!

Fisherman’s soup, a spicy and delicious meal, is something that you’ve definitely got to try. Made with fresh carp straight from the sparkling Danube, this dish is practically a staple of the land, with variations as you travel all over Hungary. Goulash, one of the most well-known dishes to come out of Hungry, is a meaty stew that you’ll find almost anywhere with ease. Although this dish is typically made with beef, you’ll find chicken and pork variants too. 

When you’re hankering for a filling snack, grab some Lángos from any street vendor. This deep-fried dough dish is served with sour cream, garlic oil and cheese, though you’ll find a ton of street vendors that offer their own spin. 

Wine purists, look away, because one of the most popular drinks that you can enjoy in Hungary is the Fröccs – wine that’s mixed with soda water! If that not your speed, try a shot of Palinka, which is a beverage made by distilling fruits. Teetotalers can head down to the popular milk bars to enjoy a glass of creamy milk or hot coffee to start their day!


Interesting facts about Hungary:

  • Clinking beer glasses is a huge faux pas in Hungary. You can, however, click your glasses if they contain any other drink.
  • Legend has it that if you touch the mighty pen of the Anonymous statue in the City Park (Budapest), you’ll suddenly gain great writing abilities!
  • If someone offers you a shot of Palinka, know that refusing it may just cause them to feel offended! 
  • The Dohany Street Synagogue is the second largest synagogue in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Can’t get enough of old-school arcade games? Budapest has a museum that’s dedicated to Pinball machines and houses over 130 classic ones!
  • Parents in Hungary can only choose from a pre-approved list when naming their children!


Location Of Hungary:

Hungary is a landlocked country in Europe that shares its borders with Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, and Slovenia.


Best time to visit Hungary:

If you want to avoid a large influx of tourists, then the best time to visit Hungary would be April-May and September-October. These seasons experience lovely temperatures and you’ll be able to find accommodation at decent rates. 

The peak season of travel to Hungary is during the summer months, from June to August. This is mainly because these months are the best time to visit other European countries as well, and travelers looking to backpack across the continent end up in Hungary during this time. The weather during the summer season is also quite pleasant, and you will not experience a sweltering summer here. 

Tourist activity during the winter season is on the lower side, as it tends to rain during November and February. On the bright side, though, accommodations are incredibly cheap and travelers with a shoe-string budget can also enjoy staying at plush places. 


How to reach Hungary:

By Air: Hungary has two main international airports – one is located in Budapest and the other is in Debrechen. Though there are a few other smaller international airports in Hungary, only these airports have regularly scheduled flights that travel all over the world. 

By Road: If you are travelling from Vienna, you’ll find a bus that takes you directly to Hungary. As Hungary is a part of the Schengen Agreement, you’ll be able to enter the country’s borders by road if you’re coming from another country that is also a part of this agreement. You can also check out Orangeways bus company, which offers regular routes from Germany, Croatia, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic and Poland.

By Train: The biggest railway hub in Hungary is in Budapest, and you’ll find many trains entering the country from Austria, Slovakia, Romania, and the Czech Republic. 


History Of Hungary:

Established in 895, Hungary was once a part of the Roman Empire. The country has seen its fair share of invasions over the years, and though it was an Axis Power in the Second World War, it became a satellite state of the Soviet Union after being defeated by Germany. Hungary functioned as a communist state before becoming a democratic one in 1989. 

It’s time to fill your social media feed with stunning pictures from this trip. Check out Thomas Cook’s travel packages and plan your trip to Hungary today!

Language Spoken


Currency used:

Hungarian Forint

SEP-NOV 6 to 24oC
JUN-AUG 14 to 27oC
MAR-MAY 4 to 22oC
NOV-FEB -9 to 8oC

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Best Hungary Tourism Guide

Hungary holidays promise a whole wealth of healthiness that comprises relaxing waters and rejuvenating spas offered by this place. Historically, Hungary is a treasure trove of Roman ruins and medieval town houses to be discovered on your this tour. Travel to this palce to witness some amazing man-made architectural structures in neoclassical public buildings and Art Nouveau boathouses as part of your Hungary vacation packages.

Hungary travel packages are designed to give the ultimate experience of nature and man-made structures. The architectural wonders are not limited to the capital city of Budapest alone. Every niche and corner of the nation has a revelation in store, such as the Reök Palace in Szeged, the buildings of Koszeg’s Jurisics tér or the Mosque Church in Pécs.

The thermal hot water springs also make your Trip to this p a memorable experience. Hungary Tours lend you much insight into its cultural influence, being counted amongst the more sophisticated styles of cooking in Europe. Taste the local flavors of goulash as you travel across the nation on Hungary Holiday Packages and sample wines like Villány, Olazrizling and Tokaj.

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