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How to Reach hungary

How to Reach By Air

Air travel is always the most comfortable option when you are travelling internationally. Apart from that, it is sometimes the only way to reach another country in a different continent! This is also the case for travelling to Hungary from India. 

In total, Hungary has 6 airports. This includes international airports, domestic airports and even military airports. However, the two main international airports in Hungary are Airport Debrecen in Debrecen and Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport in Budapest. The latter has also won the Skytrax Best Eastern European airport 5 times. They are the only two international airports that have scheduled flights in Hungary. The other international airport is Hévíz-Balaton Airport, which receives only seasonal charter flights. Malev is the national carrier in Hungary, however, there are several other low-cost carriers as well. The most popular are Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizzair and Germanwings. These are great options for travelling to other counties in Europe from Hungary. Together, these airports see more than 40 international airlines including Lufthansa, Etihad, Qatar Airways and so on. 

You can catch a flight to Hungary from most of the major cities in India including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Tiruchirappalli to name a few. However, there are no direct flights running between the two countries. There will be at least one stop in between! You will reach Budapest Airport in around 10 hours.

Indians travelling to Hungary require a valid passport plus a Schengen Visa. For those who are confused as to why they need a Schengen VISA instead of a Hungarian VISA, it’s because Hungary is a member of the Schengen Agreement.

How to Reach By Water

Every traveller wants to travel via the sea at least once in his/her life. However, it is not possible to travel directly to Hungary via a cruise, as it is a landlocked country. Nevertheless, you can find cruises that leave from Mumbai and stop at the ports of other European countries like Italy. You can get off at any of these and catch a flight to Hungary.

How to Reach By Road

Travelling from India to Hungary by road is not possible. However, if you are in central Europe, you can take a bus or catch a train ride to enter the country. 

Commuting within Hungary


The main airport of Hungary is located in Budapest, which is almost in the centre of the country. This makes all the other major cities relatively close. You can reach the farthest place from Budapest in 3 hours when travelling by road. This is why air travel is Hungary is not popular and there are no scheduled domestic flights. However, you can still check in advance to find flights to your destination. 


The main mode of transportation in Hungary is the public transport, which includes trains. Just like any other European country, you can reach any city in the country by train - their train system is that well connected, especially from Budapest! The reason behind this is that the entire railway network spans out from the centre of the capital. The inter city (IC) trains are the fastest, cleanest and cheapest trains when compared to the other ones in Europe. 

There are non-intercity trains as well, but they are not comfortable for long routes. Do keep in mind that you can also travel to other countries via train, so plan your trip accordingly. If you are in the country for some time, you can also get a inter rail pass, which will make your travel hassle free.  


Another great mode of transportation between two cities in Hungary is the bus system. 28 companies operate Hungary’s national bus service network. The prices of bus tickets are almost equal to the prices of the non-intercity trains. They also take the same time to reach a destination, sometimes less, as they do not have to pass through Budapest, which every train has to do. 


You can also rent a car once you are in Hungary. Driving through the beautiful landscape, you will traverse through the mineral spas, countryside and lush farmlands!  It is important to carry all the documents including your license and the papers of the car. Travelling by car is recommended only if you are going from one city to another. Remember that you need to be at least 21 years old to rent a car in Hungary and may have to pay a surcharge if you are below 25. 

Cabs are also available easily. You can either hail one from the side of a road or use a taxi service to order one – both options are available. 


Travelling by ferries is an important part of Hungary’s culture. There are several day and night ferry tours operated by MAHART PassNave Ltd. Of course, sightseeing tours are not the only way to catch a ferry ride. You will find many cruises and ferry boats that set sail from the capital to small cities like Visegrád, Szentendre and Esztergom. You should definitely look for a ferry ride in Budapest at night as it is the time when Budapest looks the most beautiful. 


The capital of Hungary has an underground metro, which is the way all the locals travel. You will find stations near all the major tourist attractions, which is why travelling by metro is popular and makes the most sense. Make sure that you do not forget to get your ticked punched!

Cycling / Hiking: 

While you cannot travel to different cities on a bicycle or on foot, cycling and hiking is the best ways to travel in a city. As there are palaces on virtually every corner, walking or using a bicycle is the most convenient way to see all of them. 

Now that you know everything about travelling to Hungary, it is time to plan your trip. Check out our tour packages on our website for the best deals

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