The Land of Limitless Lakes, Endless Saunas and Stunning Wilderness – Finland

Pristine, tranquil and breathtakingly beautiful, Finland is an offbeat tourist destination that certainly deserves a more mainstream status. With rolling landscapes and over 1,87,888 lakes all over the country, Finland offers picturesque sights, an introspective ambience, and the perfect vacation spot for everyone seeking a vacation that’s all about that R&R!

From marvelling at the Northern Lights to rocking out at outrageously amazing heavy metal concerts, Finland offers a myriad of diverse experiences. It’s no wonder that the UN has officially labelled it as the most joyful country in the world!

Open yourself up to countless memorable experiences by planning a trip to Finland, the land of limitless lakes!

Finland Tourism : A Quick Overview
Continent Europe
Capital Helsinki
Official Language Finnish, Swedish
Dial Code +358
Population 5,427,000
Currency Euro
Time Zone UTC+2
Area 337,030km²


Highlights Of Finland:

The Northern Lights:

Picture a deep indigo night sky set ablaze by streaks of bright green light. The Northern Lights feature on almost every traveller’s bucket list, and Finland is one of the best places in the world to treat yourself to this once-in-a-lifetime sight. You should plan your visits between September and March to spot these lights in action, and it will definitely be a sight you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Hiking through Urho Kekkonen National Park: 

Travelers looking connect with nature and enjoy an experience that transports them back a few decades in time should definitely try hiking through Urho Kekkonen National Park. With a network of campsites spread throughout the swaths of stunning forest, you’ll get to cook on an open fire, stay in tents, and enjoy waking to the sounds of birds and rustling leaves. But, don’t think that these forests are only for those seeking tranquillity. With bears and wolverines roaming freely in this National Park, you’ll have your adrenaline spiked moments, every now and then. 

Additionally, do keep in mind that if want to explore the remote areas of the forest, you must carry a map and compass – how old school and charming is that?

Saunas at Jatkankamppa:

Nothing beats a relaxing smoke sauna as you let all your woes melt away. The saunas at Jätkänkämppä are a non-negotiable item on the perfect Finland itinerary, simply because they are such a wonderful experience. Grab a chilled beer and fresh towel and dip into these natural saunas with other tourists and locals. Once you’ve had your fill of the smoke and heat, hop into your swimsuit and take a life-changing dip in the lake. 

Lumihotelli – the famed snow hotel:

Now you’re probably wondering why we’ve listed staying at a hotel as a top experience in Finland. The answer is simple – the entire building is made of snow! Like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate castle, this snow hotel is a temporary structure that guests can only enjoy during the coldest months. On an average, Lumihotelli’s interior temperature stands at -5 C, which is actually a relief to most travellers considering the fact that the temperatures outside hit -30 C during this time of the year! 

Snuggle up under a woolly sheepskin blanket on top of a bed made of ice. How many people in your social circle can boast of having this experience? 

Finnish Cuisine:

Finland is all about rustic beauty, and it’s no wonder that Finnish cuisine is also all about simple presentation, humble ingredients, and homely recipes. One of the biggest staples is the hearty rye bread that you’ll find accompanying almost every meal. The best way to enjoy is this by chomping down on an open faced sandwich with reindeer or any other meat or veggies! Another must-try is the Leipajuusto, a Finnish cheese that’s made of fresh cow milk. It’s typically served with a steaming cup of coffee or even jam to give it that acidic kick.

Finnish meatballs, cured salmon and sautéed reindeer are other local delicacies that you must try. Interestingly, you’ll also find the world’s best pizza here! After Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s former Prime Minister, joked about how Finnish cuisine was unbearable to him, the country responded by entering what is known as the Pizza Berlusconi in the Plate International Pizza contest in 2008. Topped with juicy tomatoes, chanterelle, cheese, onions and reindeer, the pizza won first place, beating Italy’s entry! 

Finally, if you’re looking for dessert options to complete that wonderful meal, try Salmiakki, which is a salted liquorice only available in Finland. You can also try some blueberry pie filled with thick yoghurt and creamy milk – yum!


Interesting facts about Finland:

  • If you’ve never truly excelled at a sport, you might have the chance to do so in Finland by trying your hand at any of these legitimate sports – wife carrying competition, air guitar, mobile phone throwing, swamp football and mosquito hunting.
  • There are more saunas in Finland than cars.
  • Summer and winter seasons in Finland are unlike any other. During the summer months, the country experiences the Midnight Sun, when the sun never truly sets. The opposite happens in the winter when locals experience weeks and weeks of darkness because the sun never rises. This is called the Polar night.
  • When someone earns their PhD in Finland, they are awarded a sword and top hat! 
  • There are 179,584 islands spread throughout the country.
  • Finland has a very low population, with only 16 people per kilometre square.
  • No one loves coffee more than the Finnish. The average Finnish drinks at least 12 kgs of coffee on an annual basis.
  • Santa Claus lives in Finland.
  • The World Audit Study revealed that Finland is the most democratic and least corrupt nation in the world. 


Location Of Finland:

Finland is located in Northern Europe and shares borders with Sweden, Norway, and Russia. 


Best time to visit Finland:

One can argue that the best time to visit Finland varies greatly with the kinds of experiences you want to have. In a general sense, the June, July and August are considered the best times to visit due to it being the summer season. However, don’t let the words “summer season” fool you into picturing sunny landscapes and warm days. In July, the warmest days hit around 17 C, although you may find temperatures spiking to 23 C indoors. 

Aesthetically speaking, the country is at its most beautiful during the autumn season, with fells turning orange, yellow and rust and transforming the landscape into a magical one to behold. During this time, the temperatures begin to drop, but you can still enjoy a myriad of activities like hiking, camping, and saunas. 

Finally, the winter season brings with it the opportunity to ski, snow mobile, sledge, and ice skate. January is one of the best times to visit Finland if you want to see the Northern Lights. 


How to reach Finland:

By Air: Most international flights to Finland land in Helsinki, the capital of the country. However, since Finland is not as mainstream a travel destination as other European countries, there are only 30 airlines that fly to Helsinki. To travel within Finland by air, tourists can book flights on the Norwegian Air Shuttle or Air Baltic. 

By Train: The only train that crosses the Finnish border is the Russian Railways, which connects Moscow to Helsinki. There are no other connecting trains from Sweden or Norway, the two other countries that Finland shares its borders with. Thus, if you want to travel to this country by train, you’ll have to travel to Moscow first!

By Bus: There is an extensive bus network from Russia, Sweden and Norway for travellers heading into Finland. If you’re travelling from Moscow to Helsinki, the journey will take approximately 9 hours during the day, and 8 hours at night. The bus fare for the same is € 38. Travelers looking for more budget friendly options can also hop aboard minibuses that travel along the same route. The fare for the same is € 15. The departure timings for these minibuses begin at 22:00. You will also find bus options from Norway and Sweden.

By Boat: If you want your journey to be as exciting as the destination, then you simply must travel by boat to Finland. The boats from both, Estonia and Sweden are considered nothing short of floating palaces complete with luxury department stores. However, no matter how spectacular the interiors may be, they are nothing compared to the view of Finland as you approach the country by sea. Interestingly, boat fares are fairly affordable and priced at € 50, making this a great option for luxury seeking travellers and back packers alike.


History Of Finland:

Finland’s early history remains a mystery to archaeologists and historians, and the country was only put on the historical map when Sweden annexed it in the hopes of converting locals to Christianity. The country remained a part of Sweden until its defeat in the Finnish War of 1808-1809, after which it became a part of Russia. Eventually, Finland won its independence from Russia and went on to ally with Germany during World War 2 to regain lost territory from USSR. 

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Language Spoken

Finnish, Swedish

Currency used:


APR-MAY 0 to 10oC
MAR-APR 12 to 23oC
SEP-NOV 5 to 15oC
DEC-MAR -10 to 5oC

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