Bosnia And Herzegovina Tourism

The heart shaped country is fast becoming much sought after tourism destination putting the ravages of its war ridden past behind. The combination of natural bounty, rich heritage and superb cuisine has made Bosnia and Herzegovina tourism packages popular in recent times. You can look up the web for exciting offers on tours.

Ideally, you should choose from Bosnia and Herzegovina tours that cover major natural and cultural hotspots. Additionally, a few companies offer adventure tour packages. You should read and compare the top online Bosnia and Herzegovina tourism guides to pick the most apt travel agency. Despite the political turbulence Bosnia and Herzegovina has faced in the last decade, the place is showing signs of recovery both in the field of economy and tourism. The heart shaped country is one of the most visually appealing areas of Europe. Its great natural diversity plays a major role behind the country’s overall development. The beauty of the lush green hills and serene river valleys lure tourists who seek for refuge in natural bounty.

Language Spoken

Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian

Currency used:

Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark

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Best Bosnia And Herzegovina Tourism Guide

Seeped in ancient cultures, Bosnia and Herzegovina sports picturesque mountain scenery lying unexplored at the foot of the Southern Alps. Bosnia and Herzegovina Holidays promise great outdoor adventure aplenty. A plethora of activities will round up your tour.

Travel to here to see the imprints left behind in the geography by the Turks and the Austria-Hungarians. Undeniably, both the rulers have left behind profound influence in the country’s culture and architecture, enriching Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On your Trip, you will be able to gaze upon a skyline dominated by minarets, domes and campaniles. Bosnia and Herzegovina Holiday Packages will let you discover lanes that have ancient craft workshops, souvenir shops, cafes and trendy bars.  

A key attraction of Bosnia and Herzegovina tours is a visit to the Mostar’s Old Bridge, where the youth daringly plunge from great heights to entertain tourists. Bosnia and Herzegovina travel packages also feature visits to Small Jajce and the Virgin Mary apparition site at Medugorje.

Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation packages pack in plenty adventure sports such as rafting and kayaking, mountain skiing and hiking.

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