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About Dubai Holiday - Rising out of the desert like a futuristic megapolis, Dubai is an amazing holiday destination that must be seen to be believed. Thomas Cook India’s Dubai tour packages offer you a wide range of choices to plan the perfect Dubai tour and get your fill of the best it has to offer. Your Dubai holiday can be as short as 3 nights and 4 days or can be a leisurely vacation lasting over 6 nights and 7 days. Whichever of Thomas Cook India’s Dubai holiday packages you choose, your vacation to Dubai will be one to remember for a long time. With Thomas Cook India your Dubai trip starts at a very affordable INR 46,654 and goes up to a reasonable INR 118 119.00

Every Dubai holiday package offered by Thomas Cook India is a thoughtfully curated collection of experiences put together by our team of travel experts. Nobody can show you Dubai like Thomas Cook India can, reaching its core and distilling the essence for your enjoyment. What’s more, you can even customise a holiday to fit your vision of the perfect vacation. All you must do is pay us a visit at your nearest Thomas Cook India branch. You also get the option to book your Dubai tour package online for utmost convenience.

With our branches spread all over India, you can book your holiday across the country. Dubai enjoys direct connectivity with all the major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. So, pack your bags and get ready for the ultimate futuristic desert vacation. Read on to find out the best time to visit, things to do and places to see in Dubai.

Dubai Trip Packages

Tour Packages NameDurationPricePackage Inclusives
Dubai - Cricket Special4 Nights 5 DaysRs. 15 611Flights, Sightseeing, Meals, Hotels, Transfers
Dubai Dhamal3 Nights 4 DaysRs. 23 987Flights, Transfers, Meals, Hotels, Sightseeing
Dubai - Crazy Deal5 Nights 6 DaysRs. 35 811Flights, Hotels, Sightseeing, Transfers, Visa, Meals
Glittering Dubai4 Nights 5 DaysRs. 24 368Flights, Hotels, Meals, Sightseeing, Transfers
Love Dubai by Hilton4 Nights 5 DaysRs. 27 795Flights, Sightseeing, Meals, Hotels, Transfers

About Dubai

Dubai is an island of magnificent opulence contrasting the stark splendour of the surrounding desert. Undoubtedly the most popular among all the Emirates, Dubai has redefined the idea of a world-class luxury destination. Home to the tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa, Dubai remains grounded with its age-old culture and traditions. Though it has some of the best shopping malls, it still cherishes its traditional souks which were the original malls of the Arab world. The gold souk will overload your senses with the lavish displays of gold in every shape and size imaginable, displayed casually in the stores. Broiling hot during the day and freezing at night, Dubai has even converted the desert into a playground for the adventure seekers.

As a holiday destination, Dubai is the complete package. The city boasts of an efficient public transport system that is the best option to get around on your urban explorations. Start your tour with the iconic Burj Khalifa and the awe-inspiring Dubai Fountain. Indulge yourself with some retail therapy at the Dubai Mall and witness the triumph of Dubai’s architecture at the Palm Jumeirah. These man-made islands are symbols of the city’s substantial authority in shaping its own landscape. While the Dubai Marina is a new-age extension of the city, the Dubai Creek is its heart. This is where the original settlers of Dubai made home. Take a trip back in time at the historic Al FahidiNeighbourhood and take a trip to the Etihad Museum for a more contemporary take on history. Venture into the fantastical IMG Worlds of Adventure to experience the thrill of an escapade in 5D. All this and more awaits you in Dubai. Book your own Dubai holiday from Thomas Cook India for a holiday experience that goes beyond the facade and taps into the city’s very essence.

The Best Time to Visit Dubai

Winter, from November to April, is the best time to visit Dubai for a holiday. Dubai has only two distinct seasons, summer and winter. Between May and October, the summer season takes over Dubai and the temperatures average between 24°C and 43°C. On the other hand, the winter temperatures are relatively pleasant and range between 19°C to 32°C, making it the ideal season to be in Dubai. Winter is also the season when Dubai receives most of its rainfall, but the showers only help cool things down and don’t affect your sightseeing.

The mild winter weather allows you to explore Dubai’s beaches and indulge in outdoor activities such as picnics, desert safaris and dune bashing. The days enjoy warm sunshine and bright blue skies while the evenings are cooled down by gentle winds. But if you’re a shopaholic looking to score some amazing deals, January and February are your months to visit Dubai. The Dubai Shopping Festival starts in January and continues into February and offers incredible deals, as much as a 75% discount, on electronics, jewelry, fashion and more.

How to Reach Dubai

Flying is the only way to reach Dubai from India. The Dubai International Airport is a world-class terminal and the busiest one in all of UAE. It is well-connected to almost all the major Indian cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Hyderabad. You can easily get regular direct or connecting flights into Dubai from any of these cities.Some of the well-known airlines that operate flights to Dubai include Emirates, Etihad, FlyDubai, Air India, SpiceJet and IndiGo. Dubai’s airport sits 5 km outside the city but is well connected with public transport.

If you cannot find a flight to Dubai, the next best option is to fly into Sharjah, which is Dubai’s closest neighbour. You will need a visa before you land in Dubai. Getting a UAE visa is easy, and you can get yours in 4-5 working days. However, if you hold a valid US, UK or Schengen visa, you do not need a separate visa for Dubai. All you must do is fill up a form after landing.

Where to Go in Dubai

Starting out as a busy fishing village, Dubai has transformed itself into one of the most-sought-after holiday destinations in the world. From its larger-than-life, world-class entertainment to its parks and resorts, there is a lot to explore.

Burj Khalifa
Start your Dubai Tour on a high note at the world’s tallest tower. Piercing the sky, the Burj Khalifa dominates Dubai’s landscape and is visible from miles around. The observation deck on the 124th floor opens to some of the most stunning vistas of Dubai and the desert around. It is said that you can watch the sunset twice in the same day at the Burj Khalifa! Take in the views as you enjoy a sundowner at the highest lounge on the planet located on the 154th floor. This is one experience in Dubai you should not miss.

Al Fahidi Neighbourhood

Dubai is proud of its past, culture and traditions, and the historic Al FahidiNeighbourhood is a living testament of that pride. Dubai’s iconic heritage district, located in Bur Dubai, has been lovingly conserved to showcase the way of life as it existed back in the older days. It is a veritable time machine that takes you back in time when Dubai was a flourishing trading port. The precise maze of winding alleyways and the traditional wind towers are your ticket to a bygone era. Take a guided heritage tour offered by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding and gain a better appreciation of the local culture.

Dubai Opera

Opera is not something that one would associate with Dubai. Yet the Dubai Opera is a cultural centre of note that mimics the shape of a traditional Arabic dhow. Offering spectacular views of the Dubai Fountain and the Burj Khalifa, the glass-enclosed structure is a marvel of architectural design. More importantly, it is the perfect platform to exhibit local and international talent in the form of acts and performances. It has a full calendar throughout the year, and you can catch a show to add a hint of drama to your Dubai holiday. If not, this is worth a visit just to admire its design, especially during nighttime.

Dubai Mall

To call Dubai a shopper’s paradise would be quite an understatement. The retail experience in Dubai goes beyond just shopping. Not only do you enjoy amazing discounts, but you’re also a part of an extravaganza that knows how to pamper shoppers. The Dubai Mall, right next to the Burj Khalifa, is the best example of shopping indulgence. You will be spoilt for choice with more than 1,200 shops and 150 restaurants. It also houses an indoor theme park, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, an ice-skating rink and a majestic indoor waterfall. With so much to explore, you can easily spend one whole day at the Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is a modern marvel in a city that is surrounded by desert. It is a stunning show of aquatic beauty that easily surpasses any others of its kind in elegance and magnitude. It is the largest choreographed fountain system in the world. It puts on a mesmerising show of water’s acrobatics to the accompaniment of lights and sound. Catch a show in the evening and be amazed as water shoots up to 150 metres into the desert night. It is located right outside the Dubai Mall and makes for a fitting end to a day of indulgent retail therapy.

Dubai Marina

The world’s largest man-made marina is the latest hub of Dubai’s scintillating nightlife with a profusion of clubs, lounges and restaurants. Brilliantly lit up at night, it is a treat even during the day. A quiet stroll along the water’s edge will introduce you to an array of waterside restaurants that are perfect for a peaceful meal. Even here you’re not far away from shopping as you can head to the Dubai Marina Mall for some spur-of-the-moment retail indulgence. If you’re missing the excitement, head to XLine which is the world’s longest Zipline. It adds thrill to your day out at the Dubai Marina.

Madinat Jumeirah

If any place in Dubai is the seamless blend of the past and the present, it must be the Madinat Jumeirah. Its name translates as ‘City of Jumeirah’. This beautiful resort complex by the sea takes its design inspirations from the traditional strongholds of Dubai. It encloses a multitude of private enclaves and luxury hotels built in the traditional style but equipped with all the modern amenities. The best way to explore this luxurious complex is on a traditional wooden arba that takes you around at a leisurely pace.

Food in Dubai
From hearty and flavourful street food to decadent Michelin-starred creations, you can get it all in Dubai. The flavours of the city will infuse your heart with their sheer variety. Here are our picks of food that you should taste in Dubai.

Al Machboos - A Familiar Delicacy
When you first lay your eyes on Al Machboos, you will be forgiven to think it is the good old biryani. Prepared with a handful of ingredients such as onions, meat, rice, dried lemons and seasoned with local spices, this favourite local delicacy is has a completely different flavour profile from the biryani.

Manousheh - Pizza on the Go

Closer to a shawarma than a pizza, the Manousheh is a great snack to have on the go. It can be eaten as breakfast or as a healthy in-between snack. Made of stretched flatbread, this popular street food is stuffed with an amazing array of toppings, from sweet jam to savoury lamb.The local favourite version is stuffed with sweet jam, eggs and minced lamb, and topped with creamy sour labneh (yoghurt).

Chelo Kabab - Fragrant Indulgence

The simple Chelo Kabab is one of the most favourite food dishes in Dubai. Served in street-side stalls as well as restaurants, it crosses the divide with an effortless ease. Strongly reminiscent of the more familiar seekhkebabs, the Chelo Kabab is served with a generous helping of steaming aromatic saffron-scented Basmati Rice, a charred pepper and a salad spiked with fragrant dill.

Lahem Bl Ajin - Simple Decadence

This is one of the most favourite street foods of Dubai. Known locally as the Arab Pizza, it is a Lebanese flatbread pie that is topped with a variety or toppings, mostly spicy ground meat. With the flavour changing around every corner, this is one dish which you will not tire of any time soon. Locals prefer their Lahem Bl Ajin on the spicier side and often flavour it with tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper to add extra heat. Let your food vendor to go easy on the chillies if you cannot handle heat.

Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai is one of those holiday destinations that does not let you sit still. Between its malls, theme parks and beaches there are a range of activities that will keep you busy on your Dubai holiday. While most of the activities can be done without venturing outside, there are those that cannot be contained indoors. Here are our recommendations of things to do in Dubai.

Go Dune Bashing in the Desert

Hands down the most thrilling outdoor activity in Dubai, dune bashing blends the excitement of off-roading with the need for speed. You’re strapped into an SUV before being driven up and over the towering sand dunes at breathtaking speeds. After the hectic thrill of dune bashing, you are treated to authentic bedouin hospitality which includes a leisurely camel ride followed by the traditional Sheesha smoking and a flavourful desert meal. More than anything else, even the shopping, this is a highly recommended activity that is best experienced amidst the magical sand dunes around Dubai.

Enjoy Indoor Skiing at Ski Dubai

A wondrous activity at any time, skiing takes an extra-special significance in the city of Dubai. Ski Dubai is a massive indoor resort where you can enjoy skiing on five different types of slopes made of real snow. Modelled after an alpine ski resort, it also has in-house penguins to complete the effect. It is open throughout the year and anybody can try their hand at this exciting sport. Be sure to enjoy a meal at one of the themed restaurants within. After dune bashing, this is the most recommended activity in Dubai.

Take a Helicopter Tour of the City

The fabulous city of Dubai takes on a different magical aura when explored from the great heights of a bird’s eye view. You are treated to a vast open expanse of the blue sky and the sprawling multi-hued ocean beautifully contrasting the bright khakhi of the desert sand. The Palm Jumeirah appears like a veritable work of art that belies the herculean efforts that have made the islands possible. The Burj Khalifa and the Burj al Arab rise above the city’ skyline like two leviathans surveying their domain. This is one of the most exhilarating things to do in Dubai.

Have Fun at IMG Worlds of Adventure

Enter a world of immersive fun where adventure is an interactive experience. IMG Worlds of Adventure is a fantasy land where aliens and dinosaurs invade the earth and superheroes come alive. Divided into four epic adventure zones, each one is a themed escapade. The first one is dedicated to Marvel’s superheroes while the second one is home to all Cartoon Network’s heroes. The Lost Valley takes you through the land of dinosaurs and the IMG Boulevard Zone does its best to scare the wits out of you. Fun for the entire family, you must keep aside an entire day to fully enjoy the adventurous journey.

Swim with Dolphins at Dubai Dolphinarium

If you’ve ever wanted to swim with the dolphins, this is your chance to fulfil that dream. The Dubai Dolphinarium is the best place to share an interaction with these intelligent creatures. You can get up and close to the dolphins for a personal connect with the most loveable ocean creatures. Watch them perform amazing tricks and respond to commands with an almost human intelligence. It is easily among the most fascinating places to visit in Dubai. Apart from the bottle-nose dolphins, the dolphinarium is also home to seals and multiple bird species.

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