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Places to visit in Alchi

When you travel to Alchi, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Alchi, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Alchi to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Alchi things to do can include exploring Alchi attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in alchi


Alchi’s culture and heritage will spark to life on your visit to this mesmerizing monastery. It houses various treasures that will shed light on the fabled civilization of the Naga tribesman. The imposing statues and paintings will depict the long lost glory of the heydays of the Nagas. 


The amusing name means a three-storied building, but Sumtseg is only two storied. Although the building from outside reflects Tibetan culture, the intricate woodworks, clay work, facades and all the paintings inside have Kashmiri handwork. Three images of Bodhisattvas are depicted by the niches, all about 13ft in height, along with four associated secondary deity, and two flying goddesses for each niche. 


This is the main assembly hall, and is known to be one of the oldest structures in Alchi, dating back to the 11th Century. This is present in the centre of the Monastic complex and is used for ceremonial purposes. One can also see the Wheel of life portrayed beautifully on the outer gates. 


This temple, also known by the name of Jampe Lah-khang, was built in the 12th Century. This beautiful square shrine holds the 4 different depictions of the Holy Bodhisattva. The enclosure is formed by 4 pillars, which is held together by cross bracing to the painted wooden ceiling.



This temple is mainly dedicated to Rinchen Zangpo. It has many beautiful paintings by Sakyamuni, who incidentally was a Sakya clan sage. Zangpo's idol is kept right next to the statue of Sakyamuni. 



Alchi’s culture and heritage will spark to life on your visit to this mesmerizing monastery. It houses various treasures that will shed light on the fabled civilization of the Naga tribesman. The imposing statues and paintings will depict the long lost glory of the heydays of the Nagas. 


Those visiting Alchi can take a tour of all the places it has to offer in around two days! Alchi's isolation from the world has helped itself to preserve its Indo-Tibetan culture to a large extent. The village, however, is quite remote. Big farms of apricots and apples are seen in and around the area. Many tourists visit these farms and take a look around, basking in the sun, and enjoying the weather. One of the best things about Alchi is that the background in which the village has settled is right beside the Indus River, making this little village exquisite. Tourists can visit the following monasteries which also lie in an around Alchi. 

Most interestingly, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is known for its Mughal buildings and heritage. One may find it surprising that not all of this state is full of Mughal artefacts and places. Alchi reflects the Indo-Himalayan culture and what it was like before the times of Mughals. The spread of Buddhism can be traced from places like Alchi. The numerous beautiful monasteries in and around Alchi speak of Buddhism in exquisite detail. The walls, the carvings, the paintings, the inscriptions, the statues, the terrain, all speak of a great Buddhist culture. One willing to learn more about the Indo-Himalayan culture should definitely see this place, for there is just so much to learn! 


The state of Jammu and Kashmir, which is compared to the beauty of heaven itself, is known for its natural beauty. Alchi does justice to its state. Situated at the foothills, with River Indus flowing right by its side with many farms around, sightseeing itself is a great activity here, and many tourists enjoy touring the area. The excursions from the places around Alchi will bring you a great sense of satisfaction. With the hills on all sides, and mountainous terrain, this isolated little village will give you an insight into a world that's remote, disconnected yet beautiful in its own way. 


Chortens are the most known symbolic structures of the Buddhist culture. The earliest recorded Chorten here, is the Great Chorten and Small Chorten, both dating back to 13th century. These are decorated gateways and are actually known for their historical links to the monuments. They are called 'Kakani Chorten'. Other Chortens were added later on in the 13th &14th century. The Alchi monastic complex itself, has three other Chortens which have old, but beautiful paintings in them. 


Activities in alchi

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Tourists, who are interested in this particular activity, can certainly go for the Lamayuru-Alchi trek which is very famous in the region. Many touring companies provide with proper planning and facilities for trekking in this trail. The trek lasts for about 7-8 days and is extremely enjoyable due to the scenic view at all sides. Ones who go on this trek enjoy sighting the historical sites of the famous Monastery of Lamayuru, and Alchi. The enthralling trek compels one to praise the beauty of nature and gives a great opportunity for sightseeing. The trek starts at Leh and ends at Alchi. 


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Certain resorts offer telescopes and the facility for moon gazing. The difference between the night-time sky of an urban city and an isolated village like Alchi can be understood clearly from the telescope. The night time sky of Alchi is one that you would have never seen before. Endless number of shimmering bright stars can be seen. Tourists can have a great time through this activity. 

Food in alchi


One can find number of eateries around Alchi. Tourists looking for good food can also dine in at the various lodges and resorts such as the Ule Ethnic Resort. 



Visitors can find popular vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes here. In authentic Ladhaki food, you will find Thukpa, which is thick soup with noodles and meat, garnished with caraway seeds. Another popular snack you’ll find here is Momo or Ruchotse, which are steamed dumplings with a generous filling of meat or veggies, served with a peppery red sauce. If you are the experimental with food, then try chhurpi or yak cheese, and butter Tea, called gur-gur cha, which isa staple of the locals.


Shopping in alchi


if you are keen to explore the local shopping scene, then you should definitely check out the thriving hub of the Tibetan Antique Market. It sells great wares at very cheap rates that are appealing to most visiting tourists. 


The Library Road Vegetable Market is a popular local market, bountiful with the local produce. It is forever bustling with crowd.


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