Best Season to Visit Alleppey

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Best time to visit Alleppey

It comes at you in small waves – the silky ripples of the backwaters, the breeze rustling through coconut leaves, the flap of white wings as the cattle egret launches itself into the sky. This is Alappuzha, also known as Alleppey, where every turn yields a new surprise.

Beaches, where the waves of the Laccadive Sea roll-up. Quaint and quiet churches welcome the devoted and spiritual with grace. Lakes, islands and rivers. Rich seafood – fried, doused with thick curries, pickled. Ayurveda, spas and relaxation. Bustling markets filled with handicrafts, spices and seafood. Frantic and ferocious races where boats slice through the water with speed and precision. 

Alleppey is a jumble of wonderful experiences, which when placed together, achieves a chaotic harmony. It blends a relentless energy with a relaxed ambience, all helped with a liberal dose of great weather – particularly in winter. Many travellers regard this as the best time to visit Alleppey.

However, that doesn’t mean that you need to push trip to Alleppey to the last months of the year. Each season has its own merits and demerits. We’ve collected the information to help you make a more informed choice, keeping those merits and demerits in mind. So, let’s take a yearlong look at Alleppey, and the weather that it is blessed with. 

Peak Season: November to February

Shoulder Season: August to September

Off Season: April to June


Travel Seasons

Min/Max Temperature


April to June

25-36 °C

Summer  - Hot

July to September

25-31 °C

Monsoon  - Moderate to Heavy Rain

October to March

23-34 °C

Winter - Breezy and Pleasant


Alleppey in Summer (April to June) 

Temperature: Alleppey experiences an average of 36 degrees high to 25 degrees low during summer.

Weather: Summer fixes Alleppey under the scorching sun’s eye. The season starts in March and proceeds to heat Alleppey to uncomfortably hot temperatures. The season is filled with days that can reach 39 °C – sizzling heat by many standards. Nights bring relief, with the cool water sweeping in from the beaches and backwaters, but the days remain hot. April, in particular, is a warm and humid month, which can cause discomfort for many travellers. 

Significance: The sun’s relentless enthusiasm this season makes tourism a little difficult unless you can manage the heat well. Summer is the time to head to beach for cool dip in the sea, or trip to the backwaters. In March, the district comes alive with the occurrence of the Temple Festival – a 10-day long religious festival full of pomp and celebration. If you’re looking for a more relaxed holiday, book a luxury hotel in Alleppey and spend the summer soaking in the hotel’s pool. 

Why you should visit now: The weather in the summer of Alleppey makes it difficult to move around freely. However, that means that Alleppey is left largely undisturbed by crowds and streams of tourists. You’ll have the place to yourself, as this is offseason. Flight tickets, hotel bookings and the overall price of your trip will drop, as compared to other seasons. Take advantage of the offseason in Alleppey and book a holiday in summer. 

Things to know before the visit: You may find some excellent deals on houseboat rentals during this season. So, instead of trudging around the town feeling the heat press down on you, why not slip into the gentle and cooler rhythms of the backwaters – it’s a great way to beat the heat.

Tips: If you do plan to sightsee, carry water with you at all times. Coconut water, in particular, is extremely refreshing, so stop for a sip whenever you can. Avoid tight, fitted or heavy clothing as they will make you feel hot and irritable. Go for loose, light and breathable material. Carry sunscreen and slather it on liberally before you step out. 


Alleppey in Monsoon (July to September) 

Temperature: Alleppey experiences an average of 31 degrees high to 25 degrees low during monsoon.

Weather: The land, the people and the waters breathe a sigh of relief during this season. After the land is heated and crisped during summer, the rains lovingly stroke it with a cool hand, bringing temperatures down to cooler levels. June is a relatively dry month that receives a few showers. However, from the end of July to September, drizzles turn into downpours. The heat and dust are washed away from Alleppey during monsoon with the leaves uncovering new shades of green. The rain slowly starts to taper off during September, and as the clouds depart, they leave a city ripe for the cool breezes of winter.

Significance: Alleppey blooms under the caress of the rain. Trees, plants, flowers and nature shake off the oppression of the heat and put on their best colors. Visually, you’re in for a treat this season. While tourism may be a little hampered due to the rain, you could choose this time to take a backwater cruise, through the lakes, rivers and canals. However, keep an eye out to the rain before you book the cruise. September and June are good months, as the rains are friendly and calm. August rains are fierce, so be careful. 

Why should you visit now: Those who love the rain will consider this the best season to visit Alleppey, and why not? Alleppey receives a generous amount of rain and transforms the town. Book a spa or ayurvedic treatment, dig into hot and spicy curries and seafood, laze around in a hotel or houseboat. Celebrate Kerala’s famous harvest festival – Onam – during this season. Dig into a large plate of Onam sadhya – a nine-course meal with multiple courses. This is also the season for the ferocious snake boat races. Cheer till your voice is hoarse, as the men slash through the water frantically, competing for the prize. Tickets can cost between INR 1,000 to INR 3,000 (and more) for VIP seats. 

Things to know before the visit: One thing to consider before you book your tickets is the torrential rain, towards the end of July and all of August. The rain can transform from charming to worrying very quickly, with the threat of flooding on everyone’s mind. Rivers, lakes and dams all swell to bursting and water levels can rise to dangerous levels. Waterways could be shut during this season, so you may miss out on the famous houseboat experience. 

Tips: With the heavy rain, unfortunately, come mosquitoes. You must carry a strong repellent – spray or cream when you’re moving outside. Along with the repellent, keep yourself dry during the drizzle with a windcheater, raincoat, umbrella and sturdy shoes.


Alleppey in Winter (October to March) 

Temperature: Alleppey experiences an average of 34 degrees high to 23 degrees low during monsoon.

Weather: The winter winds come sweeping in during this season, chasing away the heavy clouds of the monsoon. The skies open up and are clear to the eye. The temperature drops, sometimes hitting as low as 18°C. Pleasant, chill and breezy, Alleppey in winter is a delight to all who visit. This is peak season in Alleppey, and that’s why it is the best climate to visit Alleppey.

Significance: Winter brings with it the festivities of the Mullakal temple in December. Listen to some exquisite music played by the finest temple musicians. You can also enjoy the festivities of Christmas in Alleppey’s beautiful churches and spend New Year on a houseboat. The festivities don’t stop there – in December-January, you can also attend the Annual Beach Festival. Come March, the Sree Krishnaswamy Temple festival takes over the town. 

Why you should visit now: While Summer and Monsoon seasons in Alleppey come with their own charm, they also bring the extremes of weather to the district. Alleppey in winter is pleasant, mild and beautiful. Winter encourages you to explore all the tourist spots Alleppey has to offer. The waterways are once again opened after the rage of the monsoon. 

Things to know before the visit: Alleppey is at the top of the list for many travellers in this season. This is the perfect place to visit on your honeymoon, or with the entire family. 

Tips: This is peak season in Alleppey, and as winter approaches and the temperatures go down, prices go up. Houseboats, hotels, ticket fares all go up. Furthermore, you might find it a lot harder to rent out a houseboat, due to the large influx of tourists. Be smart, plan as this is a season you do not want to miss out on!

Allured by Alleppey? Well, luckily for you we’ve planned some fantastic holiday packages to Alleppey and Kerala. So, head over to our holiday packages and choose the trip that suits you best.

Travel Season
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp

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