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Best time to Visit Bangalore

The erstwhile pensioner’s paradise has become a lively and energetic city, almost frenzied in its attempt to move along, unless of course, it’s stopped by the ubiquitous traffic jam. Bangalore, or Bengaluru, is one of South India’s brightest jewels, and it is no wonder that many who come here for fleeting visits end up making this their home. Bangalore’s vibe is modern, friendly and warm. It’s an excellent shopping destination and if you love good food, this is the place to be.Bangalore Tourism is indeed spectacular and is a must visit places 

Bangalore is a wonderful destination for those who are interested in exploring colonial heritage in the form of old houses and buildings. Although many of these are rapidly disappearing, some still persist in the by-lanes, lending the city with a unique charm and beauty. Bangalore is also a very social city and you will find people everywhere, in restaurants, clubs, pubs, and it’s not too difficult to strike a conversation and get to know the people that make the city so vibrant. While the city can be enjoyed in all seasons, some seasons are better than others and it’s a good idea to know when the best time is to visit Bangalore.

Peak Season –  Winter

Shoulder Season – Monsoon

Low Season –  Summer

Travel Season Min./Max. Temperature Season
March - May 20-38°C Mildly Warm to Hot
June - September 19-29°C Rainy and Windy
November - February 12-29°C Comfortably Cool


Bangalore In Summer (March to May)

Temperature – Summer temperatures have known to go up to 38°C with lows of 20°C sometimes.

Weather – Summer in Bangalore used to be pleasantly cool and refreshing. In fact, some decades ago, this used to be the time people would come from other hotter cities to cool down and enjoy the cool summers of the garden city of India. However, with global warming and an increased influx of population in the city, summers have changed in Bangalore. May can be quite hot and uncomfortable as well. The interesting thing about Bangalore is that when it becomes too hot, a sudden rain shower will cool down the city and lower the temperature significantly.

Significance – Bangalore has some wonderful museums and places of architectural interest. Much of its cosmopolitan nature stems from its ability to absorb different cultures and you’ll be surprised at the many world-class fine dining options available here. Street food, especially chaats and dosas are excellent. Don’t forget to visit the world-famous Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR) for a delicious meal of bisi bele bhaath that’s best had piping hot, drizzled with some ghee on top. Summertime visits let you enjoy all these different aspects of the city.

Why you should visit now – Bangalore during summers can actually be quite good because the temperatures are never in the extremes. Shopping is a great pastime for many visitors and with good reason too. Summer is also when one of Bangalore’s oldest festivals Karaga is held. It’s quite an interesting experience and it is celebrated with a procession and dancers doing acrobatic acts in front. It’s a great way to see how age-old culture has integrated itself into the fabric of a modern city like Bangalore.

Things to know before the visit – Although this isn’t peak season for travellers, it’s the time for summer vacation in schools. Hence, crowds here might be less but flight tickets can be expensive. Getting train tickets is also not easy at this time and often train reservations are made many months in advance. The best way to ensure you get your travel sorted is to book in advance.

Tips – Bangalore summers can get a little hot so don’t forget to bring your sunglasses, a hat to protect your head, and sunscreen lotion of course. Stay hydrated and avoid the midday sun. By late afternoon, things cool down enough for you to explore the city. Since most schools have summer holidays at this time, the usual traffic jams during late afternoon are significantly less or more controllable. Peak hour traffic during Bangalore can leave you stranded inside a vehicle for an hour at least. Come prepared with either a book or music or movies on your phone for these interludes in traffic.

Bangalore In Monsoon (June to September)

Temperature – During monsoon, Bangalore temperatures can be anywhere between 19 to 29°C with heavy winds sometimes.

Weather – Bangalore’s monsoons swing between delightfully romantic to messy and rainy. Heavy rainfalls accompanied by cold winds is common. The air has a bit of chill, but the interesting thing is that the downpour often doesn’t last for too long. Once it stops, people go about their work as usual. Unless, it’s a thunderstorm, life in Bangalore is not thrown out of gear by monsoon rains, more often than not.

Significance – Head off into one of the many quirky and delightful coffee shops that you will find everywhere in Bangalore during the rains. Sip on a cup of steaming, fragrant coffee and watch the downpour or simply wait it out like many others. You won’t find many Bangaloreans with umbrellas, simply because they don’t find the rain that disruptive. Life carries on in Bangalore even with the rains and you can enjoy this aspect of the city as well.

Why you should visit now – Monsoons are a little less crowded. In recent years, there has been a fear of waterlogging in some areas of Bangalore during this time and so fewer people tend to visit the city at this time. Flight tickets and room rates are reasonably priced, and the crowds are also less. This makes it ideal to visit the city if you’re looking for budget travel.

Things to know before the visit – Before you head down to Bangalore during the rainy season, do keep in mind that the rains here are sporadic. Sometimes, they may not make an appearance at all. At other times, they will begin every evening like clockwork. If you don’t have your own vehicle, you might be in a bit of a spot since transport like autos, Ola and Uber become non-existent at this time. Also, certain areas of the city are more prone to water logging during excessive rains. Do ask the locals and stay away from those areas as it will cause you unnecessary trouble.

Tips – Don’t be like the intrepid Bangaloreans! Carry an umbrella with you because the rain can be relentless at times. Also, dress in layers so you can take off a jacket if the sun decides to show up after a shower, which also happens typically. Make sure you carry a tube of mosquito repellent with you as rains bring out the worst mosquitoes ever.

Bangalore In Winter (November to February)

Temperature – Winters in Bangalore are pleasantly cool with night temperatures going down to 12 or 10°C sometimes and daytime high temperatures reaching 29°C.

Weather – Bangalore during this time is pleasantly cold. Those coming from hotter climes might find it quite chilly but for those who are used to colder climates might find it very manageable. Early morning and evening winds can be quite cold and in December, the overall temperature drops quite low.

Significance – Bangalore during Christmas and New Year can be quite delightful. The streets are lit up and there’s a holiday spirit in the air. Since the weather is also good, many people come to the city during this time. The city tends to get crowded during this time as a result. The buzz in the city is vibrant and all the shopping malls are lit up beautifully.

Why you should visit now – Whether you’re mall hopping or browsing through Bangalore’s famous bookstores like Blossoms, or simply enjoying a spot of shopping in Commercial Street, Bangalore during the winters has a very intimate and warm vibe. Christmas is celebrated with a great deal of fervour and you will see enthusiastic carollers outside houses. Later on, in January, winter is almost over, and you’ll be surprised to see the number of colourful flowers making an appearance on trees already. Skies turn blue and you’ll feel heartened at the colourful sights as a very brief spring makes its presence felt already.There are really some amazing places to visit in Bangalore, so make sure to check it out 

Things to know before the visit – Bangalore can get very crowded during winter as it is peak season. Since the weather is so pleasant, more people head out into the city for various reasons. Coffee shops are full and so are malls. So, don’t feel too uncomfortable by all the people everywhere. Hotspots like Brigade Road and MG Road are jam-packed during New Year Celebrations. Weather-wise it can get quite cold during the evenings.

Tips – If you are accustomed to cold weather, then the winter temperatures will not affect you at all. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to be prepared. Warm sweaters, jackets, mufflers are good enough and layering your clothes always helps. Don’t forget to bring a moisturiser and lip balm as the air in Bangalore tends to get very dry during this season.

Have you decided on the best time to visit Bangalore? Choose from any of Thomas Cook’s exciting Bangalore Tour Packages and head straight to the lively and vibrant Silicon Valley of India.You can also check out more ways on How to reach Bangalore

Travel Season
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp

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