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Best Time to visit Dapoli

From the climatic fluctuations and Temperature charts, we can safely deduce that the best time to visit Dapoli is during the peak seasons of autumn, winter, and spring. Favorable weather conditions occur during the months of September, October, November, December, January, February and sometimes during the onset of March. 

During these peak seasons, you can explore Dapoli tourist spots. No doubt, the different beaches of Dapoli offer their own enigmatic experience to your trip. The reflective colors on the white and golden sands, the red pebbled beaches with the mysterious history, and the unusual black sand Are all unique and hold a certain aesthetic appeal for tourists, especially when you can explore them in person during the peak seasons. 








< 35 degrees 

23 – 27


22 – 28


21 – 31


19 – 32



Travel Season 


Climatic conditions 


The temperature in autumn in Dapoli fluctuates between 22 to 28 degrees. 

The daytime is relatively warmer with less humidity, and there is a cool breeze during the evenings and nights. 


The temperature during the peak season of winter in Napoli ranges from 21 to 31 degrees As for the movement of the sun through the day. 

As the tropical region by the seaside, the climatic conditions in Dapoli vary from night to day. The winter mornings are cool, while the afternoon can get quite hot, thus heating up the sand, which helps moderate the temperature during the chill of the night. 


The temperature in spring in Dapoli varies from 19 to 32 degrees, with the nights being much cooler than the daytime.

Spring is one of the best times to visit Dapoli due to the moderating temperature. humidity is relatively low but on the uprise as summer draws closer. however, the effects of winter have not yet been disbursed, which keeps the climate cool and comfortable.

The forts of Dapoli sport architectural genius from an era long past, thus enhancing the beauty of the region. September to November as well as the month of March, are perfect times to explore these man-made structures that still uphold their enchanting charms.  

You can also stroll through the towns to experience the local cuisine Or feel the sand on your bare feet for the perfect beachside fun.

Dapoli weather in Summer



Significant Events 

The temperature in Dapoli in summer can rise above 35 degrees.

The weather in summer in Dapoli it's very hot due to its tropical climate. The humidity levels can also rise rapidly, causing significant discomfort.

Summer in Dapoli is the perfect time for summer camps to allow youngsters to explore the beaches in a safe environment. While the weather conditions may not be very favourable, consuming raw fruits can be quite delightful. additionally, the turtle festival dedicated to protecting the sea turtles near Anjarle village is quite the celebration.

Why summer is the best time to visit Dapoli

despite the exceeding heat and humidity; planning Dapoli tourism during summer has its benefits:

- A number of raw fruits are available during this time only.
- Since it is the shoulder season, the beachside cottages and nearby hotels offer low prices for accommodation. 
-You can experience the uniqueness of Konkan cuisine with fresh seafood. 
-Fruit salads and fresh fruit juices made from seasonal ingredients are tasty as well as healthy. 
-The Anjarle Turtle festival is a delightful experience in the village around Dapoli to catch a glimpse of these indigenous creatures. 

Things to know when planning your Dapoli tourism in summer 

Planning summer holidays in Dapoli requires certain measures in order to make your trip Pleasant and enjoyable: 

-Pack a lot of sunscreen lotions to avoid getting sunburns. 
-Opt for loose clothing and cover up as much as possible with light fabrics to prevent the UV rays from affecting your skin. 
-Indulge in the rare availability of Ratnagiri mangoes, watermelon, and other fresh fruits for amazing taste as well as to keep your body cool. 
-The evenings and nighttimes offer the perfect opportunities to set up camp on the beach for a unique experience. 
-Carry comfortable shoes to walk along the sand as well as for the heated concrete, preferably something that covers your feet to prevent sunburn. 

Dapoli weather in Monsoon



significant events 

The temperature in Dapoli during monsoon can vary from 23 to 30 degrees based on the amount of rainfall.

The weather conditions during monsoons in Dapoli are not very favorable for outdoor activities. The sea water can rise, preventing walks on the beach or indulging in scuba diving or snorkeling. However, the cool breeze and pattering rain do create a perfect romantic backdrop.

While there are no events held during monsoon season in Dapoli, it is a good time to experience the beach setting and the lush greenery all around.

Why Monsoon is the best time to visit Dapoli 

while the heavy rainfalls may seem unfavorable to visiting Dapoli tourist spots during monsoon season, it does have its perks: 
- It is the ideal time for couples to take a trip down to the beaches of Dapoli. The heavy rainfall does create an atmosphere favoring small camps in the shaded outdoors of the beachside cottages.
- The rain enlivens the lushness of shrubs and trees around the beaches. It is a true testament to the beauty of nature.
- The scenic views of the coconut trees around the beaches of Napoli during monsoon of course picture perfect views and an opportunity to capture the beauty of the region at its finest.
- Wild seafood is easily available during this time along with unique Konkan cuisine from the finest fruits and vegetables cultivated as a result of the heavy rainfall.

Things to know when planning your Dapoli tourism in monsoon

when planning your trip to Dapoli during monsoon season, keep the following things in mind: 

  • The picturesque view is one for the ages.
  • Avoid driving without an expert driver as the rainfall can make the roads to Dapoli slippery and unfavorable.
  • Water activities are not encouraged during this time as the water level can rise and be quite dangerous.
  • If you do not mind a light shower, you can take a walk along the beaches, especially near the cottages for a unique experience by the seaside. 

Dapoli weather in Winter




Significant events 

In winter, the temperature in Dapoli is favorably between 22 to 30 degrees Celsius.

The tropical climate in the winter goes perfectly with the chill on the beaches of Dapoli. The reduced heat from the sun, coupled with the cool breeze, invariably lowers the humidity in the area, making it the perfect time to explore the beachside destination.

You can take part in winter activities in Dapoli, such as 

Cycling events 

Seafood festivals. 


Why winter is the best time to visit Dapoli 


Winter is undoubtedly the best time to visit Dapoli, and here's why: 

The weather is cool despite the tropical beaches with much lower humidity. 

It is the perfect time to explore the different beaches of Dapoli and their individual charms.

It is ideal for exploring the caves and hillsides in the region. 

you can partake in water activities such as jet skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc. 

You can go parasailing or watch the dolphins frolicking in the water. 

The plethora of seafood produced by the locals is the perfect opportunity to try Konkan cuisine. 


Things to know when planning your Dapoli tourism in winter 


Dapoli tourism in winter is the best possible holiday destination in Maharashtra over the weekend. Here are some things that you need to know when planning your trip: 


Pack warm clothes along with your beachwear. In the morning, the temperatures can be a bit warm, providing the perfect opportunity to explore the water, partake in watersports, and take leisurely walks on the beach. However, in the evening, the temperatures drop. Thus, you will need warm clothing. 

If you wish to go parasailing, it is best to wrap yourself up in a heavy jacket, as the wind above can be quite chilly during winters in Dapoli. 

It is the perfect time to explore the temples and forts in Dapoli. You can hire a guide to navigate through the region, especially if you are not familiar with the local language. 


The peak season to check out the tourist attractions in Dapoli 


Winter is the ultimate time to take a trip to Dapoli and explore its many charms. The sandy beaches with the various coloured pebbles and enigmatic variation in texture and color of the sand itself are a treat to the eyes. Different sections of Dapoli offer different gradients of soil and sand making them all unique in their own ways. 


Even the months leading up to winter and following the winter months of December and January are ideal for visiting the tourist attractions in Dapoli. The pleasant climatic conditions of lower than usual humidity with a cool breeze is just what you need to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, the dolphin watching expeditions, water activities, and most importantly, to explore The neighboring towns by the beachside destination. 


It is also the perfect time to take a spiritual trip around the temples in the area. for the thriving experience, you can also check out the many forts from ancient times along with the infamous Harnai port. You will undoubtedly come across many tourists during the peak seasons ranging from October all the way to the beginning of March, who are all excited to witness the chance of this beachside location at its finest. Although winter is the peak season for Dapoli tourism, autumn and spring have a special way of highlighting the simple allure of Ratnagiri's crown jewel of a beachside. 


Shoulder season for a trip to Dapoli 

Dapoli sure is an incredible holiday destination almost throughout the year. While autumn, winter, and spring may be the peak seasons that bring in tourists from all over the world to explore the beauty of this exquisitely coloured collection of beaches, and monsoon rain the shoulder season is not far behind. 


The shoulder season of monsoon in Dapoli can be pretty harsh during the heavy rainfall when the water levels rise and makes it difficult to spend time on the beach building sandcastles and whatnot. However, the scenery all around is spectacularly romantic. The lush greenery rolling down the mountainsides is nothing short of miraculous. The coconuts and palm trees along the beaches can be quite the treat as well. 


It is best to choose Dapoli tourism in monsoon when the weather predictions indicate light rain or just a hazy, cloudy atmosphere. During light showers, you can stroll along the beach with an umbrella to simply indulge in childhood memories of dancing in the water. is the perfect time for couples to take a trip down to Dapoli as the natural setting itself beckons romanticism. 


Unfortunately, underwater activities and active watersports are not available during monsoon season since the tidal waves can be a bit dangerous. Parasailing is also probably not a great idea as the skies are pretty much covered with clouds and gliding through them can be treacherous. That does not mean there aren't fun activities that you can enjoy. 


The cottages along the beach as well as some of the institutions in town and the larger hotels facilitate hookah. you can grab one with your friends and relish the delightful monsoon of Dapoli. You can certainly enjoy an aromatic range of dishes from the Konkan cuisine particularly found in Dapoli with fresh seafood and locally cultivated vegetables that go perfectly with the weather. 


Off-season to plan Dapoli tourism on a budget:


Dapoli is not a very expensive place in general, although extracurriculars, sightseeing, and especially water activities can seem a little costly during the peak season. So, if you wish to visit Dapoli on a budget then the off-season of summer is ideal for a visit that will not seem too expensive. 

To begin with, the high temperature during summer which can range beyond 35 degrees creates a bit of discomfort, forcing the establishments to lower the rates of accommodation and tourism. It is hard to enjoy the water or the beach at this time, thus making it a rarity to find a lot of people by the seaside. Since tourism is low, you can easily avail yourself of accommodation, food, entertainment, and special activities at very reasonable rates. 


The rising temperature may seem unappealing, however, there is nothing that a beach umbrella and some suntan lotion cannot solve to help you enjoy Dapoli tourism during the off-season. Just pack a lot of light clothes, appropriate footwear, and mosquito repellent to glide through summer weekends in Dapoli. 


The best part of visiting Dapoli in the offseason is the availability of fresh fruits, especially the Ratnagiri mango. seeing as the beach site is a part of the infamous city of Ratnagiri, people all around India crave to taste these juicy mangoes known for their sweetness. The local fruit stalls in the towns offer fresh fruit salads along with mixed fruit juices to treat your taste buds.  


Events and Festivals in Dapoli 


While Dapoli is not particularly known for celebrating grand festivals, the dedication of the villages and towns all around to protecting the environment both in and around the water is a testament to their giving nature. here are the events and festivals in Dapoli celebrated As for the seasonal changes: 

The Anjarle turtle festival - an annual celebration held by the locals to commemorate the olive Ridley turtles returning home from the sea. This marks a special event when these olive Ridley turtles lay their eggs in the nesting sandy grounds. Not only do the locals celebrate this day with good food, music, and comic entertainment but they also welcome tourists with open arms to share in their celebratory amusement. 


The cycling festival - the cycling event is another annual event conducted by the cycling club of Dapoli. tourists, as well as the locals, partake in this exciting event for a tour around the towns and villages near this beachside destination in Ratnagiri. 


The Shimga Utsav - it is a special festival of colors commonly celebrated in India as holi usually in the month of March. If you visit Dapoli during the onset of the off-season or the Elimination of the peak season, you may be lucky enough to celebrate the special festival with the locals. 


Navratri – Navaratri is also grandly celebrated in Dapoli. Being a primary festival for Maharashtrians, the celebration of Navratri takes on a life of its own During the months of October or November as per the festival calendar. The local townspeople along with visiting tourists gathered together to celebrate this auspicious day with good food, aarti, and traditional functions. 


There are also several events in which you can partake at the Ganesh temple for Ganeshutsav during the shoulder season. You can also take a tour guide bus to explore the region. While these may not be special events, it does offer an opportunity to explore the year-round fish festival where the local fishermen catch the freshest seafood which is cooked in local Konkan recipes for a lip-smacking, heart-throbbing experience of food. 


Why plan a trip to Dapoli


As a beachside location situated in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, Dapoli has a special charm that appeals to beach lovers, mountain lovers, food lovers, and to those who thrive in solitary. there are a few reasons why you should plan a trip to Dapoli even if it is just for a couple of days: 


The journey begins with a fun road trip in a private car, a cab, or a bus headed to the beachside location. The long stretches of picturesque countryside With tactical stops at fruit stands and fast food stalls make for quite the experience even before you reach your destination. 


Upon entering the town you will be greeted by friendly locals with a magical touch when it comes to food. The most popular dishes in Dapoli are of course seafood, but that does not imply you cannot find alternatives. Vegetarian delicacies are the second highlight right after seafood. 


The caves and mountains rolling along the sides of Dapoli are magnanimous in their beauty. 


You can take part in water sports such as jet skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or simply lapping around in the water by the colorful beach sides. 


The variant coloured sands in Dapoli are unique to each region of this longest stretch of coastline. From the traditional golden sand, all the way to pitch black with red pebbled beaches in between you can find it all by simply taking a walk from one side to the other by the sea. 


Witness the thriving culture of architecture from ancient times at the forts that were uniquely built and still stand tall due to the dedicated efforts of the locals. There is much history to learn about the region as well as the state in which it is located. 


You can enjoy outdoor activities such as camping by the ocean, trekking up the surrounding hillsides, or revel in the exquisite sight of sunrises and sunsets for the ultimate romantic experience. 


Partake in uncanny activities such as parasailing to get a better view of the true essence of Dapoli. 


Tips for Dapoli Tourism 


Dapoli Tourism can be quite exciting with a little planning. so, here we are with a few tips to help you out so you can get the most out of your holiday in Dapoli: 


Visit the Murud Janjira Fort. 

Go swimming with the dolphins in their natural habitat. 

Watch the sunrise at Murud beach or the sunset if you are not really a morning person. You can also catch this picturesque view from Karde beach and Ladghar Beach. 

Explore the water activities as well as land activities on Murud beach. 

Go horseback riding with your loved one or the little ones for an Equestrian adventure at the beach. 

Indulge in parasailing for a bird's eye view of Dapoli as well As for the thrill of soaring through the sky. 

Take a banana boat ride with your family, friends, and loved ones, are new friends that you make on your holiday. 

Spend a day in the hot spring to rejuvenate your youthful skin. 

Go on a food tour to explore the local cuisine of Dapoli. aside from fresh seafood, locally grown vegetables and delectable fresh fruits are just some of the culinary charms that draw tourists to Dapoli. 

If you are unfamiliar with the language, Opt for public transportation such as buses where the destinations are announced. A tour bus would be even better because the tour guides will ensure that you do not miss out on any of the fun activities or festivities taking place at the time. 

Try to plan your trip during the peak season to witness Navratri celebrations with the locals from a grander perspective. During the end of the peak season comes Holi, which also calls for celebrations that seem larger than life and a perfect opportunity to indulge with the locals. 

If you wish for a weekend holiday on a budget, the off-season of summer during the months of April to June is perfect. There is less stress in your pocket and you can catch the turtle festival for a delightful experience by the seaside. 

Go shopping for souvenirs for the locals of Dapoli who are not only talented with seafood but also at handicrafts. 

Although the high temperatures and exceeding humidity during summer can be a bit unpleasant, the shoulder seasons and the peak seasons make Dapoli an almost year-round holiday destination, so plan your trip accordingly. 

Travel Season
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp

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