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Best time to Visit Shillong

Shillong is the wondrous capital city of Meghalaya, whose name literally means “the abode of the clouds”. So, you can only imagine the nature, beauty and scenery that it proudly possesses. It’s a must-visit destination for anyone wanting to explore the North-East, acting as a picturesque gateway to the region and all it has to offer. Sitting at a height of 1496 metres above sea level, Shillong experiences a different climate to much of tropical India — that’s why it is often called the “Scotland of the East”. The rains always put on a show and tend to overstay their welcome. It’s lovely to see the local architecture, design and culture co-existing with these conditions, in its own unique way. The town’s colonial legacy remains to this date, adding to its charm. With cooler overall temperatures through the year at this pine circled city, you can plan a visit at your convenience. However, it’s always good to know more about each season so that you get the kind of holiday that suits your interests. Shillong Tourism is indeed spectacular and is a must visit places

This guide on the best time to visit Shillong will simplify your travel planning, while at the same time pre-pare you for what awaits.

Peak Season — Shillong experiences sub-tropical climate, with summers from March to June. This is when tourists flock the city and its surrounding regions, as the idyllic weather offers the perfect environment to enjoy everything the destination has in store. 

Shoulder Season — Winters last from October to March and despite seeing a lesser number of tourists, the season is still a great time to visit. 

Low Season — July to September


Travel Season

Min / Max Temperature


March - June


Pleasant, cool

July - September


Heavy rainfall

October - February




Shillong In Summer (March to June)

Temperature - The best season to visit Shillong is undoubtedly summer, when you can bask in day tem-peratures between 18-22°C and enjoy into the night as they never drop below 15°C. 

Weather – A picture perfect summer weather awaits you in Shillong. Find yourself between crisp clear skies and lush green earth, with days long enough to explore till you can’t anymore and cool nights to recharge. There is chance of a slight drizzle, but if anything, that only makes it better. 

Significance - Summers are great for popular activities like sightseeing or hiking — the David Scott’s Trail is beautiful at this time of the year. As is a serene boat ride on Umiam Lake or kayaking at Kynshi River This is also when the local thanksgiving festival called Shad Suk Mynsiem takes place, with amazing dance, food and tradition on display. 

Why you should visit now — Summers are when you can travel around Shillong with most ease and com-fort. It never gets too hot and the chance of rain is low — the kind of perfect outdoor weather needed for a destination such as this. From family getaways to backpacking adventures, this season suits one and all. There are really some amazing places to visit in Shillong,so make sure to check it out

Things to know before the visit - With summers being peak season to visit Shillong, it’s best to book your tickets and make reservations in advance. 

Tips - Even though it might not be as hot as the summers you’re used to; you must wear sunscreen when roaming around Shillong. Carry sturdy walking shoes so that with changing activities, you remain comfort-able. Carry your personal care products like moisturiser or lip balm, and a light jacket just in case. 


Shillong In Monsoon (July to September)

Temperature - Shillong monsoons see temperatures sit between 12-16°C, day and night. However, the constant rainfall makes this season more challenging. 

Weather - The annual rainfall can go up to as much as 3300 mm, which is especially challenging during monsoons. Heavy downpours are common, wind picks up and the sun is never in sight. 

Significance - It is the cleanest and greenest time to visit the city. The rains are ideal for those seeking a romantic getaway or adventurous escapade — the lakes and waterfalls are in full flow and nature is in bloom. The tribal festival of Behdienkhlam occurs during this time, offering a glimpse into local culture. 

Why you should visit now — Heavy rain doesn’t dampen all plans in Shillong, it just makes them that much more of an experience. Outdoor activities come with an added thrill, meals are elevated by the accompanying sound of rain and the vibrant surrounds provide an endless flow of must-capture moments. 

Things to know before the visit - If you like the rain, you’ll love a monsoon tour to Shillong. While sightseeing might not be the easiest, you can still venture into cafés and markets, observe spectacular views from a cosy hotel room, watch a live music performance and much more. 

Tips - When it rains, it pours — especially in Shillong! Carry all the necessary rain gear including waterproof backpacks, jackets and shoes. Additional Ziplock bags can come handy for your electronics. 


Shillong In Winter (October to February)

Temperature - When the sun is out, the temperature hovers between 12-16°C but that drops drastically once its night — sometimes as low as 2°C. 

Weather - Winters in Shillong can get quite chilly, with only the short days offering a bit of natural warmth. Evenings, nights and early mornings are too cold for the outdoors, unless you’ve layered up enough.  

Significance - There’s not as much of a dip in tourism during this season, with many visitors coming in to enjoy amazing experiences like the Autumn Festival, Nongrem Dance Festival and Wangala Festival. And there are plenty of indoor explorations you can make on the sightseeing trail of Shillong, including the beautiful All Saint’s Cathedral and Don Bosco Museum.  

Why you should visit now — Winters have a charm of their own, especially in Shillong where the festival season picks up and a charmingly warm ambience fills the cool air. Other than all the usual activities, this is the best time to witness local culture in all its glory.

Things to know before the visit - The weather can be quite unpredictable and there is possibility of a win-ter shower or two. 

Tips - Pack for the cold — woollen or fleece is best. Jackets, gloves, monkey caps and socks - you’ll need it all. Also carry essentials like moisturiser and balm to protect against dry skin and lips. Sunglasses do come in handy during the day, as it is not always cloudy. 

From waterfalls to pine covered hills, British-style cathedrals to local ethnic bazaars, great cultural festivals to one-of-a-kind moments — Shillong really has an array of wonderful experiences to quench every level of wanderlust. Now all you need to do is pick from the Thomas Cook Shillong Tour packages and prepare to have the time of your life. Also check out more ways on How to reach Shillong

Travel Season
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp

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