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Best time to visit Udaipur

A royal lake city that sparkles with historic and cultural significance, is it any wonder that Udaipur is a renowned tourist destination? With its architectural beauty, natural landscapes, customs and traditions, the ‘city of white’ beckons travellers from far and wide. Not only for its heritage and spirituality, but for its merriment! Thus, staying true to the essence of Rajasthan. Udaipur Tourism is indeed spectacular and is a must visit places

When it comes to the best time to visit Udaipur, we can make some suggestions but it is ultimately up to you to make the right decision. The city observes 3 main seasons – winter, summer and monsoon. With each season comes its own set of advantages, disadvantages, risks and precautions. Depending upon your requirements and unique personality, you will favour one over the others.

 We’ve provided a breakdown of each period, along with valuable insights and tips, to make your decision-making process that much more seamless. 

Travel Seasons

Min/Max Temperature


November to February


Winter - Cool

March to June


Summer - Hot

July to October


Monsoon - Humid




Udaipur in Winter (November to February)

Temperature – The air temperature during the season of winter fluctuates between 11.6°C and 28.3°C. 

Weather – Udaipur during the winter is regarded as pleasant and comfortable. It is significantly cooler than the summers but cannot be described as cold. The days enjoy mild sunshine while the nights are nippy. Humidity from the monsoon season begins to diminish as winter creeps in, rendering a crispness to the atmosphere. With amicable temperatures, it is indeed the best climate to visit Udaipur in. 

Significance – Winter in this magnificent city is meant for sightseeing and exploration of the natural, cultural and heritage sights. Some of the most stunning destinations to visit include City Palace, Sajjangarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Lake Fatehsagar, Lake Dudhtalai and Lake Pichola. What better time to visit these gorgeous palaces, forts and lakes? Not to mention, the colourful bazaars where one can shop and treat themselves to winter delicacies! Plus, the annual Shilpgram Crafts Fair takes place at this time of year. 

Why you should visit now – Udaipur being a city in the state of Rajasthan is prone to an extremely tropical climate. The heat, humidity and rain make it hard to execute day tours and itineraries without cancellations and/or discomfiture. As such, one should enjoy the city during this season. Most importantly, royalty is best experienced during the winter and luxury is best savoured with a chill in the atmosphere! Furthermore, the architectural beauty is magnified and the lakes take on romantic charm during this lovely period. 

Things to know before the visit – Udaipur consists of luxe, medium and budget style accommodation. However, as this is peak tourist season, prices will incline towards the higher side. When it comes to sightseeing, ticket prices may be hard to haggle and crowds will definitely be large. The best time to explore the city is between 10 am and 9 pm, as it gets cold afterward.

Tips – Carry layered clothing, sturdy pairs of shoes, mosquito repellent and some hand sanitizer. Make sure you carry a camera or a smart phone with good pixel size, as you will want to take lots of pictures! Ladies should avoid tight or revealing clothes and men should wear long trousers, as temple visits will most likely be on the itinerary. 


Udaipur in Summer (March to June)

Temperature – The air temperature during the season of summer fluctuates between 28.8°C and 38.3°C. 

Weather – Like the rest of the state of Rajasthan, the weather of Udaipur in the summer is scorching. As temperatures flare into the 40-degree range, the atmosphere gets uncomfortable and unbearable. The tropical heat leaves one feeling worn out and dehydrated. However, relief comes in the form of pleasant evenings that foster acceptable temperatures. 

Significance – Udaipur summers are synonymous with fresh juices, breezy fashion and dips in the pool. But there is also great cultural significance to consider. The Mewar festival occurs during the confluence of spring and summer, welcoming the arrival of the former with song and dance. During this period, Udaipur is cloaked with festivity, celebration and gusto!

Why you should visit now – Although the season of summer brings with it blistering heat, sweaty palms and the constant need to drink water, there are some silver linings too! If you’re lucky enough to be staying at or visiting one of the magnificent palace hotels, this the perfect time to lounge in the gorgeous pools and sip delicious mocktails. These hotels are the epitome of indulgence and one can enjoy beautifully prepared food and live music.  

Things to know before the visit – Mid May to June experiences the harshest weather conditions, in terms of heat. As such, it is advisable to stay indoors or visit airconditioned places. If you decide to visit Udaipur, take note of the fact that this is mid-season. Although the prices will be friendlier, there is a reason that tourists stay away from the city at this time.

Tips – Your suitcase should contain light and airy cotton clothing and open sandals. Make sure to pack a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Carry a one litre water bottle so that you remain hydrated through the day. Venture into the city in the evenings!


Udaipur in Monsoon (July to October)

Temperature – The air temperature during the season of monsoon fluctuates between 25°C and 35°C. 

Weather – Udaipur welcomes the reign of the rain with open arms. Although humidity is at its peak and showers are moderate to high, the temperature is significantly lower than that of summer. As such, it is a particularly lovely time to bask in the beauty of this wonderful natural phenomena. 

Significance – Monsoons in Udaipur are truly magical. One can enjoy scenic boat rides, long strolls by the lake, rooftop meals, palace tours and festival celebrations. Here are some of the recommended sites to see and experience - Monsoon Palace, City Palace, Raas Leela, Bagore Ki Haveli and Lake Pichola. There are really some amazing places to visit in Udaipur, so make sure to check it out

Why you should visit now – There is something to be said about the crystal drops of rain that transform landscapes into lush wonderlands. Udaipur monsoons are simply breathtaking, owing to the earthy freshness and sweet symphony of the pitter-patter. You can glimpse the neighbouring hills that sparkle in all its greenness. Picture the palaces, forts, lakes and monuments drenched in the glistening water. This is the best season to visit Udaipur in if you’re seeking a magical experience. 

Things to know before the visit – This period witnesses the lowest amount of tourism. As such, it is a great time for budget travellers to avail of deals on flights, hotels and Udaipur tour packages. So, make sure you book well in advance to optimise on these good prices. 

Tips – It may be obvious to say that one needs to pack rainwear such as a windcheater, umbrella and gumboots. Make sure to stay dry as you don’t want to catch a cold and ruin the rest of your trip. If you’re carrying any kind of camera equipment for photography, ensure that it is waterproof or well sheltered. Also, try and book a room with a view of one of the lakes. It’s worth it! You can also check out more ways on How to reach Udaipur

Travel Season
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp

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