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Places to visit in Calicut

When you travel to Calicut, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Calicut, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Calicut to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Calicut things to do can include exploring Calicut attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Kozhippara Waterfalls

Another popular destination among trekkers is the Kozhippara waterfalls on the Malappuram-Calicut district. It can be reached by road while avid trekkers can trek down the green forest landscape to reach the waterfall. 

Mananchira Sqaure

History is seeped into every stone of all buildings in the city.The monument which is considered the ‘heart of the city’ is the famed Mananchira Square. Built by the last Zamorin King –ManaVikrama, the park is surrounded by a natural spring tank which helps preserve the vast greenery in and around the park. Transformed into a park, the Square boasts of a musical fountain and an open air theatre which makes it incredibly popular among the locals t

Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode is known for its beaches. This is not surprising considering that city is nestled on the Arabian Sea coastline and boasts of a coastline that extends to approximately 15 kilometres. Located about 1.2 meters above sea level, the Kozhikode beach houses an old historic lighthouse, the Beach Hospital and the Beach Hotel. All of the monuments were constructed by the British who were known to spend most of their weekends relaxing in the beach.

The b

Tali Temple

One of the oldest and popular temples in Kozhikode, is the Tali Temple dating back to the 14th Century. Built by Swami Thirumulpad, the Zamorian, the myths often link the temple to the city’s prosperity and boasts of grand Kerala-style architecture and paintings depicting the Hindu mythical creatures.  Dedicated to the Hindu Lord Ayappa, the temple hosts the annual seminar or ‘Revathi Pattathanam’ during the months of October-November w

Dolphin’s Point

Another great point of attraction in Kozhikode is the Dolphin’s Point where one can see the dolphins during the day, especially in the morning.

Pazhassiraja Museum

Known for its mural paintings by Raja Ravi Varma, the museum is also a great destination to explore the rare bronze and ancient coins dating back to centuries. Also, the temple model exhibits are very popular among tourists.

Wayanand Ghats

While travelling to Wayanand from Kozhikode, one must not miss the nine hairpin bends across the green ghats. Situated on a high altitude, driving across the bends can be challenging yet a great experience for tourists.



There are plenty of things to do in Kozhikode. One of them is to visit the Beypore, the ship-building port. Located approximately 10 kilometres from Kozhikode, it is a busy fishing harbour in the states which was used by the Arabs centuries ago. Tourists can also view local workmen make ‘Uru’, a local wooden product. Miniatures can be bought by tourists from the many souvenir shops that dot the townscape, 

Kappad Beach

Located approximately 20 kilometres from the city, the beach is of great historical significance which stems from the fact that the great Vasco da Gama had landed here. Known as the beach from where the Europeans entered the Indian landscape, Kappad beach is a rocky yet pleasant destination which is locally known as Kappakadavu. Like the Kozhikode Beach, Kappad Beach also houses historical monuments such as the temple on the rock which dates back to around 800 yea

Thiruvannur Siva Temple

Another popular religious destination in Kozhikode is the Thiruvannur Siva Temple which dates back to 1044 A.D. This temple is dedicated to Hindu Lord Shiva.Famous for its apsidal ‘garbhagriha’, the temple was originally a Jain Temple which was converted into a Hindu Temple in the 11th Century when the Zamorins ruled the region.


Thusharagiri Waterfalls

Another popular attraction among the nature lovers is the Thusharagiri Waterfall. Around 50 kilometres from the city centre, the waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery making it a great trekking destination for all. 

Water Museum and Biopark

To help people realize the true value of water, the city has this unique museum at Kunnamangalam. It is an initiative by the Centre for Water Resources Development and Management.The museum concept is driven by artists and sculptors who have used clay, wax etc. to highlight the motto of ‘saving water’. The museum also depicts the traditional ways of using water among the locals.


Lion’s Park

Kozhikode has something to offer for everyone. One of the most popular sites for the children is the Lion’s Park, which is near the famous Kozhikode Beach. This is a theme park which has a number of rides for all including the younger generation. Also, the park boasts of having a great view of the sunset, making it a great tourist destination in Kozhikode.

Kids will also love a visit to the Peruvannamuzhi Dam which has boa

Timber Trade centre

Kozhikode’s famed landmark is the Timber Trade centre of Kallai. One must remember that the city is one of the largest trade centres for timber in Asia, and Kallai allows you to explore this aspect of the port from close proximity.

Another popular landmark is the special museum known as Kirtads. Reflecting the day to day life of tribal individuals in the state, it is also of great anthropological destination which harbours


Nature lovers can also opt for a visit to the village of Kadlundi in Kozhikodewhich houses a bird sanctuary. Home to innumerable migratory birds, it is the first community reserve in the state of Kerala. For bird watchers, a visit to Kadalundi is a must and the popularity has led to it being named as a bioreserve. 

Mishkal Masjid

An architectural marvel in the city is the Mishkal Masjid. It is one of the few but striking examples of the traditional pagoda-like roof structures in Kerala. Partially burnt down in 1510 by the Portuguese, the Masjid is very popular among photography fanatics across the world. 

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