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Places to visit in Daulatabad

When you travel to Daulatabad, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Daulatabad, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Daulatabad to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Daulatabad things to do can include exploring Daulatabad attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in daulatabad


Popularly called the Devagiri, the fort stands on a hill, approximately 200 meters high. The fort is known to have survived hundreds of attacks and one of the main incidents was when the hill slopes were cut by the Yadava rulers. This was mainly done to improve defence on the lower slopes of the fort by the rulers. After the cut, the only access was via a narrow bridge which could accommodate maximum two people abreast.



Chand Minar is a great example of Turk style architecture. This minar was built by Ala-ud-din Bahmani in 1435 after conquering the fort. The minaret is distinctly different. Its style of architecture is divided into four separate storeys, each featuring 24 small chambers along with a mosque. The mosque is at the base of the minaret which is built of blue tiles exported from Persia. The minar with its ornamented gigantic gates also houses the ChiniMahal where the last King of Golconda was imprisoned for over 13 years. The palace also holds the tomb of the king. The tunnel inside the fort along with the cannons within the palace makes it a remarkable destination for cultural enthusiasts. 


Children visiting this placewill love the gigantic walls of the fort and the stories that surround the fort. Make sure you have a guide with you and your little one as you tour the interiors of the fort which will allow your child to discover the historical facts related to the fort and the town. This is a great way to introduce a facet of history which is way forgotten by the present world.



Around a few kilometers from the town of Daulatabad is this temple, dedicated to Hindu God Hanuman. What makes it an interesting destination is the idol of the God which is in a rare reclining posture. According to legends, this is the site where Hanuman had descended to listen the song of King Bhadrasena, a Ram devotee. Hanuman got mesmerized and got into a reclining posture and after the King requested him to bless him and reside on the site forever, he stayed on to bless devotees of Lord Rama. The temple is visited by hundreds of devotees especially during the Hindu festivals of Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti.



Popularly known as the Valley of Saints, the place is known for housing 1500 graves of Sufi saints. Apart from the saints, the destination also holds graves of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and the Nizam of Hyderabad Asif Jah I.  


The closest city from Daulatabad is Aurangabad. It is considered to be one of the important cities in this region of India. Known to attract innumerable domestic and international tourists, the city is known for housing two very important world heritage sites such as the Ajanta and ElloraCaves. Founded in 1610, these caves are listed in the World Heritage Sites. Today, Aurangabad manages to hold on to its heritage as it heads towards industrial growth. Few other pieces of architecture which makes a trip to Aurangabad even more fascinating are the BibikaMaqbara, SoneriMahal and Lonar. 


Another destination worth visiting from Daulatabad is the ancient taluka town of Paithan. Female travellers will have this town in their itinerary considering it is known for its exquisite Paithan saris. A former trade centre, Paithan is known for its Maharashtra Small Scale Industrial Development Corporation or MSSIDC weaving site where the saris are woven and exported. One of the other reasons to visit Paithan is the Jayakwadi Dam. This dam site is very popular among bird enthusiasts who can capture a number of migratory birds during the months of October and November. Avid bird watchers can also explore the nearby Dnyaneshwar Dam housing the largest garden in the state and is a replica of the world famous VrindavanGardens of Mysore. 


For wildlife enthusiasts, a destination which can be visited from Daulatabad is the dense forest reserve of Gautala. The dense forest reserve is known to be home to a number of wildlife species such as hyenas, leopards, bears, jackals along with around 85 bird species. Along with the wild species, there are a number of wild plants and flowers which are worth capturing with your camera. 


Known for housing caves, some of which date back to the 2nd Century BC, this small town is located amidst the Satmala ranges. There are monasteries which are worth exploring and manage to attract innumerable tourists from across the country and the world. But while planning to travel to Pitalkhora, make sure that you have a vehicle of your own because most caves cannot be reached without vehicles or else you will have to take footbridges which are not in very good shape. 

Activities in daulatabad

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You can easily cycle around the town looking at the gigantic walls that surround the city. But for people who like trekking and cycling, this fort will allow you to do so.


Food in daulatabad


Most of the popular ones are located around the fort and serve decent food to the travellers. Few of the better known places to eat are Marmalade, Ambience, Zoom Dhaba, Alankar Garden Restaurant and TinusDhaba.



While at Daulatabad you can expect good Marathi cuisine from the region such as the puranpoli, modak, batatawada. 

Shopping in daulatabad


There are a hundreds of things to shop at Aurangabad such as the Himroo shawls and Paithani saris. Apart from these, there are handloom centres in the city which sell embroidered clutches and stoles which are vastly popular among the tourists. You can also shop for khadi garments from the KhaadiGramudyogBhandaar, an official government outlet in the city.

Alongside this you can also shop for local Bidri pottery which can be bought at kiosks and shops that dot the city. But while buying from kiosks, make sure you haggle for the right price. Visit the organic food mart in the city from where you can buy a great assortment of organic products such as honey and tea. 

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