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How To Reach Goa

Travel Options

Transport mode by Air

Goa has only one airport that hosts both domestic as well as international flights. This airport is located in Vasco da Gama. The Dabolim Airport is one of the easiest way to reach Goa.
This airport has multiple flights both international and domestic flying in and out every day. Most international flights come through Mumbai and not directly.
You can find cheap Goa flights easily with any airline during offseason. But when music festivals like Sunburn and others festivals are celebrated here the flight fares are quite high and one might even find it difficult to book tickets. So prior booking of airplane tickets is advised to all tourists. Since the airport is located a bit far from the beaches and the hotel area of Goa, you will need to travel a bit from the airport to get well within the city. You can do this conveniently by taking a prepaid taxi from the airport itself.
You might find it a bit difficult to get direct flights from a few cities in India like Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Lucknow and so on. Goa airport provides direct flight from and to a selected number of cities in India. These cities include Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kozhikode, Delhi, Pune, Jaipur, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. From other Cities in India, you will have to take a hopping flight via any of these locations. By Plane is one of the most convenient methods of travel as it takes only a few hours and provides the highest level of comfort. If you do not want to waste time on traveling you should definitely opt for this method of reaching Goa. Even the drive into the city takes only about 30-45 minutes depending on where you are staying. For international flights, there are three main airlines that have flights flying in and out of Dabolim Airport. These airlines include Air Asia, Qatar Airlines, and Air Arabia. International flights do not fly in as frequently as the domestic ones but you can find around three international flights every week. The staff of the airport is also very friendly and helpful. If you are confused as to where to find the prepaid taxi or how to get to the beaches or anywhere in Goa, you can easily ask the staff members of the Dabolim Airport and they will direct you in the best way possible.
This method of reaching Goa is a bit on the expensive side as compared to other methods but it is one of the easier, more convenient and best method to reach Goa. If you do not like travelling then spending the extra money should definitely be worth it.

Mumbai to Goa Flights

Mumbai To Goa Return Flight

Transport mode by Rail

Travelling by the Railways in India is one of the oldest and most used methods by Indians. All the cities are well connected via the Railway lines built over decades. Even Goa has two major stations, one in Madgaon in South Goa and the other in Thivim in North Goa. Both the stations are very famous and well connected with the different cities of India and you can find unlimited options at any time. The station located in Thivim in North Goa is close to the beaches and a very appropriate location to get down at. All the major hotels by the beach are located only a few kilometers away from this station. You can consult the hotel authorities as to which station would be a better option. The train takes a bit longer than the plane but is also cheaper and more fun. Since the train passes a lot of tunnels and the village area surrounding Goa you can witness some great panoramic views on your way to Goa. These train journeys are a delightful experience for children and even adults who are fascinated by the breathtaking views of nature. There three different classes on any train you take to Goa. The first-class tickets are as expensive as the plane tickets and provide a lot of extra facilities like privacy, good food, clean sheets and toilets, and so on. The second-class tickets are known as 'AC Two Tier', are also decent in respect of cleanliness, hygiene, and food. The sleeper class is the most crowded one and would not be a good choice if you are not used to the local Indian crowd. Personally, I find the AC two-tier class the best as it is both comfortable and reasonable in terms of pricing. Generally, trains even provide food. You will be given a lot of options and variety. Sometimes the food might not be that good so you are advised to carry your own food as if you are choosy eater you might find it difficult to eat. One of the most crucial things to remember while taking a train to Goa is that you need to ensure that you have a prior booking as if your ticket is in the waiting list you might find it difficult to board the train without a confirmed ticket. There are certain quota Tickets that can be purchased a day before the train but these tickets also sell out fast so you need to be quick and alerted to book train tickets. The tickets can also be booked online or through travel agents. Overall if you do not have a time crunch then taking the train is a good option as it is comfortable and you can interact with other locals and have a great experience. If your budget is tight then you can take the sleeper class and not worry about spending too much on travel. A train journey to Goa is definitely more fun when you are with friends and family.

Transport mode by Road

Bus tours are very famous in case of Goa. The main buses that travel to Goa come from Mumbai and Pune. But you can find buses from other nearby cities as well. The bus that travel overnight is an appropriate alternative for taking a train as it takes almost as long as trains. Some buses are very comfortable while some might be very cheap but are crowded and not clean. There are many operators that have buses travelling in and out of Goa but the KadambaTransport Corporation is one of the best. It has the most number of buses traveling in and out of Goa and provides reasonably priced tickets. The bus journey from Mumbai to Goa or Pune to Goa are very famous. It is a lot of fun as the route that is taken by the bus has great scenery and landscape on both sides. The entire bus tour is a delightful experience. If you take the bus with your friends and family you will definitely have a blast. If you do not have a time constraint you should definitely try this method of transport. Bus journeys at night are generally dangerous in India as the bus might face an accident or become a victim of late-night robberies. But the route taken by buses from Mumbai and Pune to Goa and vice versa is very safe. It is one of safest highways in India and you have nothing to worry about. During the summer season taking an Air-conditioned bus would be a better option as it will be more comfortable. The climate in India is very humid and a non AC bus can become inconvenient because of all the sweating.

By Road

This mode of transport is very limited. Only the people traveling from cities nearby can take a road trip to Goa. The main cities that are connected to Goa via highways are Bangalore, Pune, Mangalore, and Mumbai. Mumbai is the furthest of all and taking a road trip in a car from Mumbai to Goa may take a very long time to reach which might make the journey tiresome. If you are travelling from Mumbai and want to experience a road trip taking a bus will be a better option. You can even book a minivan if you do not want to travel with strangers. Going to Goa from Mangalore by car is the best of all options. It is quite close, just about 400 km away and one can reach Goa in just a matter of 5-6 hours depending on the speed. The car ride is a lot of fun as one can stop on the highway and eat in Dhabas as well. Travelling by car is very cheap as all you need to pay for is gas and a lot of fun if done with family and friends.

Transportation in goa

Local Transport

Local transport is fairly good in Goa and one to suit every pocket. You can take your pick from buses, cabs, auto-rickshaws and bikes as well. While local and state buses running within Goa form the cheapest mode of travelling around the place, renting a bike falls second to it, but is a much more convenient option. You can also hire a motorcycle where the rider will carry you a pillion rider to drop you at your desired location. For a more comfortable mode of transport, you can hire an auto-rickshaw or a taxi/cab. However, it is a costlier option than the others. Another interesting way to explore Goa is through boats or ferries.

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