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Chandika temple is located around 15 km north from Guhagar. One has to travel to Veldoor (10 km away from Guhagar) and cross the Dabhol creek by launch to reach HarborDabhol on the north side. The temple is 15-20 feet underground in a cave. Electricity is forbidden inside; hence the only source of light is either lamps or candles, lit inside the caves. The idol of Goddess Chandika is swayambhoo (self-borne), which is taken to be existent from the era of the Pandavas. The idle was discovered only 300 years back. Outside the temple is a tomb, dedicated to the discoverer of this temple.

Located at about 18 km from Guhagar; Hedvi is the site of a Ganapati Temple and a beach close to BamanGhal, where the rocks have been naturally cut by the sea, forming a gorge. One of the most well known temple is that of the Dashabhuja (10 Hands) Ganapati which dates back to the time of the Peshwas. The Lord Ganesh idol is carved in marble and is from Jammu-Kashmir. Ganesh Janmuttasav is celebrated here with grandeur..

Brahman Ghal (Gorge) is about 3 km from the Ganesh temple, located just by the sea, It is called the temple of Uma Maheshwari. One should go past this temple in order to reach the famous Brahman Ghal. This enchanting gorge of black rock patch is around 35 feet long, 20 feet deep and 1-2 feet wide in dimensions. It gets filled with sea water at time of high tides.

Velaneshwar temple is located at almost 16km from Guhagar, right on the sea shore. It is a prominent attraction for tourists visiting the city. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple is. Kuladaivat of many KokanasthaChitpavanbrahmins. Situated around the main temple, there are other temples dedicated to Lord Ganesh, Shri Vishnu, and Kala Bhairav. Devotees in large numbers throng to this temple during the MahaSivaratri festivals.

Located at about 20 Kms from Guhagar, Budhal is a small fishing hamlet with a secluded beach. Budhal beach is rarely visited by tourists. The fun factor of this beach is that the adventurous can hike up the hill near Budhal for excellent views of the sea from the top of the hill, which might add to the frolic of the kids. 

It is located at an approximate distance of 22.00 kilometer from Guhagar. Boryabunder (port) is a small village, as is Karul located close by. Walking towards Budhal beach along the sea line, you can runs across a small hill which tips the sea on west.

Approximately at a distance of 12.50 kilometres from Guhagar, is Palshet, a small town by the Guhagar-Hedvi road.The beach, quite unknown and desolate, is a perfect spot to spend an evening with your loved ones. You can explore the newly discovered Waghbil cave or Musrundi cave nearby. The location of the cave is at 1 kilometre east of Barbhai. You can also visit Chand Ghal near the Narvan village, where you can scuba dive and explore the ocean bed near the Palshet beach. However, the adventure is recommended for only the experienced scuba divers. There is a newly built road starting from the small jetty at Palshet that reaches the south end of Guhagar beach (AsgoliVillage). This four kilometre rout can be a good option for those willing to trek.

In the Konkan region of Maharashtra, at close proximity to the Guhagar town, is the Hedvi village. This village is a popular tourist site as the famous Lord Ganesha temple and the Sri Dasabhuj Lakshmi Ganesh Devasthan temples are located here. The Ganesha temple was constructed during the reign of the Peshwas and the marble for constructing the Ganesha idol was brought from Jammu and Kashmir. The village also has the Uma Maheshwari temple and the Brahman Ghal, a natural gorge. The Brahman Ghal is about 35 ft in length and 20 ft in depth. It is a 2 ft wide gorge that produces milky bubbles during tidal period.

Vyadeshwar temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located in the Ratnagiri District. This temple houses idols of Talkeshwar, Balkeshwar and Udaleshwar, other than the main deity.Other major shrines situated inside the temple complex are that of Lord Surya, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Sridevi. The temple is famous for a huge fair organised during the festival of Mahashivratri.

You could relax and catch up with yourself amidst the pristine natural surroundings of the area. The beaches and the quaint rural set up are sure to provide a perfect retreat to your soul.

Adventure lovers have lot to do at Guhagar beach, which includes unique lifetime experiences like the banana ride, jet skiing, swimming in crystal clear water etc. There is the option for paragliding at Ratnagiri, which would be a treat for adventure seekers and fun lovers.

All purely vegetarians can look out to restaurants like Gagangiri which provides pure veg along with specialized sea food. It’s open on all days but Sunday. Hotel Suruchi Corner is also listed among pure veg restaurants, which include a snacks bar as well. Yogeshwari Restaurant is also a famous pure veg food joint, which remains open every day throughout the week, much to the delight of pure vegetarians.

Konkanratna Restaurant also attracts many tourists who enjoy the food over a drink or two and unwind themselves after an entire day of fun and frolic. Those who are fond of Mughlai food can go for ‘Quality Biriyani’ at Mahimkar Halal ShahiBiriyani, which is located at Varcha Path Muslim Moholla, Guhagar. The Swarup Chinese Restaurant, located opposite to Shankar Mandir in Guhagar, will provide Chinese delicacies to those who are fond of the oriental cuisine.


While you are here, you should definitely try out the Konkan foods. The detectable mouth watering aroma of the items will set your palate on a roller coaster ride. Thalis (Veg and Non-veg) are very popular at Guhagar. They are made up of the most popular Konkan dishes and are tasty as well as economical. Among the snacks, you could try out MisalPav, a popular snack at this joint. Misal is normally made with spicy red curry. You could also try out Kandepohe, Upma, Uttapa, Shira, Batata Wada, Sabudana Wada and Idli Chatany. 

There is a local flea market by the seashore that attracts the attention of the tourists.

Some of the small shops in the vicinity are Anant stores, Prabhakarbartakke shop, Atulphakes shop, Sitaram Complex, Sunil Joshi elect shop, Kismat beer shopie, Gopi shop, Nan Salvi shop and many more to look out for.

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