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Places to Visit in Kanchipuram

When you travel to Kanchipuram, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Kanchipuram, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Kanchipuram to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Kanchipuram things to do can include exploring Kanchipuram attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in kanchipuram


The ancient port town of Mammalapuram houses the most number of grand monuments in Kanchipuram. It was an important port city during the Pallava reign and is a “must see” destination within the Kanchipuram tour. It houses some spectacular specimens of Pallava art and Dravidian style of medieval architecture.

The Pallava dynasty was Jain followers and their temple architecture is simplistic but extremely lifelike. The king Mahendra Verman was later converted to Shaivism which is why there are several Shiva and Vishnu temples as well in Mammalapuram. The sculptures within most of the temples emphasize on the hearty worldly beauties and are imbibed with life. The depictions on the temple walls are glorious mythological battles, demons, Gods, episode from the epics and other depictions of simple life of this town’s ancient dwellers.

This place also houses the Shore Temple which is perhaps the most photographed place in India after the Taj Mahal. It is based on a splendid romantic theme as portrayed by the sculptures within the temple. At nights these places lit up with flood lights which further enhance their beauty. The magnificent views of these grand structures in combination with the cool sea breeze in the evenings would surely leave the tourists allured with their beauty.


This is the biggest Bas-relief in the world with life-size sculptures. The rock carving is simple but exquisitely carved; it is in the shape of a giant whale that faces the sea. It is a 27 meters long and 9 meters high structure.


These caves are popular for their lifelike sculptures and depictions of various episodes from Hindu mythology cut within the rocks. The most popular carvings are that of the Krishna cave. In the Mahishasuramardhini cave Lord Vishnu is shown to be in a cosmic sleep in contrast to the rest of the carvings depicting Goddess Durga in vigorous battle with the demon Mahishasur (Buffalo-headed).


This is a water theme park close to Kanchipuram which is a fun-filled destination for kids as well as adults. If you are looking for a wholesome family fun-time this amusement park is a must see. The name Kishkinta refers to the mythical monkey kingdom as mentioned in the epic Ramayana. This place houses several water sports and rides to choose from.


Kanchipuram is also popularly known as “the Golden City of Thousand Temples”. It houses the maximum number of temples in Sothern India which are of traditional medieval design.

The Kamakodi Peethum and Kammakshianam temples: These temples are closely related to the life of Sankaracharya and form a major Hindu sacred site. There is a sacred Sri Chakra present in front of the Sri Devi structure where all the religious sacrifices are offered.

Sriperumpudur: It is another religious spot which is located on the way to Kanchipuram from Chennai. It is said to be the birth place of the Hindu Saint Ramanujar, who is the father of the Hindu religious philosophy Visishtadvaida which is the basis of Vaishnavism.


This concept was conceived with the view to transform ancient ancestral properties in and around Kanchipuram into major tourist attraction spots in order to depict the way of life and livelihood of the early settlers in the historic town of Kanchipuram.


The birth place of Dr. C.N. Annadurai, who was a scholar statesman born in this town. His ancestral house has been transformed into a memorial.


It houses recreated ancient villages and depicts the livelihoods of ancients towns within Tamil Nadu.


This town is also famous for its Kanchipuram silk sarees and has a thriving handloom industry. The major profession of the people here in this town is silk weaving and one can hope to buy beautiful sarees at wholesale rates.


This library is located 3.5 km away from Kanchipuram in Enathur and is a treasure chest of ancient manuscripts written on Palm leaves. In the entrance at the library stands a statue of Adi Sankaracharya and this library is a part of the Sankaracharya University.

Activities in kanchipuram

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The Non-Governmental Organization RIDE India offers tourists with long-term and short term volunteer social work opportunities and also offers various Eco-tourism programmes like, visiting of silk-weaving families or cooking classes etc.

Food in kanchipuram


This place has three branches throughout the city and offers hearty value for money meals.


Another eatery in Kanchipuram, located near the bus stop.


This place is situated close to the same named Sri Rama Hotel is a purely vegetarian restaurant which offers traditional south-Indian style meals. This place provides an “all you can eat” system of serving and is a great bargain for only INR 40.


This is a good eating joint especially for Westerners as it’s clean and serves good quality meals with extensive menu that is available in English. It is an air conditioned place so can help offer some cool in the hot and humid town. The food is of affordable prices starting from INR 40-60.


This eatery is located at the Bangalore - Chennai Highway is a popular purely vegetarian restaurant.


The commonly found dishes in Kanchipuram are typically south Indian and comprises of tasty items like sambar idli, rice, curry etc.

Night Life in kanchipuram


To listen to some traditional classical live music you can visit the Kanchi Mutt which holds Kutcheries or live concerts in the evenings. 


There are no clubs in Kanchipuram the closest ones are located in Chennai.


Here is a list of popular drinking places in Kanchipuram:

  • Bar Soorya
  • Vedhas Restaurant
  • Hotel Tamilnadu
  • Government grog shop (this is a local booze store where you can buy alcohol and drink in your hotel room).

Shopping in kanchipuram


Here is a list of prominent departmental stores in Kanchipuram:

  • Kanchi Super Market
  • Singapore Seematti
  • Shopping Seematti
  • Kanchi Departmental stores

There are few markets where you will get the local handicraft items and art installations, which are worth looking at.

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