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Places to visit in Patan

When you travel to Patan, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Patan, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Patan to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Patan things to do can include exploring Patan attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in patan


One of the most important monuments of Patan, Rani ki Vav is actually a step well which depicts the story of the subterranean architecture of this city. This step well has several steps that indicate the water level and every step is decorated with the sculptures of Hindu deities and other geometrical designs.


This is another artificial tank built to include the water management practice. The tank received water from River Saraswati through canal. It is an excellent example of water management in earlier days carried out by Hindus.


Patan is popular for its ancient architecture and remnants of the glorious time when city was the capital of Gujarat. The attractions for the kids in this city mainly include the historic locations as there is lot to learn over here. You may take your kids to the old time ‘Pols’ and wells to show them the lifestyle of the ancient humans. The visit to the heritage sites like Rani ki Vav, remnants of the water management system and other ancient buildings will offer lot of learning to the kids. The guided tours for the kids are also arranged by many tourism companies in order to tell the entire story behind these remnants of the history found here.


Religious places in Patan include about 100 beautiful Jain Temples. These temples are quite old and have significant architecture that reveals the ancient time craftsmanship. One of the famous temples here is the Mahavir Swami Derasar which is located in Dhandherwad and is known for its exclusively carved wooden dome. There are other Hindu temples as well that can be visited during your Patan visit and that include Sindhwai Mata, Kalika Mata, Brahma Kund and Harihareshwar Mahadev temples. The famous Sun Temple is also located at just 34 km distance from Patan and this place is worth visiting as it has lot of cultural importance associated with it.


This city of culture and craft has remnants of architectural excellence in its every part. The well-maintained structures are the proofs of the rich heritage of this city. The government of Gujarat has further preserved this heritage in the form of museum. This renowned Prabhas Patan Museum was established in the year 1951. This museum will bring you the wonderful pieces of cultural excellence which may bring back the past glory in front of your eyes. You will be able to rejoice the glorious history of this city through this museum.


The tourists that visit Patan may have primarily thought of enjoying its rich cultural heritage and they may not look for many parks and gardens. Still if you want that green belt to relax and have great photography then Rani ki Vav is surrounded by beautiful park. You may relax in this green surrounding with flowering plants. This park will also serve as the exquisite photography location.



There are many beautiful places in and around Patan but there are not many natural locations. All the locations are having its connect with the culture of Gujarat and you may find yourself having the rich heritage tourism in this city.



There are numerous cultural attractions in Patan. There are step well built during Solanki Dynasty which have till now retained the glory. The popular locations here include Hemachandracharya Gyan Mandir, Khan Sarovar, Rani ki Vav, Sahastralinga Talav and Jain temples. There are places of cultural importance even in the surrounding locations of Patan. The most spectacular Sun Temple is also situated at just 35 km distance.



Patan is the city of landmarks. The history of this city is quite old and there are many structures built at the time of Solanki Dynasty over here. This city was the capital of Gujarat earlier and hence all major structures of architectural excellence were erected here. Rani ki Vav is one such landmark that will depict the tale of the rich culture of this vibrant town. The ‘Pols’ here are also worth visiting.



There are not many natural attractions in this city and you will have to indulge in more of cultural tourism.

Activities in patan

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Not many adventure activities are available here. The main activity of this place includesthe heritage tourism and exploring the historical sites.


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This place is peaceful and away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. You can stay here for couple of days to relax and rejuvenate.


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Patan is the simple town and the nightlife is not so happening. The local folk music is the only way to enjoy live music.

Food in patan


The restaurants in Patan are mainly vegetarian and your choices are limited. You won’t get many big restaurants over here and you will have to suffice your hunger through the local dhabas that serve vegetarian delicacies and fast food. The local residents of this city also open their doors to the visitors and you can enjoy the traditional Gujarati food here. You may not get the non-vegetarian food choices here.



Patan is located in Gujarat and its famous dishes also include the popular Gujarati delicacies like Khaman, Dhokla, Undhiyu, Patra and other such stuff. You may get proper Gujarati Thaliconsisting of dal, roti, sabji and rice over here.


Night Life in patan


Have no place in Patan as it doesn’t have such an advanced nightlife.


Gujarat is the dry zone and the bars and pubs are not found here.


Shopping in patan


As shopping is the primary tourist attraction, there are special markets where you will find the exclusive and authentic PatolaSarees. The flea markets may offer you cheap deals but make sure that you buy only the best product.


Street markets are found near the places of tourist interests. You can visit these markets to buy some souvenir but it cannot be the right place to buy the Patola Sarees.

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