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Places to visit in Sagareshwar

When you travel to Sagareshwar, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Sagareshwar, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Sagareshwar to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Sagareshwar things to do can include exploring Sagareshwar attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in sagareshwar


This large temple complex, which dates somewhere between 230 BCE to 220 CE, is one of the most important historical monuments in the region. The temple belongs to the Satvahan Dynasty era. The architecture comprises a complex with a big temple of Lord Shiva and 51 other smaller temples. This is a place of keen religious interest in the area and a protected archeological monument. Numerous devotees visit this temple every year for pilgrimage. Additionally, the entire region is dotted with small shrines of Lord Shiva.


This is another temple located atop a precipitous cliff. This temple of Bhairav Baba is considered to be a must visit when you go to the Sagareshwar Temple. The temple is approached by going through a small tunnel and has remarkable architecture. It is partially hewn out of hard basalt rock, which is perched on the edge of the cliff.


Kundal, which is less than 9 kilometers from Sagareshwar, was once part of the great Chalukya Dynasty. One of the grassy hills in the region is Zari Parhswanathand. There are two caves which have idols of Tirthankar Mahaveer and images of Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshman. There is another open place on the hills, which is considered holy by Jains and is called Samav Sharan, where Bhagwan Mahaveer gave sermons to the followers. 


The famous Ganapati Temple of Sangli is less than a kilometer away from Sagareshwar. This is one of the most revered temples of Lord Ganesh in the south of Maharashtra and is famous for its artistic architecture. The temple is made out of black stones and is located near the banks of the Krishna River. The large numbers of devotees who visit the Ganapati Temple hold it in high regards.


Sagareshwar is a major forested area in the company of hilly slopes covered with fresh greenery. A big majority of tourists go to Sagareshwar with the intention of going for a hike to the top of the biggest hill in the area. You can get lovely views of the beautiful forests of Sagareshwar in all their glorious beauty. Besides the scenic beauty of the forests, one can see the third longest river in the central-southern India, Krishna, from there.

You would love the exhilarating sight of the river flowing through rolling sugarcane fields and grape vineyards. The deciduous forest sheds it leaves mostly during autumn and offers unbounded ethereal beauty during that time. The forest is also home to plenty of flora. The most popular species of trees here include: Neem, Kair, Tamarind, Acasia, Agave and Gulmohar. 



The prosperous cultural heritage of Marathas can be seen and experienced everywhere in Sagareshwar. The majority of the population speaks Marathi language; however, you would find a lot of Kannada speaking people too. The place is visited by a lot of pilgrims due to its close proximity with famous temples. Kundal is visited by thousands of Digambar Jains every year, who visit Samav Sharan.

Sangli has been the birthplace of a lot famous social legends, political reformers, and artists like the Bollywood singer Asha Bhonsle. Sagareshwar is also of great archaeological significance because of its history and connections with the Chalukya and Satvahana dynasties, which makes it a hotspot for archaeology and history enthusiasts. If you are an Indian Classical Music enthusiast, you may also want to make a short trip to Miraj, which is recognized as a cradle of Indian Classical music.



In addition to historical monuments and temples, there are a few other famous landmarks in Sagareshwar. The most notable of them is the Shivaji Cricket Stadium at Sangli. There is a movie theater called Amar Cinema, which is about 9.3 kilometres away from Sagareshwar. The SFC Mega Mall is another important landmark close by. It is the biggest mall of the Sangli town and offers shopping places, restaurants, gymnasium and a multiplex movie theatre.

You can also visit the Krishna Valley Wine Park in Palus, located about 30 kilometers from Sangli town. The area grows the most succulent and luscious grapes, so it was befitting to set up a winery here. The park is spread over an area of 142 acres and has been recognized as an Agri Export Processing Zone by the Government of India. Special varieties of grapes are grown in the park to make wine, which is akin to the French wine, and there is also a modern Wine Institute where wine manufacturers can learn the ropes of producing good wine and maintaining quality standards. The institute also carries out research in the field of wine manufacturing. 


Activities in sagareshwar

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Children would love a Jungle Safari for a day here. A long picnic in the sanctuary, and sights of animals like deer, rabbits and various birds would be extremely enjoyable for children of all ages. Children can also accompany you for refreshing hikes and come close to nature. The trip would be informative and give children not only knowledge about animals but also bring out the importance of conserving the environment. 

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Go for hiking trips to the Hilltop point in Sagareshwar to get close to nature and enjoy the adventure of being in a wildlife sanctuary. You can also go on a jungle safari to slake the adventurous steak in you. You can even ask your travel company to arrange for a camping trip or ask around for the places approved for camping. 

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If you would like to put your feet up and relax for the time you are in Sagareshwar, then arrange for picnics or go the banks of Krishna River to have and stimulating and refreshing time. 

Food in sagareshwar


You can get to taste most of the famous cuisines in Sagareshwar. From North Indian to Chinese, pizzas to chaat, there’s something to please everyone. Try eating out at the Rahamtullah Restaurant. If you want a quick bite, try the food at the Mirchi Fast Food and Mirchi Food Mall. There’s also a Dominos outlet catering to people who would prefer Italian or international cuisines. For coffee, try the Café Coffee Day outlet at the SFC Mega Mall.



When in Sagareshwar, do make sure you taste local delicacies. You would not like to miss on tasting ‘Bhadang’ for instance. This local dish is made of puffed rice, peanut and garlic and is extremely popular and can leave you wanting for more. You can also indulge your palate with bhelpuri and panipuri, etc. Apart from local food, you will also find a lot of outlets which serve fast foods. 

Night Life in sagareshwar


The nightlife in Sagareshwar is limited. You can try one of the local bars for a drink or two with your friends. The Sangli Dance Bar is pretty famous in the area, and according to some visitors a must visit. You can also look at the option of getting camps arranged in approved areas and spend the night next to a campfire in the company of your near ones.

Shopping in sagareshwar


Shopping in Sagareshwar could be a mouth-watering experience. The area is famous for its wholesale fruit market. The Vishnu Anna Fruit Market is another place where you can have your fill of juicy and tasty fruits. 


You can shop till you drop at the SFC Mega Mall. It’s a premium shopping destination and the nearest to Sagareshwar. It has a hyper market and other shops which cater to voracious shoppers. c


The other markets in region are Sangli Commodity Market and Tarun Bharat Bazar. These local markets are full of cheap and good quality wares and provide good shopping options. 

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