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Best time to Visit Belgium

Now Belgium is one country where you cannot take in its beauty and the experiences it has to offer in haste. The slower and steadier you savor them, the more euphoric they are. The place is majestic, luxurious, sophisticated and tranquil, a combination any tourist planning a visit to Europe will look out for. There are a number of activities to indulge in and attractions to see. However, you need the perfect climate to experience the best of tourism in Belgium. Most of the activities you have in mind and the places to see are all dependants on one crucial element called weather and most of your itinerary depends on weather conditions. 

Being a European country, Belgium too has four distinct seasons – summer, winter, spring and fall. Each climate offers a unique perception of the country’s history, heritage and sights and sounds. The best time to visit Belgium is during the months of April, May and June and between September and October. These are the times the weather conditions are perfect; festivals are abundant, nature is at its beautiful best and activities are aplenty. The peak season in Belgium is between July and August and the low season kicks in during November and extends until March. For a clearer picture on Belgium tourism, when to visit and what you can do, here is a comprehensive overview on Belgium’s seasons. 



Summer in Belgium starts in July and quickly gets over in August. 

Temperature: The average temperature in Belgium during summer ranges approximately between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. 

Weather: Summer is one of the good seasons for tourism in Belgium because of the prevailing intensities of warmth. Though summer, the heat is bearable and is perfect to hit the beach. 

Significance: Being a time of vacation for most Europeans and Americans, Belgium is flocked by tourists and summer is considered a peak season. Brussels, Bruges and Flanders are all crowded and the avenues and streets are always buzzing with tourists with maps. This is the time of several festivals like the Brussels Summer Festival, the Ghent Festival, Tomorrowland and more. 

Why you should visit now: Tomorrowland is one of the most popular music festivals in the world and tons of tourists and travelers have this as part of their travel bucket list. It is the time of some amazing music, cold beers and sumptuous food for the locals and the tourists. The country witnesses a huge influx of its visitors and it is simply amazing to be in Belgium at this time and experience diverse cultures and traditions come together and be united by music and fanfare. 

Know before your visit: Being a peak season, it is better you plan your visit in advance to avoid surge pricings. However, surge pricings are comparatively manageable than being denied of rooms. Hotels and accommodations, especially backpacker hostels tend to easily get filled during the festivals and you have to take quick calls on booking flight and accommodation if you are visiting Belgium in summer. 

Tips: Carry light clothing and travel light. Shorts, jeans, t-shirts and shoes are appropriate for the season. You can carry hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotions and adequate water. If you feel Brussels to be hot, you can move to Flanders, where the temperature is quite low.



Winter in Belgium starts in the month of November and extends until March.

Temperature: The average temperature in Belgium during winter ranges approximately between 3 to 7 degrees Celsius.

Weather: Wet and chilly conditions mark the weather in Belgium during the winters. You can expect rainfall in the coastal regions of the country, further decreasing the prevailing temperatures. However, Belgium is not among the coldest countries. So the temperatures are bearable. Several canals are frozen at this time, allowing the formation of ice skating rings. 

Significance: Winter is marked by exciting carnivals, festivals and outdoor activities. There are carnivals happening in regions around Binche and Stavelot that will keep you occupied with fun and festivities. Being the low season, there is not much activity in the smaller towns and you need to resort to visiting the urban cities for fun and entertainment. You can indulge in skiing activities when you are here at this time and also head to the Christmas Market in Brussels.

Why you should visit now: If you are looking for a laidback holiday and want to do things at your own pace and leisure, winter is the best time to visit Belgium. The country will support you with laidback vibes and offer its avenues with markets and stalls to indulge in. The major cities are a delight to be in at this time and you should visit Belgium at this time for some adventurous downhill skiing. 

Know before your visit: This is a low season in the country. So you can expect a few places like attractions and towns to be closed during the season. 

Tips: Carry winter garments including thermals and jackets. Dressing up in layers would help tackle frost if you are new to lower temperatures. Carry sunglasses, boots, and SPF creams for the winter. 



In Belgium, spring starts in the month of April and ends in June.

Temperature: The average temperature in Belgium ranges approximately between 10 to 15 degrees Celsius.

Weather: This is perhaps the best season to visit Belgium. The weather is perfect and pleasant and offers the best conditions to roam around the country, including the smaller towns and villages.

Significance: Crisp sunshine, pleasant afternoons and mildly cold evenings mark the beautiful season of spring in Belgium. This is more like a shoulder season in Belgium, where the crowd is comparatively less and from only the surrounding regions. The Brussels Film Festival and the Jazz Marathon are a few highlights of the season.

Why you should visit now: To experience the grandeur of Belgium, you need to visit during the spring season. The entire place is rich with fresh blossoms and spellbinding views of the countryside. This being a should season also offers room rates at less expensive prices, making it more convenient for you to visit Belgium. The Ardennes uplands reopen after its closing in winter and offers some of the best views of landscapes and meadows to tourists. 

Know before your visit: Check out the prices of hotels online and try to strike the best deals if you are visiting Belgium during spring. Most hotels want guests and slash their prices to attract visitors. 

Tips: Carry and travel light during spring. There is no uncertainty in weather and you can simply carry light summery clothes, hats, sunglasses and lotions for miniaturization. Carrying adequate water is enough to enjoy the springs of Belgium. 



Fall or autumn starts in September and ends in October.

Temperature: The average temperature in Belgium during fall ranges approximately between 12 to 15 degrees Celsius.

Weather: One of the other best seasons to visit Belgium is during fall. After summer, the heat gradually begins to wear off, making way for colder temperatures to seep in. Towards the country’s north and the countryside, fall brings in picturesque views and weather conditions that redefine traveling in Belgium. You can expect adequate rainfall in the coastal regions and the weather can become wet. 

Significance: After a hectic summer, most tourists leave back to their home, making Belgium ideal for a laidback visit. Though rainfalls are frequent, they are not to such an extent that they can hamper your holiday plans. Apart from the Ghent Film Festivals, there are no big festivals or events during this time. It is almost a chilled out atmosphere in Belgium during the fall with no buzzing or regular activities.

Why you should visit now: This is the best time to completely understand the country’s cultures and traditions as locals will be free from buzzing tourists and actually talk to you. The absence of crowd makes it easier for you to explore more places and this is the best time to get hands-on with pints of Belgian beers. Trekking and hiking are perfect during this season on the hilly areas of the Ardennes. 

Know before your visit: This is an off season in Belgium, which means you can strike good deals on hotels and flight tickets. If you are looking for adventure operators, try getting the best prices for hikes and treks and combine two or more activities for more discounted prices. Being prepared for rainfall will be a plus.

Tips: Carry an umbrella or a raincoat all the times. Also, carry a lightweight winter jacket to tackle fluctuating temperatures. Wear appropriate trekking shoes if you are going on treks and carry lotions and creams to prevent skin dryness. Now its time to go for a Visa. Apply for a Belgium Visa now!

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April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp

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