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Best Time to Visit Grindelwald

Grindelwald captures the very essence of what it means to travel, to experience. No matter the time of year, this picturesque ski village manages to enchant individuals with its impeccable natural beauty and glorious wilderness. So, when it comes to the best time to visit Grindelwald, one must ponder over a few things like temperature, weather conditions and elements. Most importantly, one’s tolerance level towards all the above.

Grindelwald experiences a cold climate for half of the year, with a probability of rainfall and snowfall occurring most of the year. Each season offers travellers something different. While spring is perfect for biking journeys, summer is the best setting for hiking and winter is carved out for skiing. If you’re contemplating traveling to the delightful Bernese alps, let us help you make the right decision. Take a look at this easy guide that will give you insight into Grindelwald’s climate and unique offerings.

Peak Season – For those seeking thrills in the hills, Grindelwald is most definitely the place to be. Especially during the months of June to August, when the climate is easy-breezy and the possibilities are endless. Tourists from all over the world travel to this village to explore its mountain faces, valleys, glaciers and gorges.

Shoulder Season – March to May and December to February

Low Season – September to October 

Travel Seasons Min-Max Temperatures Season
Spring 0-12°C Moderately cold, with chance of rain.
Summer 10-17°C Comfortably cool
Autumn 3-15°C Cold, with chance of rain and snow.
Winter -1-4°C Glacial, with rain and snow.


Grindelwald in Spring (March to May): 

Temperature – The temperature during spring fluctuates between 0°C and 12°C. 

Weather – During spring, humidity levels and temperatures combine to create a moderately cold climate in Grindelwald. Much like other villages in the Bernese Alps, this season is met with frosty weather and significant precipitation. Snow begins to melt and water volumes rise. While March is quite chilly, April and May make room for some much-needed warmth. Furthermore, there is a high probability of rain occurring at least 6-12 days per month. 

Significance – The hills are alive during spring season! This is the best time to spot Alpine cows and sunny dandelions. Individuals can embark on exciting Trotti bike adventures, yodelling at the top of their lungs and drinking in the fairy-tale atmosphere. We’d recommend strolls around charming Grindelwald village during this time. The cable car ride from Grindelwald to Grindelwald First is another delightful spring activity! 

Why you should visit now – Grindelwald during spring is nothing short of ethereal. It is the only time when one can experience the splendour of snow and vegetation, together. From the chilly nip in the air to the blooming dandelions everywhere, the scenery is simply stunning. Jade pastures and ringing cow-bells add to the allure. This may not be the best climate to visit Grindelwald in, if you’re looking to hike about the plains. However, one can enjoy scenic cable car rides and take trips to glistening lakes and waterfalls. 

Things to know before the visit – It is common to find the landscapes blanketed in snow, although spring is supposed to be that time of year when ice and slate begin to melt. During the months of April and May, most of the mountain trails are closed in the Jungfrau Region, deeming it as an off-season for hiking. However, this still remains a popular time for tourists to visit and is considered shoulder season. A such, we implore you to make all your bookings well in advance. 

Tips – Grindelwald remains cold all through the year, with occasional rainfall too. Hence, when packing, it is better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you carry sufficient warm clothing, including thermals and a winter jacket. Scarves, gloves and beanies will come in handy as well! Snow boots and an umbrella will help you navigate the unwanted elements. 


Grindelwald in Summer (June to August):

Temperature – The air temperature during the summer fluctuates between 10°C and 17°C.

Weather – The climate of Grindelwald in summer is pleasing and pleasant. With temperatures comfortably sitting in the double-digit range, individuals have the opportunity to experience the majesty of Switzerland with ease. Precipitation is at its highest during this season, with approximately 9-12 days of rain. Soft blue skies, mild sunshine and blooming flora create a backdrop of wonder. This is perhaps the best season to visit Grindelwald in for sightseeing and adventure sports. 

Significance – As one of Switzerland’s top ski resorts, Grindelwald doesn’t disappoint, especially during the summers. The thrilling mountain paradise shines during this season! Travellers can engage in all kinds of exciting activities in the lap of nature. Hiking, trekking, zip lining, mountain carting, cliff walking, bag jumping, trot biking and mini golfing contribute to the aura of fun and fantasy. There is no better time to ascend up high and marvel at the postcard worthy panoramas. 

Why you should visit now – From bold and breath-taking rock faces to mysterious glaciers and gorges, there’s a lot of natural beauty to behold in the Bernese Alps. This is the perfect time to navigate and traverse the diverse terrains without snow and rain hampering plans. In particular, one can enjoy Grindelwald Village’s main street – Dorfstrasse. From colourful little homes to adorable cafes and quaint boutiques, there is plenty to see and do and of course, eat! 

Things to know before the visit – Summer is peak tourist season and with that comes many considerations. For one, accommodation and tour prices tend to get steeper. Furthermore, crowds are larger and service is comparatively slower. We’d recommend making your bookings well in advance to avoid any last minute hinderance.

Tips – Although the weather is significantly warmer, it’s still important to carry protective clothing. We’d recommend layering up, so that you can shed down if required. As with any mountainous region, sunscreen is imperative as the elevation puts you in closer proximity with the sun. On a slightly different note, since there a ton of treks to do, look up the ones that best suit your fitness levels. Carry light backpacks, with a 1 litre water bottle. 


Grindelwald in Autumn (September to November):

Temperature – The air temperature during the season of autumn fluctuates between 3°C and 15°C.

Weather – The weather of Grindelwald in Autumn ranges from frigid to freezing. Low temperatures, moderate humidity levels and sharp winds contribute to a cold climate that can be quite unforgiving at times. Rainfall and snowfall occur for approximately 9-12 days each month, rendering the atmosphere nippy.  However, the plains are coated in a gorgeous fall foliage of red, gold and green.

Significance – Travellers can enjoy the clean and crisp autumn air while hiking and trekking in the mountains. There’s nothing quite like breathing in mountain air, if properly clad that is. Something truly special about the latter autumn months is the fact that its landscapes melt into winter. One can experience an autumnal winter backdrop, with stunning foliage as well as snow. This is the best season to visit Grindelwald in, if you wish to witness the evolution and transformation of nature. Exploring trails and stopping to take in the larger view is an experience to be had during this season! 

Why you should visit now – Visiting Grindelwald during autumn is like stepping into a storybook universe. The setting is absolutely gobsmacking. Those who wish to capture the lovely shades of autumn on film, should visit during the end of October. During this time, the conifers take on an amber colour and the air is filled with little specks of gold dust. The atmosphere is so alluring that one will never want to leave.

Things to know before the visit – Due to the extreme weather conditions, with chances of rain and snow, this remains a low season for tourists. As such, flights, accommodation and tour packages will be more affordable during this period. Hotels will look to attract customers with great deals and offers. Hence, we’d recommend budget travellers to look into this season. Those seeking peace and quiet will also love the serenity that Grindelwald offers in autumn. 

Tips – With the air being damp and temperatures being low, one can expect mostly cold days, especially during November. As such, we’d recommend a proper winter wardrobe, equipped with woollens, thermals and a winter jacket. Due to the fact that there may already be snow, make sure you carry snow boots or another appropriate pair of footwear. 


Grindelwald in Winter (December to February):

Temperature – The air temperature during the winter fluctuates between -1°C and 4°C.

Weather – As is true to Switzerland or the Bernese Alps for that matter, winter in Grindelwald is like a tub of vanilla ice cream – rich, cold and creamy. The air is piercing but slightly humid at the same time. Rain occurs approximately 5-9 days a month. Snowflakes fall and settle, taking over the terrains with their white might. The atmosphere is arctic, cocooned in a constant state of numbing chill. 

Significance – There is no better time for polar adventures and northern expeditions than in the fantastical winter months. Travellers can choose from a plethora of exciting snow sports, including skiing, snowboarding, sledding and snow shoe trailing. Zip lining and cliff walking are also particularly thrilling during this frozen period.

Why you should visit now – This may not be the best climate to visit Grindelwald in if you’re intolerant towards the cold. However, the enchantment and wonder of these months are simply incomparable. Especially since it coincides with the magical festival of Christmas and rings in the New Year as well. Yes, winter in Grindelwald is filled with joy. One can explore the charming village and partake in its quaint traditions. 

Things to know before the visit – As one of Switzerland’s greatest ski resorts, tourism is high during the winter months. Adventure seekers flock to the region to enjoy the best of recreation and wilderness. As such, prices tend to be on the higher side. We implore all of you to make your bookings well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Tips – It’s imperative to pack warm clothing and account for layering. Woollens, thermals and a winter jacket are necessities. We’d also recommend going for a down jacket, which is light and best suited for hikes and treks, as well as a rain jacket that will aid you during downpours. Make sure you have snow boots, travel sneakers and a travel water bottle too. Moisturiser and lip balm will be your best friends during this time!

So, have you decided on your best time to visit Grindelwald? Will it be during the reign of the flowers, foliage or the snow? Once you’ve made up your mind, pick from Thomas Cook’s phenomenal Grindelwald tour packages and you can be on your way!

Travel Season
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp

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