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Best Time To Visit Indonesia

Indonesia is a fine example of a tropical country and it mainly has just two seasons – the dry season and the wet season. There could be smaller pockets within the country that have slight variations in weather from other regions, but overall you can be certain of what the weather is like in a particular month. The best time to visit Indonesia is between July and August when the weather is dry but is still cool and inviting.

Indonesia’s dry season stretches from April to October, and the wet season is from November to March. As you move inland and climb higher, the temperature drops considerably and some mountain peaks in Papua are even covered with snow. Further in, in the mountains in Sulawesi, it gets cooler.

What many of us tend to forget is that Bali is in the southern hemisphere, and its hot and cool seasons are opposite to what many of us are accustomed to. When its winter season for us, Indonesia has its summer; and during our summer, Indonesia is cool. This geographical aspect makes for a very interesting holiday destination.

If July to August is the best season to visit Indonesia, does that mean that we should avoid the country in the rainy season? Not at all. The island has a whole new charm in the rainy season and you could still get dry spells in the wet season too. Indonesia’s tropical location means it usually rains in the late afternoon or evenings, and it is usually a heavy but short blast. If you plan your sightseeing in the morning and early afternoon, you can still make the most of your vacation in Indonesia.

There is much to see and enjoy in Indonesia. Whether yours is a family vacation or one with friends or if you have chosen to travel solo, Indonesia will not disappoint.


Peak Season (July-August, December)

This is when the rain gods ease up a bit on Indonesia. All of Indonesia gears up to welcome the crowds that throng to this place. Other than Maluku and Papua, where it will still be raining, you can plan a holiday to practically any other corner of the country. Humidity is low and there is a fresh breeze blowing inwards. If you ask us, July to December is the best climate to visit Indonesia.

Shoulder Season (May, June and September)

This is when you will not find the streets packed with tourists. Of course, there is still certain energy to the place and you will find yourself drawn in. Sightseeing is easier in the shoulder season as you will have many iconic tourist destinations fairly empty. Allow your feet and your mood to take you wherever your heart desires.

Low Season (January-April)

Indonesia starts off into the new year on a quieter note. The celebrations of Christmas and New Year over, it is a time to rest and rejuvenate. If you can brave the rains, this is a peaceful time to visit. Hotel rates are cheaper and there are very few tourists.


Travel Seasons

Min/Max Temperature



25 degrees

Heavy rainfall

May to June

25-28 degrees

Moderate rains

July-August & December

25-27 degrees

Dry, windy and cooler


25-28 degrees

Moderate rainfall

Indonesia during April to October – The Dry Season

Temperature: Avg. of 31 degrees high to 27 degrees low

Weather: The start of the dry season in Indonesia can be called spring, as the weather transitions from summer to winter. The persistent rainfall reduces from April and Indonesia during dry season starts to get cooler, more comfortable and certainly more welcoming. As you move further towards the centre of the island, it gets progressively colder.

If you have your sea legs about you, April is a good time to go surfing as the weather conditions are perfect. However, take note, the sun is harsh and a few hours out under the open sky can give you serious sunburns. May onwards, the rain has practically stopped and the months up to June are bright and sunny, ideal for a spot of sightseeing.

‘Winter’ sets in by July and the next two months are the coldest and driest, luring tourists from all across the world to Indonesia. Humidity is much lower and this makes it so much easier for you to head out on your jaunts across this beautiful island. Weather in dry season of Indonesia is also the peak tourist season and everywhere you go, you will find yourself rubbing elbows with other eager beavers, looking for the perfect Indonesian experience. 

Significant events: Indonesia starts the year relatively quietly but more than makes up for it with the exuberant festivities and celebrations that follow. If you time your visit to Indonesia during the full moon of May-June, you will witness the largest gathering of monks and pilgrims as the Buddhist community comes together for Waisak, a day set aside to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and death of the Gautama Buddha. This grand celebration in Borobudur is a sight worth seeing.

The months of June and July are the most exciting. This is when Indonesia comes alive with the Yogyakarta Festival, the Jalan Jaska festival and the Bali Art Festival. An explosion of arts, crafts, music, dance, and delicious foods, these are heady experiences that you must not miss.

The arrival of the powerful southeast winds primes the people of Indonesia for their annual Bali Kite Festival. Watching the magnificent traditional kites competing is a memory worth making.

Why you should visit now: This is when Indonesia offers its best to visiting tourists. The weather is perfect, the island is at its liveliest best and you can tick off many items from your bucket list during these days.

Know before you visit: This is peak season, so expect crowds. Make sure you book your tickets and accommodation in advance so you don’t go back disappointed.

Tips: The sun is quite harsh in Indonesian winter. Use a sunblock every time you step out.


Indonesia during November to March – The Wet Season

Temperature: Avg. of 27 degrees high to 25 degrees low

Weather: November heralds the beginning of summer. Weather of Indonesia in wet season is not tourist-friendly. The days become hotter, humidity is on the rise and the wet season begins. The ocean starts to swell up and other than a few beaches tucked away in secluded coves, most waters are not safe enough to venture into. It’s no wonder that there are fewer tourists that visit this island during the next few months.

The good thing about the wet season in Indonesia is that it mostly rains in the evening or at night, and the days are sunny, thus giving you plenty of opportunities to go sightseeing without the presence of many tourists. But the sun in Indonesia can be harsh and you are well advised to cover up when you head outside.

Significant events: The wet season is a subdued time in Indonesia. If you happen to be visiting around February or March, you might be able to plan your vacation around Bau Nyale, the great fishing festival when locals and people from far gather at Lombok to catch a glimpse of the first nyale (worm-like fish) of the season. Things get quiet from then on, quite literally on Bali Nyepi Day, also known as the Day of Silence. The streets are muted and everyone goes about their business soundlessly.

Why you should visit now: If you like the rains and are looking for great deals on hotels and tour packages, this is a great time visit.

Know before you visit: When it rains in Indonesia, it really pours. Always carry a raincoat or an umbrella and still be ready to get thoroughly soaked.

Tips: Slather on the sunblock and also keep an umbrella ready, as the weather can go from harsh and sunny, to heavy downpour at a moment’s notice.

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Travel Season
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp

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