Place's to visit in Cologne

When you travel to Cologne, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Cologne, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Cologne to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Cologne, things to do can include exploring Cologne attractions and visiting the places of interest.

A visit to Cologne should start off with a visit to the famous Cologne’s Dom. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. The view from the top is indeed breathtaking and requires visitors to climbs 509 steps to get to the top. Visits inside the cathedral ore not permitted during Mass.

Hohenzollern Bridge: Built across the Rhine River is a famous bridge covered in padlocks, this bridge is also known as the locking bridge. Lovers who seek to show their loyalty to each other come here to ‘lock’ their love and throw the key into the wayes of the Rhine River as a symbol of love.

Rheinauhafen (Harbour): The Rheinauhafen is a commercial harbor in cologn that had been built in 1889 and redeveloped in 2012. It is a splendid mixture of traditional architecture and modern technology. A visit to the Rheinauhafen is a must if one wishes to take a beautiful walk along the river or have lunch or dinner by the waterside.

Phantasialand is a theme park in Bruhl, North Rhine-Westphalia. Its main attraction is the Colorado Adventure in the Wild West section that was opened by the legend Michael Jackson.

Cologne zoo a visit to the Cologne zoo is sure to cheer up the young ones who will enjoy sights like the feeding of the meerkats and the various other shows there. Adults too will be thrilled by the fascinating wildlife.

Also known as the roonstrasse, the synagogue practices orthodox Judaism and is among the five pre-nazi churches that survived Hitler’s attacks, it is the largest religious and cultural center for the Jewish communities in Cologne.

St. Kunibert (with wonderful stained glass windows), St. Maria Lyskirchen, St. Andreas, St. Georg, St. Severin, St. Pantaleon, St. Aposteln, St. Gereon, St. Martin, St. Ursula, St. Maria and St. Cäcilien. The twelve Roman churches are worth a visit on a trip to Cologne.

Considering how small the city of Cologne has the two famous museums in the city have a surprising amount of artifacts of significance to boast of, the Ludwig in Cologne houses diverse collections including the world’s largest Picasso collections. It also dedicates a full section to international photography, being the first museum to do so. The museum showcases works from pop art, surrealism and abstract.

Cologne provides many opportunities for outdoor entertainment and relaxation. After having spent the day shopping and traveling the perfect place to go for a break is one of the extensive parks. Located in the center of the city is the Volksgardenpark, the rheinpark and many more. These are the perfect place for a long stroll or a picnic. You also get to see interesting species during your outdoor ventures. A visit to the Flora botanical garden is a must for nature lovers where one can admire innumerable plant species.

Cologne’s oldest and most traditional park is the Botanical garden that is located in Riehl. The Botanical garden houses more than a 10000 species of plants. Visitors are always invited to take walks around the park and admire the exotic plants and flowers in the tropical greenhouses. The palm house gives one the feeling of being in a rainforest. The garden is a member of the European Garden Heritage Network. The yearly exhibition from January to march attracts over 70000 visitors.

KölnerKarnevalthe cologne carnival takes place every year. This carnival opens at 11 minutes past 11 o’ clock on the 11th of the 11th month, November. During Christmas, this carnival spirit dies out which blooms again after Biblical Magi in the new year, the 6th of January. During the rose, Monday parade every year over a million viewers come out on the streets to enjoy and cheer the festive spirit.

Cologne Gay Pride is one of the largest gay and lesbian organized events in Europe. Its aim is to celebrate the pride in gay and lesbian communities. The event goes over a week and consists of various festivals and parties. This event takes place annually and is also known as the Christopher Street Event.

Shrine of the three kings; the shine of the three kings also known as the shrine of the magi or the shrine of the three wise men are said to contain the bones of the Biblical Magi that visited baby Jesus in his cradle. The shrine is placed behind the altar at a height of Cologne Cathedral.

Dom Hotel the Dom Hotel gets its name from the famous Cologne cathedral located is Innenstadt. It is a five-star hotel. It is one of the oldest and grandest European hotels. The history associated with this building makes it one of the most famous hotels in Cologne.

Kranhaus; the upside down ‘1’ shaped buildings are a reminiscent of the harbor cranes used to load cargo off and on ships. When the harbor was designed two of these cranes were left standing as monuments. These buildings consist of luxury apartments as well as offices.

The previous capital of West Germany, Bonn is easily accessible from Cologne via train. A trip to Bonn is a must to complete the overall experience on a trip to Germany. Another suburb of Cologne, Bruhl has The Augustus burg Palace there was recently placed on the UNESCO world heritage list. The place is a true specimen of the greatest Rococo interiors in the world and is one of the best works of Balthasar Neumann.

The ultimate Sightseeing Tour on Segways in Cologne Whether it is Cologne Cathedral, the Rheinauhafen or KolnTriangle: discover Cologne in a completely new way - on the Segway. A guided tour on Segway is the most thrilling way to see cologne and it an extremely enjoyable experience for people of all ages.

Kolsch beer Cologne is very famous for Kolsch beer. It has a biscuit flavor and is very refreshing. It is served in a glass called strange. It is the only drink in the world that is named after a language. Kolsch is a dialect in cologne. The best place to try Kolsch is in one of the local breweries that make it in the most genuine fashion. It is served with a traditional spread of Halven Hahn or HimmelunAad.

HimmelunAad (heaven on earth): this dish is named after the two core ingredients in this dish which simply translated means apples obtained from the sky and the potatoes from the soil. This dish resembles mashed potatoes but it has a clear and distinct apple flavor. It is often served along with an accompaniment of blood sausages.  HimmeludAadi, at FruhBrauhaus, is the best place to have it,

Mettbrotchen: mett is raw pork sausage meat which at the sound of it sounds unappetizing but once the fear of listening is overcome one should dig into this delicious treat because it is not something you should miss out on. It is a delicious entree that goes well with Kolsch. The best metts are made at Bierhaus en d’rSalzgass(frankenwerft 27). This restaurant overlooks the Rhine and the view from the rooftop is absolutely splendid.

Schweinshaxealso known as crispy pork knuckle is a rather big size piece of meat. However, it is an absolutely succulent dish that everyone enjoys. Soft potato dumplings accompany the dish to soak up the jus after the meat is eaten. This is the closest that one gets to heaven on earth. The best place for this dish is SunnerimWalfisch established in 1626.

The nightlife in Cologne thrives with over 70 clubs and party districts. This comprises everything ranging from jazz bars to techno. The brewhouses and bars also are very famous among visitors out there to party. Cologne has more pubs than any other German city.

STARDUST: Stardust represents the fun and party atmosphere of cologne’s nightlife. It is a very reputed club that has a profession air about it and draws German sports stars who come here and unwind. A few of the familiar faces here are Oliver Khan and Mark Heller.

PASCHA: Pascha is one of the biggest bordellos in Europe; it is a seven-storied building each floor containing over twelve rooms. The famous rapist Eminem is known for heading there during his visits to Cologne. The place like all in the famous chain offers a money back assurance.

In December, there are many Christmas markets around Cologne, the most famous being the one close to the cathedral and the one at Neumarkt which means Market of Angels, but there are also smaller, specialized ones such as a fairytale market and a medieval market.

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