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Places to visit in Como

When you travel to Como, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Como, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Como to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Como things to do can include exploring Como attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in como


The “Catterdrale di Santa Maria Assunta” (Cathedral of the Assumption of our Lady Mary) is one of the most significant monuments of Northern Italy. A visit to the Cathedral is like a journey through time, from the remains of the ancient Romanesque cathedral on which construction began, to the Gothic architecture of its façade, to the paintings and statuary of the Renaissance period, to the Baroque decorations and finally the dome of Filippo Juavara, built in the eighteenth century; a time period of approximately 300 years!


This imposing sculpture of two hands which has a very deep symbolic meaning attached to it. The plaque in front of it reads, what can be roughly translated to, “While one hand is standing steadfast and defending the country’s institutional values, the other is slain in combat”.


One of Italy’s famous architectures, Giuseppe Terragni’s most commendable work, this has been hailed by many as revolutionizing modern European architecture. Built under the regime of Benito Mussolini, it currently houses the historical museum of the Guardia di Finanza 6th legion.


This twelfth-century church, dedicated to St. Fedele, was in fact built on the remains of an earlier church, dating back to the seventh century and which was dedicated to St. Euphemia. The door of St. Fedele is one of its most striking features, with Romanesque decorations carved on it.


One of the oldest churches in Como, it dates back to the fourth century and is believed to have been erected on the site of a temple dedicated to the Roman god Mercury.


Perfect for a leisurely stroll bracing the majestic lake as you walk past it. There is the museum dedicated to Alessandro Volta (Tempio Voltiano), the adjoining park and the Como Aero Club where you might chance upon a seaplane taking off.


The beauty of the majestic lake can be best comprehended when you actually chart its waters on a boat to the string of the pretty lake-side islands. The most picturesque of them all is Varenna, quaint and serene. If you go out of season, you have the island practically to yourself. A short distance from Varenna is the island of Menaggio which is perfect for leisurely strolls under the sun with many cafes and shops around to ensure you have a good time.


Probably the most famous tourist attraction of Como, the Villa del Balbianello has been used for the shooting of countless films because of its stunning view and beauty. You can get here by car and walk a bit or park the car and take a boat. Either way there is a fair bit of walking involved, but the view of Lake Como is worth it.


Brunate is a very serene place, housing some of the posh houses and quaint churches in Como. This is the perfect place if you are looking to let your hair down and enjoy nature at its finest. You can go on refreshing walks on mountain tops or scale a lighthouse. A trip to Brunate also makes for amazing sceneries and is a photographer’s delight.


Bellagio is one of the most popular of Como’s lake-side islands. The streets filled with cobbled stones with cafes and quaint little shops open on either side of the street, this is the image of Italy that appears when one closes his/her eyes for a second. Bellagio is indeed that beautiful, and money spent on a boat-ride to the Bellagio is money well spent. As physically proved, Bellagio is more than what meets the eye.


The Broletto, or Town Hall, in Como was constructed in 1215, under the supervision of Bonardo, the mayor of Como. The architecture is a remarkable Gothic structure made from marble. The palace and the tower were built in honour of St. Abbondio, the patron saint of the city of Como. After being used as a theatre and a communal archive, it is now used for exhibitions and public events.


Built at the end of the eighteenth century, this neo-classical villa is named after a great elm tree that once grew in this ground. It is believed that there is mention of its existence in one of the works of Pliny the Younger. Today there are numerous interesting exhibitions held.


Alessandro Volta, the brain behind the modern day battery among many other inventions and discoveries is one of Como’s favourite sons. This area is dedicated to the great man and pays homage to his amazing body of work.

Food in como


Food is the cornerstone of Italian culture. It is the great sharing of various dishes on platters by all the members of the family that drives the Italian chain of thought. And typically Como is no different. Traditionally different parts of Italy have a few signature dishes. The dishes that are a must-have in como are:

Cotoletta Al Milenese: Veal cutlets draped in a protective covering of flour, eggs and breadcrumbs (in that order) are fried until golden brown in olive oil.

Risotto Al Milanese: Risotto is a rice dish that is cooked in stock until it is al dente. Variations of this dish vary from place to place, and here in Como it is Risotto al Milanese. The stock is made from chicken giblets and is added to the rice which is toasting in butter and white wine in small parts whilst stirring continuously till all the starch from the thick rice grains are released resulting into a delicious creamy dish. This risotto dish is flavoured with saffron, and parmesan cheese, which Italians believe to be the “King of Cheeses.

Osso Bucco: Slow cooked shin of beef in a ragout sauce and served on a bed of rice and peas.

Polenta: A staple in these parts, is made from corn. Italians have a number of ways of preparing Polenta, simply cooked like a mash, or chilled, set in cubes and then fried or grilled with an assortment of vegetables or goat’s cheese.

Pasta & Pizza: Perhaps the two best known Italian exports when it comes to all things gastronomical there, A variety of different types of ways of preparing them which have become Como’s signature pasta and pizza dishes of sorts.

Shopping in como


For visitors planning to visit during the holiday season, Como elevates its beauty to a whole new level. With the Christmas spirit very much in the air, the vibrancy in this part of the world sure is contagious with stalls producing quirky and attractive items popping up here and there.

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