Cotoletta Al Milenese

Food is the cornerstone of Italian culture. It is the great sharing of various dishes on platters by all the members of the family that drives the Italian chain of thought. And typically Como is no different. Traditionally different parts of Italy have a few signature dishes. The dishes that are a must-have in como are:

Cotoletta Al Milenese: Veal cutlets draped in a protective covering of flour, eggs and breadcrumbs (in that order) are fried until golden brown in olive oil.

Risotto Al Milanese: Risotto is a rice dish that is cooked in stock until it is al dente. Variations of this dish vary from place to place, and here in Como it is Risotto al Milanese. The stock is made from chicken giblets and is added to the rice which is toasting in butter and white wine in small parts whilst stirring continuously till all the starch from the thick rice grains are released resulting into a delicious creamy dish. This risotto dish is flavoured with saffron, and parmesan cheese, which Italians believe to be the “King of Cheeses.

Osso Bucco: Slow cooked shin of beef in a ragout sauce and served on a bed of rice and peas.

Polenta: A staple in these parts, is made from corn. Italians have a number of ways of preparing Polenta, simply cooked like a mash, or chilled, set in cubes and then fried or grilled with an assortment of vegetables or goat’s cheese.

Pasta & Pizza: Perhaps the two best known Italian exports when it comes to all things gastronomical there, A variety of different types of ways of preparing them which have become Como’s signature pasta and pizza dishes of sorts.

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