Places to visit in Comoros

When you travel to Comoros, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Comoros, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Comoros to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Comoros things to do can include exploring Comoros attractions and visiting the places of interest.

This place is located on the Anjouan islands. ThisUjumbe Palace is also referred to as the “palace of sultans.” It is in ruins now although there are a lot of repairing and restoration work that is going underway. The structure is a wonderful example of Swahili architecture where the exteriors are sober.

The country does not have typical attractions for kids as in other tropical countries. However, children and family can enjoy some wonderful time together on the beautiful beaches and go swimming or take part in various water sports too. Island tours including watching local boats at the harbour can make for some interesting cultural sightseeing.

The Grand Comore Island, this is a magnificent mosque near the port. The interiors are beautiful and only males can visit. The dress must be appropriate like the long white robe.

You will find this wonderful museum in Moroni, the capital city on the Grand Comore Island. It was established in 1989 and is completely dedicated to the country’s history and culture. There are four rooms inside the museum; one room exhibits about Oceanography and natural science, another about Social and Cultural anthropology.

The Anjouan Island is where you should head to for a feel of 17th century houses and alleys. This island is a home to some beautiful waterfalls. You must witness the spellbound view of the Sulu waterfall and the largest lagoon which is situated here on the French Mayotte Island. The amazing backdrop is a perfect picturesque for photographers.

This is a beautiful sulphur crater that provides a breathtaking view in the centre of Moheli Island. The island also has some great beaches.

This Mountain has a difficult climb but once you reach the summit, you will be glad to have taken the effort. At 5231 ft. it is the highest point.

Interact with the fishermen here in the fishing village of Fomboni and watch how sailboats are built by hand by age old methods.

This is the highest point on Comoros islands. It offers a stunning landscape for all types of adventurous activities like hiking, walking, trekking and so on. There are great views from the summit for all you adventure lovers out there. This is one of the most active volcanoes in the world having erupted 20 times in the last 2 centuries. There is also some unique flora and fauna to be spotted on the summit.

If you are looking for adventure on the Comoros islands, the best place to start is Mount Karthala, an active volcano which is great for hiking. You can plan an exciting trekking trip to DzianiBundouni volcano in Moheli.

Relax the plain old way here with leisurely walks around the cities and towns, or go for some great sightseeing and island hopping on major islands.

There are no fancy restaurants like other tropical countries, but of course, there are medium to small restaurants that are excellent enough for a hearty meal. If you are looking for snacks, then head towards the VoloVolo market in Moroni or at various spots near the Vendredi mosque.

Chez Babou Restaurant and Café De La Paix in Moroni, are a couple of popular restaurants that you can try for a great meal with your family and friends.

If you are a sea food lover then there are a lot of surprises in-stored for you! Among the favourite sea food, the “langouste a la vanilla” which is a lobster cooked in heavenly vanilla sauce.

Comoros is a Muslim country there are strict restrictions on alcohol consumption and alcohol sale. The Comoros travel packages will highlight you about places that do not have noisy pubs and crowd. There are very few restaurants where you can get alcohol. Some merchants in VoloVolo market too deal with it.

Shopping is a lot of fun here at Comoros. You can pick up some beautiful hand-crafted items from the capital city of Moroni. Spices are also something which you may want to take home from here. A large quantity of essences for making perfumes all over the globe comes from this enchanting country

The capital has some excellent shopping sites for items like pottery, embroidered skullcaps, shell jewellery, slippers, carved wooden chests and the like. You can check out some colourful scarves, homemade lamps as a wonderful memorabilia of Comoros.

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