Places to Visit in Dubrovnik

When you travel to Dubrovnik, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Dubrovnik, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Dubrovnik to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Dubrovnik things to do can include exploring Dubrovnik attractions and visiting the places of interest.

This is a popular monument with an impressive architecture in the Gothic and Renaissance styles. The massive building was built as the residence of the elected Rector of the city in the 15th century. The striking features of this Gothic-styled palace are the private chambers, the rector’s office from where he ruled Dubrovnik, the public halls and other administrative offices. There is also a dungeon in this palace. Each of these rooms have been beautifully restored and maintained since ages. This entire palace has been thus converted into the Cultural History Museum of the city. Another star attraction of this palace is the statue of Miho Pracat which is kept in the atrium. He is the only commoner to be honored with his statue being installed at a public place. He is known for this act where he bequeathed his wealth to the Republic. Visit the place and have an enthralling experience as you feel like walking back to the ancient ages.

This 16th century Gothic styled palace has been used variously over the period of time. Originally built as a customs house, it was later converted into a mint, later it became the state treasury and then a bank. Now it has the State Archives where manuscripts can be found dating back to nearly a thousand years. There is also a Memorial Room where black and white photographs of those young men are displayed who died in the war of the 90’s. It is situated north to the Luza Square and is very popular among the tourists.

This city at the coast of Adriatic Sea is an ideal location that offers relaxation for the entire family. Additionally, this city’s glorious past allows you to know more about this part of the Europe. One interesting activity you can participate in while visiting this city is the Cable Car ride to the top of the Mt Sr?. This cable car, if the weather is appropriate, takes one to a height of 405m within 4 minutes. From here you can absorb the beautiful panoramic view of the city. The beautiful Adriatic Sea just beyond the terracotta-roofed houses will surely leave you spellbound. Children will also love the ride and stay engaged. Look in details with the telescopes that are available there. There is also a restaurant and a snack bar there if you wish to refresh yourself. Children will also love visiting the Dubrovnik Aquarium and the Visia 5D Multimedia Museum.

At the site where this cathedral is situated now, there once was a much smaller basilica situated which was originally built in the 7th century. Later in the 12th century, this was reconstructed into this massive structure with the help of the funds received from the England’s King Richard I, the Lionheart. Legends have it that he was saved from a shipwreck on the nearby island of Lokrum. So, this cathedral was basically a gift from the King.

This cathedral is the seat of the Diocese of Dubrovnik. Its treasury holds several precious relics including the gold-plated arm, leg and skull of Saint Blaise who is the patron saint of this city. Open on all days of the week, this cathedral can be visited at any time between 7.30am to 6pm. The city of Dubrovnik like Croatia has a majority population of Roman Catholics. You will get to visit a number of well-built churches.

Compiled by the New Zealand photojournalist, Wade Goddard, there are a number of interesting pictures you will enjoy looking at. The artist puts across the face of the war which this city had to endure in the 90’s. There are several photographs which tell the horror of the battles fought in Yugoslavia. It is a permanent exhibition which can be accessed throughout the year.

Travelling a little bit towards the north-west of the Dubrovnik city, you will find one of the oldest arboretums of the world situated. Initiated in the 15th century by the noble family of Gozze, the protected area now covers around 255,000 square meters of this park. It has several exotic species of plants which have been sourced from throughout the world. Experience the natural beauty and get acquainted with a number of plants that exist around the world. 

The city of Dubrovnik has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. Visit the beaches in the pleasant weather and enjoy the natural beauty offered by the beautiful Mediterranean beaches. They are beautiful and will be blissful to visit. 

One of the major highlight of this Dubrovnik is the walls which has been protecting this city since the medieval ages. These walls run 2 kms around the city and four to six meters thick at certain places. There are intermittent towers which were built in order to protect the city from incoming attacks. Now, they offer an authentic touch of the past ages and add to the beauty of the city. 

These walls were first built in the 9th century but were later fortified several times. While taking a stroll around the city, you can explore these walls in the best manner. So, you can prepare for a long excursion around the city and enjoy your heart out.

A walk across the Walls of Dubrovnik is highly adventurous and impressive. Spare a whole day for this so that you can explore this beautiful fortification of this city without any hassle. While walking, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea as well as that of the city. 

The beautiful shoreline of this city offers the best view of this part of the Mediterranean. The pristine water of the Adriatic Sea is mesmerizing to watch. Relax yourself as you enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding sea. 

The Levanat and Konoba Ribar are restaurants which are known for the popular local dishes. The Zuzori is also known for offering the local food with a unique twist. 

Various pasta dishes are popular here. They are served with different types of sauces and vegetables. As a part of the meal, several kinds of sausages are also eaten which include pancetta, salami, and kulen, a spicy pork sausage. Moreover, there are several kinds of pies, pastries and cakes which impress anyone with a sweet tooth in addition to providing a wholesome meal. Indulge yourself in the local flavours of this Croatian city.  

The Lazareti is the most talked about place in the city, being a famous center for most of the happening events of the city. Throughout the year live music gigs are organized here. 

Gaffe is a homely Irish style pub which is the live centre of action when some important football match is being played. However, if you are interested in tasting good quality wine, then you must visit D’vino which houses a very good collection of Croatian wines. 

The Old Town of Dubrovnik has several shopping options. You get a variety of good quality products that are exclusive. Here, you can buy local products like rose liquors, local handicrafts and several other souvenirs.

The Old city has several super markets and shops where you will find products belonging to various local as well as several international brands. You can visit the Maria if you are looking for a Miu Miu or a Stella McCartney.

You can also visit a shop known as Algoritam and Algebra which is a famous bookstore over here. Do not forget to check out their range of Venetian masks.

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