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France has been a tourist hotspot for many decades now and continues to remain a top tourist destination even today. It's not hard to imagine why that it, the country has more or less everything to offer the millions of tourists that flock to the country each year. It has numerous century-old monuments that are a testimony to its rich and historic past. It has beautiful mountain ranges and man sun-kissed beaches. The French countryside is something that dreams are made of and its magnificent castles will surely make you feel like royalty. Its babbling rivers make for picturesque scenery and are an ideal location for a family picnic or romantic walk with your significant other. 

The French Rivera is the epitome of luxury and style in all of Europe. And when you want to take a break from all the sightseeing you can duck into the many cafes, restaurants and coffee shops and enjoy scrumptious French food. You can plan short getaways to French cities like Paris, Bordeaux and Nice or even a long road trip and enjoy the breath-taking French countryside. 

These are some of the many reasons why Tourism in France is still booming, and the country remains as of the top tourist destination in the world even today.  And if you are wondering if there is anything to do in France to feed that adrenalin junky in you, then don't be disappointed as you can always take a break from the gorgeous sightseeing and go cycling, kayaking, climbing, or hiking in the great French outdoors.

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Euro,CFP franc


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Best France Tourism guide

Currency: Euro

Population: 66.9 million

Time Zone: UTC+01:00

Area: 643,801 km²

Capital: Paris

Official Language: French

Capital's calling code: +33



Located in Western France and south-east of the UK, France is a quaint European country and is neighbors with many other European countries such as Spain, Germany, and Italy. The total area of the country is approx. 643,801 km² and its total population are around 66.9 million. Its largest city and Capital is Paris whose total population is around 2 million.  Followed by Marseille with a population of 850,000 people. Followed by Lyon, Toulouse, and Nice.  



The earliest trace of human life in France can be traced back approx. 50,000 years. Before France came into existence, a country named Gaul existed, where modern-day France is located. Gaul is believed to have been conquered by the Romans in 1st Century BCE, as a result of which the locals adopted the Roman culture and language. The word France is derived from the name of a Germanic tribe called Franks, who began entering Gaul around 400 AD.

The formation of modern France began with the signing of the Treaty of Verdun in 843 that led to that formation of Western Francia. Before the French Revolution, France was ruled by many Nobilities that is of course until 1798 when the monarchy was finally overthrown. The movie Marie Antoinette was loosed based on the French Revolution. A decade after the great French Revolution, France was seized by the infamous dictator Napoleon Bonaparte, who declared himself as the Emperor of France. He waged numerous wars and forcefully occupied a lot of European territories but was ultimately defeated in the Battle of Waterloo.

During World War I, the country suffered tremendous loss, although it emerged victorious. Its fate was no better during World War II either, as it was captured by the Nazis. France was finally liberated in the year 1944, due to the joint efforts of UK, Canada, and the USA. Since then the country has come a long way and has become a key player in the EU. It is the fashion and food capital of the world. The country has set the standard for luxury, style, fashion and fine dining in the world. It is a popular tourist destination and has much to offer the world.

Some interesting fact of the Country that you may not have known:

Contrary to common misconception, The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to the USA.

The French invented the bikini in the year 1946. They also invented denim jeans.

The Eifel Tower took two years to build. Construction completed in 1989. It was originally commissioned for just 20 years, but it has been around for nearly 120 years. 


Population: France has a total population of approx. 66.9 million. Around 85% percent of the French population is of European origin, about 10% is of North African origin, 1.5% is from Asian, and the remaining 3.5% is Black population. In 2017 nearly 27% of all new-born kids in metro cities have at least one of not both parents of foreign origin. Over the last 100 years, there has been large-scale immigration in France. As a result, the population, especially in cities like Paris, is very diverse.


Religion: The main religion in France in Catholicism, around 53.8% of the countries identify themselves as Catholics. Although, the country is very secular, they have banned certain elements of other religions such as the head scarfs that women wear are prohibited in public institutions such as town halls, schools and universities. The other prominent relations in France are, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism among other.


Language(s): Although the main language spoken in France is French, about 13 percent people speak English. 16% percent speak German, and another 13% speak Italian. Communication with a native French speaker can be challenging, but nothing a little sign language and google translator can't solve

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