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Places to visit in Harare

When you travel to Harare, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Harare, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Harare to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Harare things to do can include exploring Harare attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in harare


This important burial ground, spans over 57 acres and was built to pay respect to many patriots who laid down their lives for the country. The ground is very serene and has a number of commemorative statues and stones. One of them is the Tomb of Unknown Soldier, which is a bronze statue depicting three guerillas, Man Woman and child. The statue pays homage to all the unidentified soldiers who gave their lives to the country. The Eternal Flame, which rests on top of a 40ft tower, is also the highest point in the ground. It was lit at the independence celebration of 1982 in respect for the soldiers. Two walls on both sides of the building are beautiful with its Murals, depicting the long history of Zimbabwe.

One will be in awe of the beauty of the memorial ground, for it is filled with the emotional sentiments of the people of Zimbabwe channeled intricately through this National Monument. One will also find a museum near the entrance of the Burial ground, where one can get detailed information on the history of Zimbabwe, its colonial struggles along with artifacts and photographs.


This amusement park has a good number of rides that kids can enjoy. One can plan and spend a day with his/her family here, and kids will have fun with rides such as the Jeeps and Dodgems.


Children will have asuper time here, since the farm has a number of animals that they can play with and feed as well! Enjoy the pony rides and donkey rides after 4pm. The park has a number of rides to choose from and children would love to spend time here. Learn, enjoy and educate your children about animals by visiting this farm.


Are you looking for a fun filled place to leave your child in for some private time? This safe and fun play house is capable of taking care of small kids and the managers take great care of them while you are away! The kids enjoy spending their day here and can also make many new friends. 


This is a really fun place for your teens and yourself! Get a true essence of Africa with its various activities including fishing, canoeing, walks, horse riding and number of games.


This is one of the only remaining buildings of the Colonial era in Harare. The Church is absolutely stunning with its architecture depicting beautiful Gothic Revival. The two towers of adjoined to the building add to the architectural marvel. This famous Church is also the seat for the Archbishop. 


This Sandstone building, made over a span of 50 years, was built by the famous architect Herbert Baker. The construction was started in 1918 and finished some 50 years later. The church has a lot of granite and its serene simplistic features make it a splendid attraction. The Church has a famous bell tower in it, which has 10 bells, all made from London. 


This Mosque serves number of Muslims of the city, and has routinely conducted prayers. The Building is quite serene and one will find it a peaceful place to visit.


This famous museum is known for having the 700 year old Lemba artifact. Some people believe it to be a replica of the Ark of The Covenant. It is one of the most famous attractions of all of Harare. Many historians travel here from far-off places to get a look at the oldest wooden object in Sub Sahara African region that was ever found. It's one of the most important discoveries in human history. In addition to ethnological and archaeological collections, the complex also has a number of exhibits and a gift store. One can also enjoy the many Wildlife exhibitions that are on show here.


This is the place for you, if it is authentic contemporary art you are looking for. One will find here over 6,000 objects and artifacts collected from the major cities. The curator and the management has managed to keep a stunning collection of the various forms of art from many artist all over the country. The Gallery also hosts many activities and workshops that help budding artists to grow and appreciate their own talents. The exhibits and shows are a great example of how far Harare has come. It takes interest in preserving the existing significant artifacts so that the future generations can appreciate their country’s heritage.


This fascinating garden houses over 100 species of flowering plants that are indigenous to Harare and African regions. 58 hectares of greenery, flowers and plants will give you a perfect insight into the natural beauty of Harare. Enjoy the day with your friends and family right in this naturally endowed place of tranquility.


This is a park very unlike others, and you can have a great time going on an excursion here. Numerous sculptures made out of stones can be seen, and one may also buy it as a souvenir. Enjoy your day walking around beautiful sculptures amidst nature. 


Harare is a mix of many different dimensions, of the world of business, wildlife, historical artifacts, colonial buildings and of a culturally rich society. With time, this metropolitan city has made rapid developments and yet people there have managed to keep their ancient heritage close to their heart.


Located some 7kms away from Harare, this is a great place to appreciate the beauty of nature. So, all you need is $20 in your pocket and a couple of binoculars. The sightseeing is amazing and one can see many zebras and giraffes grazing around. Just take a horse ride and spend your time enjoying the scenery.


This granite hill is a great spot for trekking. One can enjoy the sight of Harare through this beautiful spot. Reach the top of this hill and get mesmerized in almost no time.


This bird sanctuary speaks of the efforts taken the local people to preserve the hugely endangered birds of the locality. One can surely have a nice time here.


Street markets there reflect the culture of the people through their textiles and jewelry. Museums on the other handwill tell you Zimbabwe's history in detail. The people there have great respect for the Wildlife and they believe in development in regard to preservation of their natural environment. The cultural beliefs of the people are fascinating, with many of them strongly believing in the spiritual realms of human intellect. They have many customs that they still keep at par with. 


Have an amazing time at this business class resort, with its world class amenities. One can enjoy the food, the drinks and all in all have a great time. The glass architecture is a true delight.


This is one of the most famous pedestrian streets where one can interact with the local people of Harare. One can choose many things from the goods offered by the shops in and around. Take the pleasure in spending an evening walking around this popular place in the city.

Activities in harare

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Harare is a great place for adventure sports since the nature around provides a great platform to indulge in various activities such as hiking, trekking, canoeing, jet skiing, parasailing and Riding various animals such as the horses, elephants and donkeys. Safaris and interactive activities such as bird watching, driving along enclosed habitats of the wildlifeetc will leave you delighted at Harare. 

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Harare being a world class metropolitan city has a number of Spas and Resorts where you can relax for long hours. Sightseeing in Harare itself gives a great deal of satisfaction and serenity.

Food in harare


Some of the best places to eat in the city include Amanzi, which serves delicacies in a Colonial British building decorated beautifully with local artifacts. Garwe, with its thatched roof and glazing fire, is very famous for its Zimbabwean cuisine. Butcher's Kitchen, Change Thai and Victoria 22 are some other great choices.


The most famous dish is Sadza, a kind of porridge made of maize. The local people make many dishes using the simple ingredients found in their surroundings. Meat dishes are very common, and roasts are quite famous. Couscous and Kebabs are popular too. Chibuku and Lion are some famous drinks. 

Night Life in harare


Experience the Zimba culture through a fantastic performance at The Book Cafe. The recent opening of Misty's has brought a lot of new genres here such as Jazz, RnB, reggae, blues to world of live music in Harare.


The Origins cafe is a great place to have a few drinks and dance away all your worries! Just let your hair down and enjoy the music. 


The Westgate Mall and the Blue Banana are two great places where you will come across a stunning collection of drinks. If you are looking forward to enjoy local drinks, do not miss out on the Explorer's Bar.

Shopping in harare


Visit the most hectic market of Harare, with its varying fresh products and artifacts. The Shona sculptures, the local basketry, artifacts and pottery make for great souvenirs.


This market is predominantly famous for its textiles. Buy the many different vibrant colors, with its intricate work reflecting a great deal of Zimbabwe. You can also buy a lot of books here.


One who is an avid lover of art will take pleasure in shopping here.With many boutiques and shops available,youwill love spending quality time here with your loved ones. 


Many stores can be found in and around the city of Harare, providing basic amenities that one might need. Some of them include Barbours Department Store, Meikles Department Store and others. 

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