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Best Time To Visit Hong Kong 


Best Time to visit Hong Kong

Being locates on the seaside, Hong Kong has a variety of weather conditions and is subjected to typhoons as well during the rainy season. Hong Kong is located in the Subtropical region, making it an all year destination. Though summers here are known to be really hot and humid and can ideally be avoided. Winters here are known to be dry and cool making it the most ideal weather to be in Hong Kong. In addition to that, the autumn season here is also an agreeable time to visit Hong Kong. The cool evenings, pleasant breeze blowing all through the day, moderate temperatures and the right amount of sunshine make this a really the best time to visit Hong Kong. Just avoid visiting during the time of the Chinese New Year as then many shops will be closed. The dates for the same change annually. Below are the details of the Hong Kong climate by month: 


Autumn in Hong Kong (September to November)

Temperature: 22 Degrees -24 Degrees

Weather: It is a wonderful time to enjoy Hong Kong. The humidity is less and the temperature also starts dipping. In October the rain diminishes, the temperature also goes down to about 26 degrees and the evenings are pleasant.

Why to visit now: Exploring the city streets is fun during this time. Outdoor activities become fun with the clear skies and low humidity in the city. This and the many festivals that fall during this season make this time extremely worthwhile in Hong Kong.

Know before you visit: But the typhoons still happen occasionally.

Significance: The Mid-Autumn Festival and the Watch and Clock Fair are the two major events to watch out during September. The Cheung Yeung Festival is celebrated in October and it is a good day to go on a hike. The Wine and Dine Festival is another event to look out for and is held over a period of three days. Food classes, carnivals etc. all happen during this time of the month. The two-day Lan Kwai Fong Carnival is held over a weekend in November and you can devour on food delicacies including cocktails, wines, and beer. The Winter Fest kicks off mid-November and marks the beginning of long celebrations till the New Year’s Day. It is one of the most popular time to visit Hong Kong.

Tips: Summer clothing should be a good choice of attire in this month.


Winter in Hong Kong (December to February)

Temperature: 15 Degrees to 19 Degrees

Weather: The temperatures are slightly fluctuating and the weather is mostly dry. The temperature doesn’t cross the 20-degree mark in Decembers. In January though, the temperature drops to about 15 degrees centigrade. It is the coldest month here. Hong Kong never sees snow during this month but experiences around 21mm of average precipitation, it is the second driest month after December. The month of February also has similar weather when compared to January, but the temperatures starts increasing and touches close to 25 degrees centigrade.

Why to visit now: The city is bright, colorful and lively during this month and you should definitely try to plan your trip in December. It is by far the best time to visit Hong Kong. Also, it doesn’t rain during January so you can go out and enjoy the outdoors. You can enjoy good hiking trips during this time of the year.

Know before you visit: A slight drizzle of rain can happen during February due to which the night temperatures fall to 14 degrees sometimes.

Significance: The European Carnival, Shopping Season, Christmas Celebrations are few of the major festivities and events to look forward to when one visits Hong Kong during December. The celebrations continue to happen all throughout the month due to multiple events and the New Year. The Hong Kong Marathon and the Chinese New year are the biggest festivals celebrated in January.

The Marathon attracts a large number of participants from across the world while during the Chinese New Year the city shuts down for few days and is all colorful and lively with celebration parades. You can add the Hong Kong Arts Festival that starts towards the end of February. The Spring Lantern Festival held on 15th day of Chinese New Year falls in this month as well. The city gets lighted up with the colored lanterns hung across each and every corner. In urban Hong Kong Valentine’s Day is also celebrated and you can devour the various chocolate delicacies in the city.

Tips: A normal jacket or sweater in December is sufficient to enjoy the outdoors. . A simple jacket or long-sleeved shirts should be more than enough for January in terms of clothing.


Spring in Hong Kong (March to May)

Temperature: On few afternoon the temperature touches 28 degrees but the average temperature ranges around 18 degrees.

Weather: Slight drizzle and misty mornings make the weather pleasant and beautiful. Heat and humidity are on a rise in March, but the weather still remains close to pleasant, making it the best season to visit Hong Kong. The temperature goes till 29 degrees centigrade on a few days as well. May marks the arrival of the summer season in Hong Kong. The temperature reaches up to 31 degrees with the average ranging in the high twenties.

Why to visit now: Spring is the ideal time to visit Hong Kong owing to its beautiful weather, numerous fests and shows, and ample of outdoor activities to try out. This is the perfect month for enjoying the Hong Kong beaches.

Know before you visit: It is a busy season for tourism in Hong Kong, hence it can get crowded and also become difficult to find an accommodation.

Significance: The International Film Festival and the Flower Show are major events happening in March. During the film festival, many big names from the film industry come together to celebrate the movies and you can get a chance to interact with them. The flower show showcases beautiful display of colorful flowers and landscapes that look stunning. In April Hong Kong celebrates the birthday of the Goddess of Sea, Tin Hau on 23rd of the month. Each and every temple has its own unique celebration by either having parades or dragon and lion dances. The sports event, Rugby Sevens also takes place in April.

The Ching Ming festival in April also celebrates the arrival of spring season. The Le French May, the French cultural festival is celebrated in May and you can relish the cinemas, dance performances along with delicious food. The Buddha Birthday is a national holiday that falls in this month and many monasteries are in celebratory mode. You can enjoy these festivities with other tourists and worshippers that visit Hong Kong in May.

Tips: Simple short-sleeved shirts and pants would suffice for this weather. You can enjoy this weather in t-shirts and shorts, as March approaches. Keep an umbrella handy as it might rain on a few days. The second half of the season sees some rainfall so make sure you carry an umbrella when outdoors. Short-sleeved shirts and shorts are good enough to take you through this season.


Summer in Hong Kong (June to August)

Temperature: 26 degrees to 34 degrees

Weather: This season sees a lot of rain and is one of the wettest months. The weather is humid too. Though Sun shines more during July, this month also sees a lot of rain. The temperatures can reach 34 degrees with average around 26 degrees.

Why to visit now: It might get tough to enjoy the outdoor activities due to rains, but you can enjoy other indoor activities like visiting museums, theme parks etc.

Know before you visit: Outdoor activities can be tough during these months as it will be difficult to walk due to rains and humidity. August is also wettest of all months with rainfalls, typhoons, and thunderstorms coming in occasionally. This would not be the best month to enjoy the outdoors and explore the city on foot. The max temperature can touch till 32 degrees and humidity is on the higher side.

Significance: The famous Dragon boat festival and the Stanley Dragon Boat short races happen during June and are spectacular to watch. 1st of July is a national holiday due to the Hong Kong Special Administration Region’s establishment anniversary. You can enjoy the views of flag-hoisting ceremonies and parades along with cultural programs. The book fair and the comic-con also take place in mid-July. There are many seminars, writing workshops, COSPLAY events, performances etc. happening all around the city. The Hong Kong Food Expo is held in mid-August and showcases delicacies from around the world. If you are a foodie then you should plan your trip in August.

Tips: Keeping an umbrella handy is a must.

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