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Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a metropolitan city with multiple options for visitors to enjoy and have fun. There are many unique experiences that you can experience while vacationing in Hong Kong like fishing in Aberdeen Fishing Village, a tram ride to Victoria Peak, etc. If you start listing down things to do in Hong Kong, you will definitely run out of paper. You can enjoy trekking and hiking at the Dragon’s back.

The evening symphony at the Hong Kong harbor in the night landscape is a once in a lifetime experience. Visiting the serene beaches and relaxing is a great option to rejuvenate from the stressful city life. Moreover, many water sport activities can also be done at these beaches.

One of the best places to shop, Hong Kong has numerous markets all around the city where you can buy souvenirs or gifts or cheap electronic items. The Temple Street Night Market should definitely be on your itinerary. You can also go for sightseeing and continue to explore the attractions in Hong Kong for days and not get bored.

There are a lot of activities and things to be done by visitors when in Hong Kong. You just have to step out of your hotel and start exploring the place. For adventurers, there are trekking, hiking and water sports that they can try. Visitors looking for a calm and serene environment can enjoy the lush green parks, the beautiful beaches, take a sightseeing tour of the city or hop on the big bus for the city tour. There is no way you can get bored in this city as simple activities like walking in the park or sitting by the beach are fulfilling in their own way. Below is a list of few activities that visitors of all ages can do and enjoy while vacationing in Hong Kong.

Attractions in hong kong


Located on Lantau Island, just 12 km from the Hong Kong International Airport, the Disneyland theme park is a must-visit venue. The theme park even has two resort hotels and a recreation center near the lake. The park opens at 10 a.m. in the morning and is directly connected to MTR line trains. The resort is divided into themes like Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch etc. These themes have multiple activities and exciting rides that you can enjoy. If you happen to visit during festivals like Christmas, Halloween, Easter etc., the resort is beautifully decorated and parades happen throughout the day. Kids will have a gala time at this resort. You can even buy souvenirs to take back home.


Location: Lantau Island

Known for: Amazing rides and recreational centers for kids.

Approximate Cost: 6,000 INR per person for adults and 4,200 INR for kids less than 12 years of age.

How to reach: Through MTR line trains

Operating Hours: 10:00 am- 08:15 pm

Type: Amusement Park


Ngong Ping 360 is located on Lantau Island and houses a spectacular cable car ride that is listed in world’s top 10 rides. It is named Ngong Ping 360 as the cable car takes you to the Ngong Ping plateau and you can see a 3600 view of Hong Kong from there. The 25-minute long cable ride provides some of the spectacular views of the island and connects to the Ngong Ping Village which is a culturally themes garden. The Village is located right next to the Po Lin Monastery and the gorgeous Tian Tan Buddha. All the festivities are celebrated with great enthusiasm and the village also has great recreational, shopping, and dining options. This would be a great 3600start to your vacation.


Location: Lantau Island

Known for: 3600 view of Hong Kong, Po Lin Monastery and Tian Tan Buddha

Approximate Cost: The packages start at 2,700 INR per person for adults and 1,600 INR for kids less than 12 years of age.

How to reach: MTR train line from airport or local public or personal transport

Operating Hours: 9:00 am- 06:30 pm


Type: Village/ Landmark


Located on the Hong Kong Island at the Peak Tower, Madame Tussauds is a major attraction in Hong Kong. It is the first of the Madame Tussauds museum to be built in Asia. The museum houses over 100 wax figures of famous personalities out of which one third are Asian. The wax figures are designed to cover different themes like Music Icons, Historic Heroes, the Champions, Hong Kong Glamour etc. divided among eleven interactive zones. You can click selfies with your favorite celebrities and sportspersons. The animated world here is sure to attract kids and they can also click pictures with their Superheroes.


Location: Peak Tower of the Hong Kong Island

Known for: Life size wax figurines of world famous icons

Approximate Cost: Booking tickets online is a cheaper option. The packages start at 2,000 INR per person for adults and 1,500 INR for kids less than 12 years of age.

How to reach: By Peak Tram or bus from within the city

Operating Hours: 10:00 am- 10:00 pm

Type: Museum


Victoria Peak is a small mountain on the western side of the Hong Kong Island. Also called Mount Austin, it has an altitude of 552 m and is the highest mountain in Hong Kong. Views of the Central, Lamma Island, and Victoria Harbor from the Victoria Peak are mesmerizing. The panoramic view of the waterfront from the peak attracts a large number of tourists here. A viewing deck is specially designed and equipped with telescopes so people can enjoy the breath-taking views. To reach this peak you can take a tram and enjoy the views during the journey. Two shopping centres and many restaurants are also located at the Peak.


Location: Western front of the Hong Kong Island

Known for: Panoramic sight of Victoria Harbor, Lamma Island etc.

Approximate Cost: The return tickets cost 1,000 INR per person for adults, 350 INR for kids less than 12 years of age. The tickets can be booked online as well.

How to reach: From MTR train station, walk up the Garden Road

Operating Hours: 07:00 am- 12:00 midnight


Type: Landmarka


Avenue of Stars is the Hong Kong Walk of Fame and celebrates famous actors of the Hong Kong Cinema. It is located in the ever-famous harbor, the Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront. Over the years it has become a popular scenic spot in Hong Kong attracting close to half million visitors every month. The handprints of the local movie actors, exhibitions, cultural programs, dance performances and many more such activities happen here throughout the year.

From Avenue of Stars, you can also enjoy the laser and light event called A Symphony of Lights which is staged every night and the synchronization of the laser with the music will leave you spellbound. This show has made it to Guinness book of World Records and is named the world’s biggest permanent sound as well as light show. During festivities, this show is supplemented by amazing fireworks.


Location: Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront harbor

Known for: Laser sound and light show

Approximate Cost: Free

How to reach: Make your way up to MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station or move to the Mody Road at ‘East’ Tsim Sha Tsui Station Bus Terminus

Operating Hours: Avenue of Stars (24 Hours)/ A Symphony of Lights (08:00 pm every night)

Type: Landmark


To spend a day leisurely, the museums in Hong Kong are the best places to visit. You can learn a lot about Hong Kong as well as enjoy your day while walking through the artifacts and the history. These museums will take you up and close to the Hong Kong culture and the steps in its growth and development. The Museum of Medical Sciences in Central showcases the evolution of healthcare system, the Police Museum showcases the transformation of Hong Kong forces, the Film Archive museum in East Coast showcases the Hong Kong film industry etc. There are many such museums that you would like to visit and spend time at.



Approximate Cost: The tickets start at 100 INR, each museum has its own ticket pricing.


The Hong Kong city is not just about skyscrapers, it has beautiful marine and country parks. Since 70% of Hong Kong is all countryside, it is home to many gorgeous parks where you can relax with friends and family and even enjoy a picnic. The UNESCO Global Geopark in New Territories is one of the biggest in Hong Kong and is located in Volcanic Rock Region. The Victoria Park in Eastern Hong Kong Island is another attraction where you can find people playing football and jogging. The Stanley Ma Hang Park in Southern Hong Kong Island is a recent addition to parks and makes for a great bird watching place. There are many more such splendid parks where you can enjoy your day in Hong Kong.


Approximate Cost: Entre Free


The WongTaiSin Temple is also known as “Temple of Wong-Tar-Shian”. Initially, the temple was built as a court District in Wan-Chai. After donations, this temple was moved to its current location. Wong-Tai-Sin is considered the God of health and hence people visit this temple and pray for good health of friends and family. The temple has the Chinese architectural design with red pillars, yellow latticework, carvings, and a gold roof. The temple opens from 7:00 a.m. in the morning to 5:30 p.m. in the evening and is open throughout the night during the Lunar New Year eve. The temple has a great significance in the history of Hong Kong, therefore it is graded as a Grade-1 historic building.


Location: 2 Chuk Yuen Village

Known for: Taoist temple, its stunning architecture and fortune tellers

Approximate Cost: Free

How to reach: Take MTR train line to Wong Tai Sin station and walk up to the temple from exit B2

Operating Hours: 07:00 am- 05:30 pm


Type: Temple/ Historic Site


The Chinese New year is the most colorful and liveliest of the events that happen in Hong Kong. The city and the people start their preparations to welcome the New Year. The New Year is celebrated on the day of the first moon of Lunar Calendar. This would be a good time to visit Hong Kong and indulge in the spirit of the festival. The celebrations continue for fifteen days at a stretch and culminate in the Lantern Festival. The noise of drums, firecrackers, and gongs keep the atmosphere lively and colorful. The parading dragons and dancing lions can be seen making way through the streets. All the temples, shops and streets are decorated and the city looks bright and colorful. This will be one unique experience for you and your family. Do plan ahead of time as Hong Kong is the busiest during this festival.


When: January


The Dragon Boat Festival is also called the Teung Ng Festival. This festival is celebrated on the 5th day of 5th Lunar Month, generally May or June. People have been celebrating this festival since the 3rd century. The long narrow dragon boats are decorated and made colorful. These are then raced by teams of paddlers with the beat of gongs and drums. This festival is also celebrated all around the world as it is an exciting and entertaining festival. Many international teams have also started participating in these races and hence many such racing events are being hosted throughout the year. Do plan your trip during this festival and enjoy the fun and frolic around the city.


When: May or June


The Hong Kong National Day is celebrated on October 1st every year since 1997 after it was handed over to the Chinese by the British. On this day the People’s Republic of China was founded. Flag raising ceremonies, parades, and fireworks happen during the celebrations. The Victoria Harbor has spectacular fireworks and runs for 20 minutes. This is a mind-blowing show stealer as the firecrackers set off from 4 differentlocations in the middle of Victoria Harbor. Almost an entire week is off during this festival and you might have to make some prior bookings if you plan to visit Hong Kong during this festive season as almost all hotels run at full capacity.


When: October 1st


Christmas is a great time to visit Hong Kong. Entire city glitters with lights and makes for a spectacular view. Though Christmas is not a Chinese holiday, yet it is celebrated with full enthusiasm. Each and every corner of the city from theme parks to hotels to streets are covered with lights. Visiting Hong Kong during this festive season will give you a great chance to enjoy great food and shop. Moreover, the evening Harbour Cruise with the backdrop of Hong Kong decorated with lights will be a breath-taking experience. This festive season attracts a lot of visitors in Hong Kong, make sure you have done your booking in time.


When: December

Activities in hong kong

international-tourism/hong-kong-tourism/places-to-visit-in-hong-kong/hike-the-dragons-back/1867" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Hong Kong isn’t perceived as a hiking destination, but wetlands, mountains, and woods make up about 73% of Hong Kong. The Dragon Back trail is one of the best hikes in Asia. This trek takes you through the rural parts of the island. You will encounter glorious peaks along the way and get mesmerized with the Chinese flora and fauna. With the skyscrapers in the backdrop, this is one of the most visually beautiful treks in Hong Kong.


Location: From Shek O Road nearby To Tei Wan Village to Tai Long Wan

Approximate Cost: This trek will cost approx. 5,000 INR per person

For: Individuals, Groups of Friends

Difficulty level: Moderate to High

Tips: Wear comfortable shoes with non-slipping sole

international-tourism/hong-kong-tourism/places-to-visit-in-hong-kong/lamma-island-sea-kayaking-and-hiking-tour/4700" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

For adventure seekers, this 7.5-hour tour is a perfect getaway from the city. The Lamma islands are offset from the Hong Kong islands and you can reach it through a ferry ride. This day-long adventure combines kayaking, hiking, and swimming in a single trip. Kayaking along the white sand beaches will be once in a lifetime experience. Hiking to the Turtle Beach to see sea turtle’s nesting places is amazing. The trek ends at Yung Shue Wan village where you can shop or devour on local cuisine.


Location: Kayaking at SokKwu Wan then hike up to Turtle Beach, ending at Yung Shue Wan village

Approximate Cost: This trek will cost approx. 7,000 INR per person.

For: Individuals, Groups of Friends, Couples

Difficulty level: Moderate

international-tourism/hong-kong-tourism/places-to-visit-in-hong-kong/rock-climbing-and-zipline/4701" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Hong Kong has many locations where you can enjoy rock climbing and Zipline activities. Zipline is also becoming a great entertainment option in Hong Kong. Being propelled across cliffs while hanging on stainless steel cables gives a great adrenaline rush and the adventurers would definitely love to do this activity. These courses are designed so that the people can enjoy them to the fullest and take back beautiful memories.


Location: Tung Lung Chau, Black Crag, Ap Lei Chau, Beacon Hill etc.

Approximate Cost: This activity will cost approx. 5500 INR per person.

For: Individuals, Couples and Groups of Friends

Difficulty level: High

Tips: Even though these are tough physical activities but many beginner courses are also available that can be done for fun.

international-tourism/hong-kong-tourism/places-to-visit-in-hong-kong/water-sports-in-hong-kong/4702" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Water sports is also one of the major outdoor activity that you would like to indulge in. Since Hong Kong is located close to the sea and has multiple islands in its vicinity, it makes for an ideal location for water sports. These activities definitely ameliorate the excitement, fun, and adventure in a vacation. Few water sports activities to try in Hong Kong are:


Windsurfing: soaring through the open ocean by navigating the way using a sail is an amazing experience that you would like to enjoy. The Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre run by Olympic gold medallist, Lee LaiShan is an ideal place to learn windsurfing. All the required equipment can be taken on rent.

Approximate Cost – 11,000 INR for one person.


Kayaking: instead of going to the gym, you can get an upper body workout done by doing kayaking or canoeing in the blue Hong Kong waters. Sai Kung is a nice spot for this activity as many rental shops are close by. Comprehensive learning sessions are also available at various institutes.

Approximate Cost – 8,000 INR for one person.


Wakeboarding: this is another water sport that attracts adrenaline junkies. HK Wakeboard is the best place to try this activity as they also teach wake skating, wakeboarding, and wake surfing.

Approximate Cost -- 9,000 INR per hour per person.

Snorkeling/Scuba Diving: walking among the marine life is once in a lifetime experience that you can enjoy with your partner. Even though Hong Kong waters are not that clear but you can do this activity at Clearwater Bay. Certification courses are also available to be completed.

Approximate Cost – courses start at 12,000 INR per person.


Paddle Boarding: Stand-up boarding is an exciting activity to do. This can be tried at Sai Kung that has beautiful beaches in Hong Kong. Standing on the water can be something that you might love to enjoy.

Approximate Cost – Beginner courses start at 5000 INR per person.

Surfing: Big Wave Beach is an ideal spot to enjoy surfing in Hong Kong. For beginners surfing, lessons are available at Shek O beach as well. Board rental is easily available at these beaches.

Approximate Cost – 8,000 INR for one person.

Night Life in hong kong


Hong Kong has one of the best set of clubs in Asia. These clubs and bars are mostly located on Lockhart Road and make a great place to party. You can enjoy a drink and a live band performances as well. The area is safe and is extremely busy after midnight. Few of the bars that you would like to visit are:


Wooloomoolo Rooftop Bar – this rooftop bar opens from 6:00 in the evening till 2:00 in the night and is located on Hennessy Road.


Queen Victoria – this bar is built on the lines of a British theme and provides cheapest links in downtown Hong Kong.


Joe Bananas – this bar is open until 5:30a.m. in the morning and has a live Filipino band performance almost every day. It is a fun and a lively bar to go to and is located on Luard Road in Wanchai.


Carnegies – it is one of the best pubs on the Lockhart Road. The pub has happy hour from 6:00 to 7:00 in the evenings daily. They play retro music, have a long menu list with 336 item choices and is the friendliest place to enjoy a conversation.


Escape Club – this is one of the largest bars and discos in Wan Chai. The pub is modern and has huge LED walls with great graphics. It also has a large dance floor for people to have fun and enjoy.


Dragon-i – this club is visited mostly be celebrities, models, and CEOs. Conversation with people is easy here and new friends can be made in a jiffy. The club has a dark design theme and has Chinese inspired lanterns around the place. It is located in The Centrium on Wyndham Street.


If you prefer having a laidback night rather than the noisy dance floors of the pubs then the night cruise in Victoria Harbour is the best choice to enjoy the splendid Hong Kong. You can board the Chinese sightseeing boat and enjoy the cruise ride along the Victoria Harbour. At night Hong Kong’s skyline looks spectacular with the neon cityscape. You can also enjoy the Symphony of Lights show that displays laserbeams bouncing from skyscrapers to the sound of music. Definitely, include this night cruise on your trip to Hong Kong. 


Causeway Bay is a major spot where you can enjoy the city sights with a drink in your hands from the rooftop bars in the locality. It is also a very popular shopping place in Hong Kong. It doesn’t have any late night clubs but houses many local bars where you can enjoy some nice conversations with strangers. Few bars that you can visit are Mamoz, Dickens bar, Inn Side Out, Ruggers, Brecht’s Circle, Two Seventy Degrees Rooftop Bar etc. to enjoy a calm and relaxing ambiance you must visit this place and get a drink in any of the bars.

Shopping in hong kong


The Temple Street Night Market is the one not to be missed. It is the largest market in Hong Kong and runs over a kilometre. The whole market is lively, colorful and noisy. It is a great experience to shop here. You can find items ranging from footwear to fake clothes to household items to electronic devices. You will have to bargain for the right price, don’t get carried away with the price that the seller is quoting. Also, make sure that you check the quality of the products before buying them. You will also find many herbalists, fortune-tellers, and open-air Cantonese opera acts taking place in and around the marketplace. It is a very lively place to shop at.


Location: Temple St, Yau Ma Tei

Timing: 07:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Known for: A large array of products, opera and fortune tellers

Bargaining: Yes


Ladies’ market sets at Tung Choi Street in Kowloon district of Hong Kong. The whole market area is about 1 km long and you can buy items like clothes, fashion jewelry, souvenirs, shoes etc. The quality of the items will vary from shop to shop and you will have to bargain to avoid being cheated by the sellers. Though the majority of the items being sold in this market are for women, few products for men and children are also available. The market gets crowded and noisy at its peak, so be prepared to walk through congested spaces. A lot of street food options are also available to eat in local cafes. This would be a nice outing for your family.


Location: Kowloon

Timing: 12:00 noon- 11:00 pm

Known for: Being a market especially selling products for women


Bargaining: Absolutely!


Shoppers looking to buy art and craft items and souvenirs should definitely visit the Stanley Market. The market sets up at Stanley New Street at 10 a.m. in the morning and closes around 7 in the evening. A wide range of ornaments, artwork, clothes, antiques etc. are available in this market. A large number of Chinese-style goods like brushes for calligraphy in Chinese, inks etc. are also up for sale here. You can even find a few western brand items like clothes etc. available at discounted rates. You will have to bargain for the right price at this market as well because products in tourist areas are overpriced in Hong Kong. This market is hands down one of the best places to buy holiday gifts in Hong Kong.


Location: Stanley New Street

Timing: 10:00 am- 07:00 pm

Known for: Chinese-style goods

Bargaining: Yes


The Landmark is the oldest shopping mall in Hong Kong and is located adjacent to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Queen’s Road in Central Hong Kong Island. It can easily be reached by MR trains and buses. The mall has five levels full of shop outlets that consist of all the major brands in Asia. Louis Vuitton has its flagship store in this mall and offers products at lower prices compared to other outlets. If you are a shopaholic then this place is the right shopping destination for you. Cutting-edge brands, flagship stores, and designer shops are all present in this mall. Fashion, footwear, jewelry, accessories, sports etc. are just a few categories of items available in this mall. You will have a lot of options to pick the right product for you. Apart from shopping the mall also has funky as well as fine dining food outlets to enjoy a delicious meal. Do add this mall to your itinerary.


Location: Central Hong Kong Island

Timing: 10:00 am- 10:00 pm

Known for: Prominent brands and designer labels


Bargaining: Not really


The Elements Shopping Mall is located on Austin Road West in Kowloon district. The mall is created around five themes of Chinese elements wood, water, fire, metal, and earth. You can find a fantastic range of products offered by best of brands. The mall has fantastic visual displays and is decorated with fountains, wooden and rock sculptures that look magnificent.

With more than 123 stores in the mall, it is the biggest in Hong Kong and you can find a wide range of products like fashion accessories, health products, watches, footwear etc. The waiting areas are supplemented with latest magazines and even the male washrooms are equipped with electronic shavers and aftershave. Many amazing dining options are also available at the mall and serve cuisines fromall around the world. This is definitely the right place for shopaholics.


Location: Austin Road West in Kowloon district

Timing: 10:00 am- 10:00 pm

Known for: Wide range of products from major brands


Bargaining: Not really

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