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How to Reach mykonos

How to Reach By Air

Travelling by air is the most feasible way of travelling to far-flung European destinations. Understanding the air travel system in Greece and availability of flights from India can help you plan your trip in the most resourceful way possible.  

Mykonos is a small island and has a single airport - Mykonos International Airport. As the name suggests, it sees traffic from other countries, as well as cities and islands in Greece. The airport is 4 kms away from the main city, which is not too far a drive. 

India has no direct flights to Mykonos. So, this means that you have to take a flight to Athens and then board a 35-minute domestic flight to the island. Fortunately, all major airlines fly from India to Athens, including Gulf Air, Aeroflot, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Indigo, and Turkish airlines. Do keep in mind that all of these make at least 1 stop on the way to Athens. This means that your flight to Mykonos will have 2 layovers (or more, depending on the airlines you’ve chosen). It will take about 14 hours at the very least to reach Mykonos from India, however, this can vary based on whether you take a ferry or flight to the island from the capital. 

Aegean airlines and Olympic airlines are the two main carriers that operate daily flights from Athens every 35 minutes. There are many other airlines that connect Mykonos to other Greek islands and cities namely Sky Express, Astra Airlines and Ryanair. Sky Express has seasonal flights to Rhodes, Crete, Santorini, and Volos. The airport also receives charter airlines from May to October.

How to Reach By Road

Mykonos is an island, which is why there is no way to enter this city via road. 

How to Reach By Sea

Being an island city, it’s no surprise that Mykonos has a great system in place to facilitate travelling by water. When you arrive in Athens, you can board a ferry from Piraeus and Rafina to get to the city. These are the busiest ports near Athens and most ferries that dock here sail specifically to Mykonos. It takes about 3.5 to 6 hours to reach the port in Mykonos however, the total time will depend on the ferry you board. 

There are ferry connections to Mykonos from other cities in Greece as well including Santorini and Naxos to name a few. Luxury cruises are another way to travel to Mykonos and most cruises that take you around Greece tend to stop by this happening city. However, do take note of the fact that there is no cruise sailing from Mumbai to Mykonos at present. You may have to fly to Europe to board a cruise that tours Greece.

Getting around in Mykonos

Plane : Mykonos is a very small island in the Cyclades, so travelling across the city via plane is not exactly feasible. However, don’t lose heart! You can get by via other modes of transport quite easily. 

Bus : Mykonos has an efficient bus network that will take you to all the major places on the island. There are, in total, 2 bus stations on the island - one in the northern side and the other in the southern side. You can walk from one station to the other in about 20 minutes. Tickets can be bought directly from the driver or through kiosk machines located near the station. Several tourist shops also sell bus tickets. 

Here’s a pro tip: if you are planning a round trip, buy two single tickets and keep them safe as there is no option of buying tickets for a round trip in general. 

Ferry : It is safe to say that water is the top way of travelling within Mykonos, and this is actually one of the many things that tourists love about this city. Travelling to beaches in the southern part of the city via ferries is very popular thanks to the fantastic views of the Aegeon Sea and Mykonos’s coastline. The Plati Yalos Boat Service is the main ferry service operating on the island. Ferries depart from one beach to reach another regularly and you can find the timetable on the port or ticket counters. 

Bicycle : When you’re in an island city that’s as stunning as Mykonos, you mustn’t miss any opportunity to soak in its beauty. Head down to a lovely brunch spot via a rented bicycle to immerse yourself in your surroundings.  

On Foot  : One of healthiest ways to get from one place to another by walking. While this is not possible in metro cities, small islands like Mykonos facilitate the same beautifully. Most travellers like to indulge in languid walks in the evening and take in the beautiful weather of this magical city. 

Car  : Renting cars is the most popular way to get around in Mykonos. There are car rentals everywhere in in the city however, in case you don’t spot any, you can book your desired vehicle online.  Most rental companies provide pick up and drop services to and from the airport. 

Motorbike  : While cars offer a certain level of comfort, we’d suggest you rent mopeds or bikes instead. This is because cars tend to isolate you from your surroundings, while mopeds and bikes offer constant exposure to the city, letting you experience everything it has to offer fully.

Now that you have a full guide on how to reach Mykonos as well as the transportation options on the island, you can easily plan your trip without worrying about variables! Check out Thomas Cook’s travel packages on our website to know more.  

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