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How to Reach rhodes

How to Reach By Air

Flying is super convenient and happens to be the fastest way to travel to another country, especially one in a different continent. Rhodes is in Europe and the best way to get there is by air. There is only a single airport in Rhodes – Rhodes International Airport or Diagoras International Airport. It is located on the west coast of the island and is about 13 kms away from the main town. It is an important hub in Greece, being the fourth busiest airport there. It serves over 40 airlines including Qatar Airways, Etihad, Turkish Airways, Gulf Air and many others. While most of these airlines have scheduled flights and limited slots, there are 2 airlines that fly all year round – Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines. 

To travel to Rhodes from India, you can board a flight from most of the major cities, which includes Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai and so on. Currently, there are no direct flights from India to Rhodes, however, you can choose from a 1-stop flight or a 2-3 stop flight, based on your budget. The shortest flight that you can expect is approximately 9 hours and 10 minutes. Once you land in Rhodes, you will find taxis or buses to get you to your hotel or the main town. 

How to Reach By Sea

As Rhodes is an island, it is no secret that travelling by water is a big part of their travel network. It has a busy port that receives traffic from all over the world, including from India. There are cruises that set sail from Mumbai and end at different ports in Greece. However, it may be difficult to find a cruise that sails directly to Rhodes from India. The following are two options are that the most convenient if you are travelling to Rhodes from India – 

  1. Azamara journey – this is an 18 day luxury cruise that sails from Mumbai and docks at Piraeus, Greece. It is near Athens and you can go to Rhodes by air or via daylong ferries from the same port. 
  2. Crystal serenity – this cruise sails from Mumbai and stops in Istanbul. The second last stop is Rhodes, Greece, which is very convenient. Most cruises allow passengers to get off on any port and you can also enquire about the same before you book your spot. You will reach Rhodes on the 17th day.

How to Reach By Road

Rhodes is an island in Greece, which is why driving to Rhodes or getting there by bus or train is not possible. There are ways you can drive to Greece’s mainland and then catch a flight from there, but it is not a comfortable travel option. 

Commutation in Rhodes

Plane : Rhodes is a small island and only has one airport that sees mostly international traffic and domestic traffic to other cities in Greece. However, there are no domestic flights inland as there is no need - the island is too small for two airports! 

Bus : In spite of the fact that Rhodes is a small island, it has a very extensive bus network that connects most of the tourist destinations. You can travel from the airport to the city and within the city as well. The buses start from Rhodes town and head to eastern and western spots on the island. The main terminal is in the new market and you can buy the tickets directly from the driver. You can either hail a bus from the many bus stops on the island or signal the bus driver to stop from the side of the road. 

Car / Motorbike : Car rentals see thriving business in Rhodes. Many tourists, especially those that are in groups, rent a car to explore the island themselves. Compared to other European countries, renting a car in Rhodes is quite cheap, especially right at the start of the summer. During the peak season, the rates may double. 

There is also the option of renting bikes or mopeds if you are alone or with your partner. They are cheaper than cars and perfect for budget travellers who want to experience the island on their own. 

Taxi : In Rhodes, the taxis have blue bodies with a white roof. Mostly, the fares are fixed, especially in the city. Travelling from the airport to the city will cost you around € 23. Keep an eye on the driver and make sure that they do not turn off the meter. You will be charged a minimum of € 4 for every trip and after that, the meter goes up for every mile. 

On Foot : Rhodes is big enough for walking to not be a feasible method of transportation. However, if you are in Rhodes town, walking is the best way to get around as you don’t have to worry about the hassles of parking your automobile. Most of the tourist locations are quite close to each other and walking is the best way to visit them all. 

Now that you know everything about how you can reach Rhodes and travel inland, you can start planning your trip by exploring our travel packages. Bookmark this, as it will come in handy while you are in Rhodes! 

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