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How to reach Sweden

How to Reach By Air

It is important to know about the airport network of any new country you are travelling to, especially one on another continent. Before we tell you the logistics of flying from India to Sweden, here is a brief guide on air travel in Sweden. 

There are quite a few international airports in Sweden. However, you do not need to know about every single one of them as a fair number only cater to domestic flights. The 4 main international airports in Sweden are – 

  1. Stockholm Arlanda – this is the main international hub of the country located in Stockholm, Sweden’s capital. Most major airlines fly directly to Stockholm Arlanda from most of the European countries, North America, East Asia and the Middle East. 
  2. Goteborg Landvetter – the second largest airport in the country is in Gothenburg, 25 kms outside the city. It has scheduled flights from most European countries all year round.
  3. Stockholm Skavsta – located 100 kilometre south of the capital, this airport is near Nyköping. You’ll find that a lot of low budget airlines like Ryanair and WizzAir use this airport. 
  4. Sturup Airport – this airport is located in Malmö, which is in the southern region of Sweden. It is the main connection for this area and has only limited domestic and international flights operating from here. 

Scandinavian Airlines is the regional carrier along with other European airlines like EasyJet, Ryanair, Norwegian and Finnair and so on. Most major international carriers have direct flights to Sweden, and this holds true for Qatar Airways, KLM, British Airways and many others. 

When it comes to travelling to Sweden from India, you will find direct and connecting flights from most of the metro cities in the country including Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. However, if you are looking for direct flights, there is only a single option. Air India is the only airline with direct flights from New Delhi to Stockholm. It takes approximately 8 hours to reach Sweden and is the shortest flight available. 

Indian passport holders require a Schengen visa to visit Sweden instead of a Swedish visa. With this visa, you can visit any European country that has signed the Schengen Agreement.

How to Reach By Road

Going by road to Sweden is no longer an impossible feat. People have driven across continents to reach Sweden and some have even ridden a bicycle. However, this way of travelling cross-continents is not easy. It requires a lot of planning, patience and formalities. If you want to have the road trip of your life to Sweden, you need to start planning months in advance and get all the appropriate visas. We would suggest you travel light to prevent the hassles of packing and unpacking at every stopover. 

How to Reach By Sea

A cruise is by far the most beautiful way to travel anywhere in the world, and Sweden, with its multiple channels and rivers, this a great way to travel. Having 100’s of islands has made boats an important means of transportation in Sweden. You can sail to Sweden from many European countries. However, there are no cruises running from India. So, if you want to take a cruise to Sweden, you can fly to one of the many countries that sail the Baltic Sea and board a cruise for Sweden from there. 

Getting around in sweden

By Air
Sweden is a large country, which is why you will find many domestic airlines that operate domestically. It is the fastest way to travel and probably the most popular too, as this country has over 30 regional airports. Braathens Regional Airlines and Scandinavian Airlines are the main airlines operating in the country. They connect all the major cities and you can travel from one place to another in a short span of time. 

By Rail
Sweden has a reliable train system that is fast but not necessarily cheap. You can travel from one corner of the country to another by train easily. There are some 6 day long trains as well that go through the most scenic routes in Sweden and tourists who are in the country for longer stretches never miss the chance to take a 1300 km train ride from Kristinehamn to Gallivare. 

There are regional trains which are great for travelling within a city itself. You can buy the tickets online or on board using credit cards. The major train service provider is Statens Jarnvagar or SJ, which is owned by the government.   

By Bus
Travelling by bus is definitely cheaper than travelling by train. There are 21 regional networks as well as long distance routes, which are extensive and well connected. 

FlixBus and Nettbuss are the two express buses that connect different cities or towns. You should check their websites for ticket prices, as you are more likely to find discounts there. 

Regional bus and train tickets cost the same. In fact, you can even use the same ticket for both. 

By Ferry
Stockholm is a beautiful archipelago. So, it is not surprising that ferries and cruises are a common and popular way of travelling in the country. There are various cruises and ferries that sail from Stockholm to other cities. Apart from hour-long ferries, there are 5 to 7 seven-day cruises as well that will take you from one corner of the country to another. 

By Bicycle
Travelling by bicycle in Sweden is a very popular way to get around, mainly because it reduces one's carbon footprint. The country has a well-developed system of cycle paths all over, which makes it easy for you to rent a bike and explore. Travelling to different cities on a bicycle is not easy, as cycles are not allowed on motorways. So, only experienced cyclists are recommended to try the same. 

By Car 
Driving in Sweden is not easy. While you can easily drive in Svealand and Gotland, it is difficult in Norrland as the distances between towns or cities are longer. Driving at night is especially dangerous as animals cross the roads and accidents are more common than you think.

Now that you've read this Sweden Travel guide, you know how easy and convenient it is to travel to Sweden and navigate the country thanks to their fantastic public transport. Start planning your trip by checking out our travel packages.

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