Jokulsarlon Tourism

Jokulsarlon is one of the best known natural wonders of Iceland that seems to welcome the tourists with its magnificent view and on reaching the location you will feel to have stepped on a fairy tale landscape. Enormous icebergs float over the landscape here and there which is even dominated by black and white rocks. One of the most visited Iceland’s Jokulsarlon, can best be viewed through amphibian boats.

Taking nearly 30-40 minutes, the amphibian tour might offer some of the most wonderful experience where you can explore the Iceland from different angles. The largest glacial lakes are at the depth of 250 metres and among the deepest in the entire Iceland. Separated from the sea via short distance, the various actions of river, glacier, that empties from Jokulsarlon Lake and also from ocean makes Jokulsarlon gets transformed into an inlet. You can find a road passing into the narrow isthmus which is actually an attempt to prevent it from becoming inlet.

Not too far from Icelandic Ring Road, Jokulsarlon is saturated with icebergs that calves off Breidamerkurjokull Glacier which itself acts as a tongue of formidable glacier Vatnajokull. 30 minute boat ride during the summer in Jokulsarlon is a must take. With Jokulsarlon tourism packages every aged person can discover variety of interesting activities to be conducted over the icy lagoon. Activities like scenic views, historical views, and various points of interests can be undertaken.

Golf, fishing, bird watching, trekking, ice climbing, snowmobile tours, boat tours, super Zip tours, glacier walks swim through geothermal swimming pool can all be savoured with Jokulsarlon tours. The Iceland is simply beautiful that offers magnificent views of icebergs constantly breaking and separating from glaciers and then drifting through the short river into sea. It is mesmerising to spot scattered icy gems on the black sandy beach where icebergs are turned back by the waves.Visiting Jokulsarlon is the greatest way to experience magical lagoon and taste the thousand years old icebergs. Jokulsarlon tourism guide will acquaint you with the adventurous tours within the lagoon that must be undertaken.

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Best Jokulsarlon Tourism Guide

A frozen lagoon on which James Bond gave a high-speed chase in the 2002 movie “Die Another Day” is where you can go with Jokulsarlon holidays. The lagoon is a treat for the eyes for those going on Jokulsarlon tours even when not frozen with blocks of ice floating majestically across.

See how the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier dominates the lagoon and the many icebergs with Jokulsarlon travel packages. You can choose to avail this holiday packages any time of the year, but remember to carry thick and waterproof clothing if you travel to Jokulsarlon in the winters.

Jokulsarlon remains easily accessible to tourists as it is situated on a national highway. Go for a Jokulsarlon tour by taking a car from Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik or hop on one of the public transport buses. Tourists during their trip to Jokulsarlon can marvel at the amazing sights. You can choose to make this vacation packages fun by going on boat trips in the lagoon. Or, hire a jeep to get a closer look of the glacier.

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