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Place's to visit in Jordan

When you travel to Jordan, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Jordan, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Jordan to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Jordan things to do can include exploring Jordan attractions and visiting the places of interest.

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Attractions in jordan


Located in Petra this place is known to be the oldest bar in the world with a 2000 year old Nabataean rock tomb. The bar has a delicious menu which is hard to resist. A pocket friendly place, with great ambience and friendly atmosphere, this place is a must visit on the list.


This place was recently discovered in biblical archaeology. It was believed that John the Baptist lived in this place and Jesus was baptized. It is also connected to the Prophet Elijah into heaven.


The Monastery got its name from the location and some inscribed crosses in the interior. It was possible that the place was used as a church or a hermitage, or was probably a temple. It was dedicated to Nabataean king Obodas I, during the 1st century BC.


There are many museums in Jordan as per its ancient connection. The museums help to known in depth about the place, culture, people, tradition and religious beliefs. It also has remains from the old centuries as it is known as the land of kingdoms. There are some famous museums like Aqaba Archaeological Museum, The Children's Museum Jordan, Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts and Prophet Mohammad Museum etc.


Jordan is said to be a ultimate family destination. There are reserves and resorts which can be enjoyed by the adults as well as the kids. The place has a Childrens Museum and Children park and other many such places where kids love to go.And considering the ancient history and beauty that this place beholds it’s a great place for leisure with learning and knowledge for the kids.


Jordan is known for its culture and values and beliefs. The people are kind hearted and polite.  The rich heritage and ancient civilization marks the history and culture of the places with its monuments and castles. The people there greet in pairs and treats for like a family. It is a great place for more traditional vacationers who love to visit ancient places in the morning and take a dip in the pool or play golf in the afternoon.

Activities in jordan

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There are many activities which would interest people when visiting Jordan, sightseeing tours, day tours, private tours are some of the famous to-do points in the itinerary when visiting Jordan. People who want a leisure trip can go to resorts and spas which would give them great service and utmost satisfaction. For adventure and fun desert safari is one of the best options, then there are place where people can do water sports, and for more daring sports there are adventures like mountain climbing and ride on a helicopter or hot air balloon above the high mountain peaks.

Food in jordan


Jordan has numerous numbers of restaurants and café with amazing menu and taste. The delicacy of the place is Mansaf which is a national Jordan Dish prepared of lamb. As it’s a tourist destination there are international restaurants serving international cuisine for people around the world. There are small coffee shops for people to relax and sip coffee.  Some of the famous restaurants and cafes here are KirHeresResaturant, Romero.
Restaurant, Lebanese House, El Cardo restaurant, Blue Bay, New Café, Stop & go etc. Street food of Jordan is also very famous like creamy hummus, falafel, wraps of grilled chicken and lamb with tahini sauce and in desert Baklava pastries are the most appreciated.

Night Life in jordan


People who enjoy live music and live bands can drop in to places like Harir Lounge, Blue Fig, JJ's, these places are famous for the live bands and the atmosphere created by the music and the beauty of Jordan.


There are some famous Bars and Pubs in Jordan that attract the most tourists, The Cave Bar, SalamonBar, Buddha Bar, Big Fellow, where people can sit, relax and have a drink with their pals and enjoy the music and surrounding.

Shopping in jordan


Shopping in Jordan can be exciting for tourists who like to collect souvenirs and small memories about the place they visit. Thus Jordan has many such places where souvenirs related to the place and its ancient heritage can be found and bought. There are numerous handicraft shops and gallery where the local artwork and weaving work can be found. Then there are shops for silver items and other metallic items one of which is Rum Arts.

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