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When you travel to Knysna, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Knysna, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Knysna to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Knysna things to do can include exploring Knysna attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Metal figures of people representing different communities, who have been in South Africa and voted peacefully during the country’s first and free democratic election conducted in the year 1994, are prime subjects of the unique sculpture present at the lower portion of the Great Flag drum in Donkin Reserve of Port Elizabeth. Anthony Harris is the artist involved in designing of this exclusive monument, which is of 36.6 meters in length and highlights a depiction of 48 different types of character figures i.e. individuals of varying sizes and shapes belonging to Mandela Bay. Furthermore, at front part of the queue, you will be able to find a metallic cutout of a well-known South African leader as Nelson Mandela.

Thomas Hartley had built this national monument in the year 1832. He constructed the inn to act as subscription rooms for men, while guests of Thomas included Sir Benjamin D’Urban and Lord Charles Somerset.  

Taal Monument stands over the Park Rock, which is actually a granite outcrop of large-size and contains varieties of obelisks. In addition, Jan Van Wijk has designed three different types of concave and convex spheres to symbolize influence of Malays, Western and African people over Afrikaans language. Taal displays the recognition of languages in combination with many attractive views present on the valley.

Knysna Baptist Church is one of the evangelical Christian churches of Knysna in the Western Cape, while towards the Eastern part of George in South Africa. Here, prophets and other members show their commitments towards Gospels and strictly follow various fundamentals associated with Christian faith.

Knysna Vineyard Church in South Africa comprises 200 different family members of every age group, social group and cultural community. Authorities have established this South African religious property to dedicate various family members and children.

Kynsna Elephant Park allows people to get close and be personal with the nature. With the help of knowledgeable guides and live images of resident African elephants, people could be able to collect information about mystical stories of such animals found in this region. Here, travelers who opt for Kynsna City travel packages will encounter several orphan elephants and those rescued from being poached, which is a common practice at the Kruger National Park. In addition, the park has another breed of local elephant named Thandi. 

Lake Area of the city acts as a home for various endangered seahorses and diverse varieties of marine creatures. 

Brenda Fassie also recognized as the Madonna of townships act as the biggest star of the continent. Her sculpture designed by a well-known artist as Angus Taylor is of about 1570 meters in height. In fact, this is a life-size image, which stands at the outer portion of Bassline music venue of Newtown. The entire artwork perches over a barstool, along with mike at the front portion of Brenda.

Over the Church Street in Pietermaritzburg is a renowned landmark, tourists by visiting the city via Knysna City tour packages will find the statue of Gandhi, whose ejection in notorious matter from a train had shaped his Satyagraha policy or the principle of passive resistance. Here, the architects have depicted his statue in traditional wear of dhoti and related staffs in his hand. In fact, the statue highlights commemoration of the centenary of Gandhi’s forceful removal.   

According to Knysna City tourism guides, this conservancy displays every type of vegetation done in the surrounding areas and the beautiful Noetzie Beach. Noetzie beach as well as the idiosyncratic castles act as eye-catching space for various amber rocked faces, lagoon and the milk wood forest.

Keurbooms River Nature Reserve is located towards the Nature’s Valley from the direction of Plettenberg Bay over the second National Highway of South Africa. The reserve is home for varieties of birds, woodpecker of the region, giant Kingfisher and Knysna louris and lots more. In addition, here you will find many monkeys, wild pigs, mongoose, blue duiker, antelope and clawless otter of the Cape.

Prince Alfred Mountain Pass situated over R339 served as a wonderful and an alternative drive in between Klein Karoo and the nearby coast. By moving across this mountain pass, travelers would get the opportunity to view many beautiful mountain sceneries of the continent. 

Nobel Square incorporates live bronze statues of Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela standing with two other winners of Nobel Prizes named as FW de Klerk and Albert Luthuli. Each of these sculptures has preferable quotes in various selective languages. All of these great people have played significant roles to bring democracy in the country. 

This river pass connects two different towns named as George and Knysna over the Garden Route. The pass lies over the second national highway of the city in South Africa. Here, you will find a wonderful place to stop over for few hours named as the Dolphin Point. The pass provides many exciting views above the sea, in which beaches appear to stretch them for about miles. 

HC Fehr has designed the erection of an angel in the form of statue designed during the end of the World War I as harbinger of the peace and prosperity. Here, the imposing bronzed figure of the angel has been mounted at high position over the pedestal present in Graaff-Reinet. Here, the statue has a sword in her one hand, while olive wreath in the other one. Dress and wings of this angel swept behind her statue depict one of the magnificent guardians and timeless representations of various reconciliations.  

The biodiversity corridor staring from Eden to up to Addo connects both Eastern and Western capes with a dream project related to restoration of various elephant migration paths of ancient times nearby the region and in turn, to bring ecological balance of the entire area. 

The city serves as right place to bikers. The town is over the northern shore of a big estuary referred as Lagoon, which opens until the Indian Ocean after passing via two different headlands simply referred as heads.

Travelers could head out over the customized sports fishing boat from Knysna Lagoon head into the nearby open ocean to experience fishing.

Natural paradise of this South African city obviously gives an ideal place for exploring over the mountain biking adventures. 

The town revolves across beautiful lagoons, yacht clubs and marines to allow people enjoy boat trips at the nearby areas. 

Passionate and well-trained chefs of this restaurant prepare and choose dishes via overtones of various influences found in European countries, richness contained in classic forms of French cuisines and huge emphasis on both sauces and taste. Here, you will find varieties of delights, which include pan-fried baby calamari, griddled asparagus, lime, prawns and toasted brains of lambs, fennel duck parfait, herb flower butter and tasty meatballs. 

34 Oysters and Tapas act as trendy hubs, which are popular among people from outside the country and local people. Here, you will find varying menus, which would include dishes belonging to different parts of the world. Popular food items of this restaurant are sushi dishes, combos, tapas and lots more. 

If fish, prawns and similar others are your favorite food items, you would obviously enjoy the special dish served in restaurants, stalls and other food centers of South Africa named as oysters.

This is a popular café of South Africa, which allows people to enjoy live music on every Wednesday and Friday evening during the November month.

If you want to enjoy at clubs and bars during night time with your friends, you should definitely visit the famous Olde’s Pub and Restaurant located in the central part of Knysna City in South Africa.

Located nearby the industrial area of Knysna in South Africa, the nightclub offers almost all sorts of entertainment expected by both local area people and youngsters visiting from.

This mall entail modern type of retail concepts. Best thing about this mall is that it has perfectly rolled all shopping aspects within a single stop and acts as right retail venue to accommodate tastes and preferences of buyers.

Langeberg shopping mall boasts huge list of various high profile retailers. Here, the retail mix would include national and different types of boutique fashion retailers, different types of fresh food, café outlets, restaurants, along with varieties of beauty and healthy retailers. 

Friday Market opens in the evening at 4pm and operates up to 8pm in the night on every Friday. This marketplace provides you with the perfect way to enjoy the last day of your week. Friday market of the city is perfect for food lovers, as here people can find varieties of food items, including pancakes, pizza, Thai dishes and so on.

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