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Places to visit in Kusadasi

When you travel to Kusadasi, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Kusadasi, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Kusadasi to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Kusadasi things to do can include exploring Kusadasi attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in kusadasi


Caravanserai is a gigantic Ottoman castle constructed in 1618 for sea trade by the by the vizier Okuz Mehmed Pasha in 1618 and it is situated near to the city port. The spacious inner courtyard is encircled by a double storied in-door area which has stairs going up.


Situated at a distance of 3 km from Selcuk this eminent Greek city was built in the 10th century BC and it is renowned for the Temple of Atemis situated here. It is also the famous site of the great gladiators burial ground and is the city of the legendary seven sleepers. Hence it is one of the  favorite destinations of tourists across the world.


Situated at 73 km south of Kusadasi, the Didyama is popularly known as Didim and in the ancient days this was the renowned site of the Temple of Appolo. The stunning Lonic columns are covered with the wonderful stone heads of the Medusa and there are remnants of 100 similarly massive pillars as well.


Situated in Selcuk near the doorway to the Baslica of St. John, the eminent Ephesus Museum  is an archeological museum which has a magnificent display of the ancient ruins of this heritage rich region. The prominent attraction of the museum is the exhibit of excavations from the primitive Ephesus City. 


Popularly known as the ‘Cotton Castle’, the Pamukkale is special due to the springs of lukewarm calcareous  water kept falling on the mountain walls, which formed a natural swimming pool that is famous for its therapeutic values. It is believed that the wonderful qualities of this water can cure many diseases like asthma and  rheumatism.


Situated on the peak of the Bulbul Mountain, The House of Virgin Mary is 9 km away from Ephesus. It is a legendary worship place for the Catholics, and it is considered as the place where Mother Mary spent the rest of her life. This eminent historic structure is a must visit in Kusadasi which provides a magnificent wide view of the town as well.


Situated  on the mound of The Ayasuuk Hill close to the middle of Selcuk, the renowned Baslic is just beneath the fort and around 3.5 km away from Ephesus. It is constructed  on top of the burial site of St. John, who is identified as one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ, and the author of the Holy Bible’s fourth gospel.


The Aqua Fantasy Aquapark is a must visit for children as they can enjoy the wonderful water activities and slides in this amazing water park. Situated close to the beach, this amazing park is a leisure place for kids as well as adults.


Famed as the largest water park in Ksadasi, the Adaland offers unlimited fun and enjoyment to its visitors which is inclusive of a spectacular dolphin park as well. It offers many thrilling rides and activities like side winder, yellow python, black hole and many tubing rides along with a lot more.


The word  ‘Kusadasi’ means the ‘Bird Island’ and it originates from the stunning area of Pigeon Island outlined by the grand castle. This is the most sought after spot in Kusadasi, with the breathtaking views of the island combined with the myriad colors of the sunset. It is a perfect place for relaxing with the nature or just strolling around immersed in the history of the area.


Situated at 30 km south of Kusadasi, this national park is inclusive of Kalamaki Beach and several magnificent bays. This park is ideal for an afternoon picnic where you can enjoy the picturesque background and even spot a few animals in the area as well.


This famous ruins of one of seven wonders of the world is a must visit and is located close to the prominent attraction in Kusadasi. The single remaining column indicates the enormity of the original Temple of Artemis and it is better to visit this illustrious place in the summer months when water levels are low.


This is another renowned historic spot of Priene City, which fought against Persian control under King Cyrus and in vengeance the Persians demolished it to the ground and it was restored  under Alexander the Great in 330 B.C. 


Located at 15 km away from Preine, the  Miletos was the most significant and influential cities in Asia Minor and was included in the Lonian Confederation. This grand harbor city is worth a visit to get immersed in the history of this land.


This eminent memorial place dedicated to the seven young men, who fled from the compulsory partaking in the pagan cults and went off to sleep in these caves. Constructed on the Mount Panayir, these caves are known as the Seven Sleepers Grotto.

Activities in kusadasi

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Kusadasi shores provide a perfect location for the adventure of scuba diving with the inviting Aegean sea. It is a wonderful opportunity to explore the underwater world and marine life.

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Horse riding is another popular adventure in Kusadasi which gives an excellent opportunity to explore the countryside and the cultural spots in this historically significant area.

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Going for a Boating tour or a scenic boat ride in one of the various spots in the  gorgeous seashores, is an amazing experience to unwind and get immersed in the natural beauty.

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There are excellent spas and traditional Turkish massages available in the various hotels in Kusadasi. It is the most relaxing experience to indulge in some pampering after a long day of sightseeing.

Food in kusadasi


Dining is a great deal in Kusadasi and it offers a delightful range of gastronomic variety to its visitors. The area is packed with various restaurants for serving diverse tastes and ranges.

Erzincan Restaurant

This impressive restaurant serves traditional Turkish cuisine and Anatolian Cuisine, particularly from Erzincan city. It offers a wide range of options in breakfast, steaks, soups, Turkish kebabs, hot and cold starters and much more.

Antepli Restaurant

This popular family run restaurant is famous for its vast menu, offering a large collection of Turkish delicacies along with the great ambience and friendly service.

Night Life in kusadasi


Blue Fish Restaurant

The Blue fish restaurant is a fabulous Mediterranean restaurant with a wide range of seafood. Along with the delicious food, live Turkish and Greek music is played here daily, which makes it a favorite among visitors.

Orient Bar

This is another popular place to enjoy some delicious food along with live music and a relaxing drink.


Kusadasi offers a wide variety of clubs and discos to enjoy your night and the flamingos, medusa, beach club and galaxy are some of the popular clubs here.


The locally produced wines and beers are popular in Kusadasi and Bebop Jazz Club and Dejavu wine bar are two popular bars with a great ambience and relaxing atmosphere.

Shopping in kusadasi


There is a wide range of Flea Markets available in Kusadasi which are opened on different weekdays and each one is special for certain items. While the famous Wednesday market is best for souvenirs and fake branded clothes, the Friday market is perfect for food and clothing.


Kusadasi’s shopping  scene is very lively and filled with stores selling a wide range of stuff ranging from clothes to shoes and jewelry to leather items. You can find some authentic jewelry shops like the Kusadasi Ephesus Jewlery and many other fashion stores here.


The Grand Bazaar is the popular shopping street filled with a huge variety of shops selling everything ranging from souvenirs and clothes to bags and jewelry. It is a prime place for tourists to stroll around enjoying the local market and the eateries here.

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