Places to Visit in Lake Manyara


Located close to the National Natural History Museum, the Uhuru monument is a prominent landmark in the  cultural life of Arusha. It is also known as the Arusha Declaration monument and is established in memory of the Tanzanian Uhuru Freedom Movement.

This old lodging place in Manyara is constructed in the model of an old African village and it serves as a visual attraction to the visitors as well. The natural and rustic setting of this magnificent lodge is really appealing and it offers a series of trails to the beautiful Manyara Soda Lake.

The fabulous game viewing drive through the Manyara Park is a fabulous experience enjoyed by all age groups. The unique opportunity to watch the exceptional wildlife including flamingos, tree climbing lions, wild beast and zebra herds will be an unforgettable experience for the kids.

Canoeing in the lovely Lake Manyara waters is another activity, which kids can indulge in.  Paddling through the lake, watching the rich wildlife and birdlife in the park is a fun experience for kids and adults alike.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church is one of the prominent Tanzanian churches located in Arusha. With a huge number of church members, this church concentrates on the development and growth of community while holding regular prayer services.

The National Natural History museum is a prominent museum situated in the city of Arusha, which showcases the  history and culture of Tanzania through various  art forms and maps. It also has an impressive narration on human evolution, together with findings from the eminent Olduvai Gorge and the Laetoli footsteps.

The Tloma Mountain Lodge is situated close to the Manyara Lake and is placed in the middle of a Coffe Planation. Surrounded by a beautiful garden, this is an ideal place to enjoy a walk in the evening after the national park experience.

Located right in the Manyara National Park, this magnificent hotel is surrounded by a beautiful garden and is overlooking the Manyara Lake. It offers spectacular views of the park from its various spots and is an ideal place for, leisure around drenched in the scenic beauty.

The Lake Manyara National park offers one of the most spectacular safaris, with its ground-water forest, warm springs known as Maji Moto and the fabulous Acacia Tortilis Woodland. During the incredible safari you will get to see Egyptian mongoose,  Klipspringer, T Cape clawless Otter and hippo. Hordes of olive baboon emerge along with Sykes monkey and short-eared Galago, from the sidewalks of the park.

Situated near to Manyara National Park, this striking park surrounding the Tarangire River is renowned for its packed wildlife with a huge variety of animals. It is thrilling to watch several hundreds of elephants in a group, up and close. The forest is filled with gigantic Babaob trees and the picturesque landscape background is amazing.

Situated in Arusah, this famous cultural centre has an amazing collection of artifacts, depicting the history and culture of the ancient inhabitants. With a fabulous architecture and a store for souvenirs and gifts, especially carvings and sculptures, this heritage centre draw a lot of tourist attention. 

Located in the Arusha National Park, the Mount Meru is a stratovolcano which is 4565 meters high from the ground. This massive mount supports the surrounding, forest wildlife, of the park. Moreover it offers breathtaking views from its top, of the pictorial landscape.

The Night Game Drive is one of the best and unique experiences special to lake Manyara due to its wide collection of active wildlife. Lake Manyara is perfect for night game drive, owing to its diverse ecosystem which includes ground-water forest, the lake, the dry Tarangire system, Ngorongoro highlands, and the rift valley cliffs all situated nearby. In this 2 to 3 hours game drive you can see all the night visitors of the forest, such as Civet cats, Porcupines and Genets.

Mountain Bike Tours is a thrilling experience to explore the surrounding attractions of Lake Manyara. You can approach a reputed tour company of the bike and guide, and enjoy a most exciting mountain bike ride to get drenched in the scenic landscape.

Lake Manyara is a renowned bird watching spot, due to its wealth of around 400 species of birds residing in the park. The lake is famous for the stunning flamingos inhabiting here. On any given day, you are guaranteed to watch at least 100 diverse species of birds.

This is a hotel built in a tent style and contains some two storied buildings as well. It is a lovely place to stay in Lake Manyara and they also offer a central bar, restaurant and lounge area.

It is a famous restaurant in Arusha that serves excellent Indian Barbeque and Tandoori dishes along with other north Indian delicacies.

The Manyara region’s cuisine is a mix of dishes from different parts of Tanzania as well as global gastronomic traditions. Kuku Choma, served with local beer is a famous barbeque dish in the region and Chips Mayai is another well-liked local dish.

Club AQ is a vibrant nightclub in Arusha, which offers the eclectic ambience for an entertaining evening with Live Music and DJs.

Located conveniently in Arusha, Cuba Libre club is ideal for a night out, while you are visiting.

It is a popular restaurant in Arusha, which offers excellent food and wines combined with a chic ambience and friendly service.

The Craft Shop situated in Arusha, is another amazingly reasonable store for souvenirs and gifts. This small gallery has a wide collection of handicrafts, carvings and other souvenirs.

The Central Market in Arusha is the perfect place to visit for shopping and to get a feel of real Africa, while you are in the city. You can get handicrafts, ethnic clothes and locally produced artifacts in very pocket friendly prices here.

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